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My True Life Story as a Sensitive


Let me first start this off by saying this is all going to be true. I have never told anyone everything which I'm about to reveal here. As unbelievable it is going to sound, trust me its happened to ME! I now live in Florida but this all started when I was about 14, 10 years ago. I'd be laying in bed and I would hear what sounded like the carpet being muffed as feet were walking down the hallway. From where the sounds were coming from, I could instantly know where this "thing" was in the hallway and when it would stop at my doorway and come in my room. From where I placed the sounds, I would hear the floor crack so I knew it was a spirit but... Just disregarded it.

I could "feel" when something was around... I know it instantly wherever I go. That is if I'm paying attention. But here's a piece of information. It's very very slim that when I concentrate and listen and "feel" that I don't sense something. With that said, I know something is in here literally watching me type this right now. I have had years to tune this. I'm sweating and just a minute ago I heard something outside my door. I have started sweating bad... It's not a reaction or anything... It's actually got really hot in here in the past minute or 2. Seriously, It's getting to the point where I can't deal with it anymore.

I'll tell you what made me get up and write this. I was laying in bed. I fell asleep earlier around 9 because I just ate some food and got groggy and just went to sleep. When I close my eyes in the dark, I see colors swirling, shapes of people but they are, don't know how to say it, misshapen I guess. I sometimes also see my surroundings as if my eyes were open but it's more like a gray haze or a faint blackness added to everything. I'm not going to go to deep into that because I still need to test that out, the seeing when eyes closed part. But back to the reason I got on here. I have been trying to get to sleep for the past 2 and a half hours and whatever the hell is in my room, attachment imp fairy WHATEVER, isn't letting me go to sleep. It's touching me, literally. I feel it. Everything always touches me. It's starting to really piss me off. Ok, if you have been reading since I started thank you. You will notice that my whole attitude was the same in the beginning. And then RIGHT THERE it went to really pissed off. I actually caught myself grinding my teeth and a feeling of rage filled me. In no other words to describe it, I fought it off. My uncle had schizophrenia, that much is fact. But I know this is not that. I'm not trying to prove to any of you that this happens. Just the fact you are here reading this is enough. As I said I have never told anyone. I haven't even started by the way.

I lived in NY for a good 18 years of my life in one house. Big house, that's where that hallway and walking into my room stuff went on. I never actually SAW anything in that house but I always knew when something was around. I remember having a girl over one night though I don't remember her name and we were sleeping... Yes same bed. I didn't hear about this until about 6 months later when she told me out of the blue. I always tell people that I am in touch or I see things or something along those lines. I have told my mother everything pretty much. She's very spiritual and well, doesn't really give any advice just, agrees that's its happening. Don't know why. But that girl said one night while in my room, I was dead asleep by the way, she woke up thinking I was touching her or something on her left side which is by the way the only way to get on the bed and she told me she looked and there was an indentation on the bed, the size of a butt. As if someone was sitting down. She said she was scared out of her mind and just grabbed me and held tight and apparently passed out because of fear.

I have done that myself by the way. Just, black out because of just pure and utter fear. That was in that house. Nothing ever hurt me there but that was going to change. That went on for a long time. It was there that I got used to it always happening. I know NOW that, that was the WORST THING to EVER do. Get used to it. It's like, I accepted it and now I can't get rid of ANYTHING! The thing is like a magnet, because now I KNOW more are around. They are attracted to me and I don't know why. Well, I do. It's because I'm sensitive and in turn I'm sensitive to them and they KNOW I KNOW they are here. Don't let anyone ever tell you these things don't have a conscience, because I can vouch... They absolutely do.

