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Strange Things That Happened to Me 2


I would like to continue from my first submission, the first part of these stories, Strange Things That Happened to Me 1. These are fairly recent and happened about a year ago when another friend of mine, Dawn, moved in with me and my husband, Scott.

I'd like to give a little background on Dawn before I continue. Dawn is my psychic friend that I mentioned in my first submission, and I've been friends with her since I was 18 years old. As long as I've known her she has always told me about strange things that have happened to her since she was a child. Also, as long as I have known her, she is always moving around the country due to some circumstance or another, and never stays in one place for very long.

It was because of one of these circumstances that Dawn came to live with Scott and I in November 2005. I was very excited about her coming to live with us since I was sure I would get to experience at least something strange or weird.

When Dawn arrived here, she immediately settled in and told me a few things about the place that Scott and I lived in (and still live in). She said that she sensed a few spirits around and also said she did not like the living room and would not go in there at night. She felt so uncomfortable that she insisted in smudging the entire house and placing crystals in the four outer most corners. After she did this, everything seemed to be OK to her, as she seemed to be at ease in the living room and didn't complain about it anymore.

Now I am not entirely sure what happened, but the smudging didn't seem to work. Soon Dawn would tell me she would hear things tapping on the wall of her room and that she heard something strange growling right outside her window (the window is at least 3 feet above the ground). Most of these things I didn't notice at all, but a few things I did notice were things like hearing footsteps in the hall from her room at night when Scott was asleep in our room. We both knew he was asleep and the cats couldn't have been stomping around like that. Another variation on this was hearing a door open, then footsteps and then hear the door open and close again. I would check and find Scott sound asleep. Once Scott is asleep nothing can wake him up.

I believe the kitchen was the biggest source of activity in the house as most of the odd things happened in there.

One time Dawn and I were in the kitchen about to make something for lunch. The only thing we needed was a lighter for the gas stove. Normally there is one by the stove for use but we couldn't find one when we searched every where in the kitchen. After we stopped looking, one just seemed to pop out of nowhere next to the fish tank on the counter. We both swore it wasn't there before.

Other things that happened were things like the faucet coming on by itself. This happened a few times after tightening it very firmly, and even when we were standing in the kitchen right next to it. Scott, Dawn and I saw like bluish mist come out of the kitchen towards us while we were eating. Dawn was constantly seeing things in there, mostly a tall shadowy figure and a few smaller ones. After a while she refused to sit where she could see the kitchen when it was night time.

This next incident prompted Dawn to want to smudge the house again. It was night and Scott was asleep and I was playing a video game and Dawn was in her room. I suddenly thought I smelled gas so I got up to go check the stove. On opening my door I noticed the bathroom door was shut and since it was really late, I didn't think anyone was inside and we usually keep the door open so that the cats have access to their boxes. I opened the door and Dawn was in there and I said "Oh! Sorry, I thought the door had shut on it's own..." She laughed and said "oh" and I said "well I just got up cause I thought I smelled gas and I was going to check the stove". So I said "night", checked the stove and went back to my room.

The next day, Dawn knocked on our bedroom door before she was going to work and asked if she could talk to me and I said sure. She came in and sat down on the bed and she looked a little freaked out. I asked her what the matter was and she told me why.

That night she had been having this odd feeling like she shouldn't leave her room or open the door. She told me how she felt like there was something outside of her door that she shouldn't come into contact with and she tried to stay in her room and abide by the feeling she had. She told me this became difficult because she felt the call of nature. Well finally she could not take it anymore and she got up and opened the door of her room and she said she saw me about to run by her door but I stopped for a moment to say with a manic grin on my face "I smell gas!" She said she thought that was sort of strange but she was more concerned with using the toilet at that moment. She said she saw me keep going down the hall into the living room where she heard me talking to the cats in a strange high pitched voice. She didn't think much more of this, she said, until I opened up the door a couple minutes later saying "sorry", and that I had smelled gas and was going to check on it.

After she told me all of this, she asked me how many times I had gotten up. I told her I had only gotten up that one time to check on the gas and I had never talked to the cats on the way. I also told her it was odd that I hadn't heard her door open or the bathroom door close or anything at all while that all happened. The walls are very thin and you can hear everything that goes on from one end to the other. She also told me that the other "me" had been wearing something different and hadn't made any sound when walking.

The last thing that happened right before Dawn got very sick and had to leave was something pushing her back into her chair forcefully in front of me. What I saw was a very small orange orb fly from my left around my front and fly very close to Dawn's mid-section and she was shoved into her chair. She said she didn't see the orb but she felt something push her into the chair she was sitting in.

She left soon after because she was very ill and we really don't know why she was so sick. After she left nothing really happened anymore. The only thing I remember is just an incident where all the cats were suddenly scared by something that was apparently in the hall or living room because they kept staring into the dark from the lighted area where the bathroom is and were hissing and pacing back and forth.

That's pretty much everything that I've experienced thus far, and there are probably more things that go on that I don't notice. I figure I am just really oblivious.

One other thing that I would like to add. I want to say that I do not want things to happen just for the excitement. What made me finally realize this were a couple of dreams that happened very recently (like in the last 30 days). I had 2 dreams of being attacked or threatened by something I could see. In one, something was tearing the walls off the room I was in and another one, I was being attacked and I wanted to hide but I knew there was nowhere in the house I could hide because it was all around me. When I woke up from these my first thoughts were "How could I have ever wanted to experience things like that?" and "I think I would avoid wishing for things that would be more than I bargained for". I realize now that it is probably a blessing that I haven't experienced those things I once wished for. I can only assume that was the message from my dreams.

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Chibimango (2 stories) (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-13)
Rose -

Thank you for you nice comment. I haven't talked to her in a while now. We go through many months where we don't talk to each other at all, but not because we are angry or anything. We just lose contact for some reason or other and then resume things like nothing happened. When I contact her next I think I will take your advice and point her to this site.

Thanks again,
rose (9 stories) (92 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-13)
CHIMIMANGO = Seems your friend have the sense. But, she has no control . There are occurrences where one conveys to happen unintentionally too. She really needs help to understand the control of these revealing things and have a control and balance in her life. Seek and help her find help