Ok. Enough of that house that was pretty much the beginning. I ended up moving there with my mother. My dad died before I was 1 year old so put that in context if it holds any relevance, which I know it does, I just do not need to say it. But yeah, I moved with my mother to the back of a house with 1 of her friends into 3 rooms. It was where she was going to live for a bit because she just wanted to relax and I was going off to the navy in a month. Pretty much just a hangout spot, I ust sat by the pool drinking beer, just relaxing, cooking food and all that, you know the drill. Well, I will never forget this in my life. I do not really remember what happened before this or after this, because I left to join the navy and it was a while ago. I bought this huge couch. I used to sleep on it. I'm laying there trying to go to sleep, lights are off.

I feel a slight pricking at my big toe. Right on the end. It starts to hurt a little and it starts to progress. Was not that long, I can't recall a specific time frame but then it went right through my body. Like a bolt of lightning and it hit my eyes. I swear to god I started seeing one of those hypnotic swirly black and white things that rotate. I hope you know what I'm talking about. But instead of black and white it was bright red and yellow swirls. One for each eye.

I remember trying to scream and I could not. It was like my body wouldn't react. Once again I can't give a time frame but it wasn't like 10 minutes or anything, more like 30 seconds or something. I was fighting to try and open my eyes and I couldn't. I couldn't do a damned thing but I KNEW instantly what was happening. I still think to this very day that, if I didn't fight this off, I would have killed my mother and probably everyone in that house if I let whatever it was get a hold of me. The only thing I say in regards to that is I almost got possessed when I am speaking to someone about it. I fought it off. I can't remember exactly what happened after that, but I know I opened my eyes, turned on the light and waited. Yea I did scream I went aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh when I fought it off. I can vividly remember what I saw on my eyes when they were shut. I'll never forget. I then went and slept in my mother's room. Yea, say what you want... 18 and sleeping in mother's room. Anyone else probably wouldn't have been able to fight this shiat off but I did. Ok, I'm getting defensive and that's not good. Here's another bit of info.

I can't remember if it was the same night or not. I was laying there in my mother's room and she was sleeping. I was doing my "staring at one spot but also using my peripheral vision to look around the room" thing and well, I started seeing what looked like flickers of light showing up all around the room's ceiling. But not on it. Floating around. There was faint light coming in from a window but was only 1 window and just 1 beam of moonlight coming in from the tiny window. It was maybe 12x6 window. You know those small types. That was enough to light up the room faintly. I could see everything because my eyes were well adjusted to the night. Those what appeared to be diamonds by glittering were all about an inch apart.

I started seeing the really faint outlines of what I knew to be wings but these things I saw were not small... Bigger than birds a lot bigger. I saw wingspan, that when fully opened, was about a foot and a half. These were everywhere. They were careful when moving around not to go directly into that beam of light. I'm very comfortable when I'm not alone looking at all this stuff. After looking around the room at all, something happened and even just thinking about it right now, at 6:23am, I get the shivers. Here's what happened:

Before, I could clearly see the whole room. Instantly, the whole door went PITCH BLACK! Like, something came through the door from the hallway or maybe a portal opened up from inside the room in FRONT of the door. I don't know nor do I want to. That's too much, even for me, not to understand but to think about before I get some help. Something came in the room. I'll describe it in a few seconds. I remember it walking around to both sides of the bed. ALWAYS LOOKING AT ME! It was concentrated on me. I would always feel stuff climbing on the bed. Starting from the end and working its way up to me. This thing got on the bed. I knew exactly where it was, because I was looking at it. I can't remember exact timeframes and all that because well, I'm not a computer but I looked to my left and saw this thing. It had what looked like a human body and a snake or a crocodile head attacking my mother. I saw it doing this not 2 feet away from me. It seriously was going apeshiat on her. She didn't feel a thing.

I'm thinking about it right now and I remember seeing it biting through her face but can't remember what its other parts were doing but believe me, that was enough. It was snapping is a better word. Well. I guess it was my turn because I looked straight and there in the middle of the bed is about a 6 feet thing. It was huge. Muscular but all bent up. Not a regular human body but all weirded out, bent. It did the thing that bruce lee did when taunting people... That finger thing thing, hope you know what you mean but not exactly that. It was calling to me to follow it or go somewhere with it. It was using all its fingers on one hand but not all at once. Open your hand for me and then close is starting with your pinky first and do it slow. That's what it was doing. It was doing it right in front of my face and then a little further away. I can't say what its face looked like with any certainty but I am 100% positive it happened. Reason is I can't remember. I don't know if it all just stopped or they disappeared or anything because I can't remember. I just have vivid shots in my mind of the thing snapping at my mom. The blackness in front/on the door and that thing above me. I still had those touching me feelings and all that since then before I left for the navy.

Boot camp was fine, overseas was fine. Even on the ship. Fine except every now and then I'd feel a presence but you can only guess what that was. Ships and navy ground were routinely blessed so I guess that's why I wasn't bothered. I know the ships were haunted without a doubt. Probably just old sailors or something.

I'm going to go to just the finer points on this area because it's not one of my proudest moments.

I met a girl in san diego. Got into Crystal Meth, knew it was bad then, know it now. I don't do it anymore, was a while ago. Well, I would do that stuff out there and never really saw anything. Granted that stuff keeps you up at night and this is when they like to come out. Not being seen is good so then people can dismiss it.

I left california with her and came to florida, where my mom currently lives and I live with again. That girl is long gone now but here's the story of an experience. Did a lot of that stuff one night and it's night time and it's just me and her. Using that stuff I somehow discovered I could look into a TV's reflection because it was black/brown and see what was in the room. I'm still able to do it but I don't do it anymore because it scares the crap out of me. Going back to that night I had no fear. She was sleeping and there I am, just sitting there staring at a tv that isn't on. Yes, drug problem, I know. I'm done so it's not an issue. I quit drinking, quit smoking.

I'm starting to see what look like giant rats but they are rapidly changing colors and coming in and out of existence. But they aren't moving regularly... They are shifting. Appearing one place then appearing somewhere else really close, but didn't walk it. Well, I just sit there looking. Purely in an observer mode but then these things start coming near me and I can make out there heads like. Trying to eat me and I could feel it. It couldn't have been imagination making it real, who knows, but read on.

I woke up this girl and just told her all of this. She told me to shut up or something and well, for a while I just let them do whatever they were doing. Something came through the door. It was a human figure but I couldn't make out arms. All I saw was the outline on head and body. It was a shimmer... Like off a hot road in the summer, the heat. Same exact thing, I could tell it was turned right at me. It never tried to touch me or anything it just walked around. It sometimes stood right next to me but I don't remember it ever touching me.

Here's another thing. I would see things walking around on the ground... I want to call them trolls. They were about a foot tall. I could see them moving around on the ground but they barely made it above my view of the bed. I'm just calling the trolls by the way. Well I hear noises outside of something climbing on the gutters that were down and laying on the ground right outside the bedroom window... RIGHT outside it, they were about a 3 foot tall pile of metal and I heard stuff walking on it. I get up and go AAAHHHHHAHAH because I'm so high I think I would scare whatever it was away. Not the case. I looked out the window and everywhere. In my yard. I saw eyes. The same little eyes I saw in my room walking around. They were outside literally everywhere. They were moving around and what seemed to me to be talking among themselves. About what I have no idea.

I go back and sit down and look at the tv again and out of nowhere, I see a streak of light come through my ceiling and hit this girl laying next to me. Then a whole BUNCH of bright blue snaps like firecrackers start going off on her and about her. Like, little bursts of bright blue light. This goes on for about 15 to 30 seconds, can't really remember. Later that day, I saw more of the shimmer images. I have never seen them since nor those little troll things. You can probably disregard the last instance because of the drugs and if the moderator deems it necessary to remove those instances from this post, then so be it, I won't complain.

It does provide someone with the ability to say that the drugs were the cause but personally I believe that the drug actually activated that part of my mind and I was able to perceive that which I would not normally see even with my high perception. There are instances in which seers and the like have used drugs to do that. I can't reference anything but common knowledge. Guess what I am trying to say is "yea you can say the drugs did it" or something but hey, I experienced it, I believe it's real. You can also say that it seemed real to me. Oh well, I can live with that. Everything else really happened with no help of any kind. Clear mind clear though clear conscious.

Keep in mind I have never went into this great of detail with ANYONE and I have clearly spent an hour probably more typing this. Ever since I was 14-20, then 22-24 I have dealt with all types of supernatural experiences. I'm generally just tired of it all and just, well, I seriously need a break.

Oh yea, about a different girl way way back, laying in my bed sleeping. Her back was to me. This was in the NY house. I looked at the back of her head, this was at night and then closed my eyes. I remember seeing the outline of her and then the outline turned over and looked right at me. Right in the eyes. MY EYES WERE CLOSED. I can't remember if it went away after a second or to but it smiled at me and I either opened my eyes showing myself she was still turned away or it went away itself. Cant remember. But I think I saw her soul. Seriously, I think that's what it was.

Ok I have spent all this time writing this, please forgive the typos because I'm sure there are some. Also the grammar, it's the way I type. I really appreciate anyone who took the time to read all that. Anyone feel free to comment but only courteous or the like. No need for bashing or anything. I get that enough at the nighttime hours, I don't need your help :P

The fact I joke about it isn't good, hope you realize that. I'm just used to it.

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crimson_wings (2 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-06)
the best advice that I could give you after reading your story is to possibly try meditation. Something is attracting these creatures to you so you should attempt to try and close the connection and see if it helps any.
covetous (1 stories) (5 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-20)
I have the same phenomena with my eyes.
I've never figured it out...
Let me know if you do.

I love your story. ❤
michaelangelina (1 stories) (3 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-17)
Hi, I read your story. I too see things with my eyes closed. Sometimes they are so clear as if I am watching a black and white tv. I see figures walking around I sometimes see horrible things. But there are times when I see beautiful things. I never thought to tell anyone this before I read your story. I too am very spiritual. That you see things with your eyes closed also has made me feel that maybe I am onto something.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-13)
Dear Scared,

Since you and others like yourself have been living with these types of negative paranormal experiences for a long time to where it has become somewhat irritatingly comfortable,---my question is,---what have you researched and used to try and get rid of these paranormal experiences both past and present? Who have you sought out to help you? It would help cut down the trial and error list.

My first sense is that you need to empower your "self" and look at what you can change in your present 3D physical and emotional life. You also have to take a good look at your own personal fears and confront them. Nobody can help heal you or these unwanted paranormal experiences (or anything) until you do the work for yourself, as well as the fact that "you" have to truly "want" the help, healing and the best for your "self". If you create and contract for this then this and others things will come to you whether they are as humanly defined as good or evil. When all is said and done, only you can open and close the door within your present life to those invited or uninvited guests.

I sense the words, "clean up your act". That is what I am passing on, and if it feels or sounds negative to you then so be it. It is what I sense and you have a right to always choose what you wish to take from my opinion, all, some or nothing. It is afterall, always up to you.

"Know" that you are the master of your life, Abby
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-13)
Ah well now that does change things a bit. Are you searching for ways of protecting yourself from the spirits/entities or ways in which to rid your home of them? Of course if you are a beacon for the spirit realm then it is going to be kind of tough to keep them from returning. Only an experienced medium could teach you ways in which to control what is happening with you. I can only offer my advise as to how to possibly protect yourself or to maybe cleanse your home and belongings.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
scaredoutofmymind (1 stories) (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-12)
I do indeed wish for help. My "I do not need your help" comment was regarding the bashing and the negative energy in regards to my post. Only positive comments are wanted. Sorry for the confusion.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-12)
Interesting Story Scared. I did indeed read it all, twice in some spots. Since you just wanted to share your story and help is not what you seek I shall respect that.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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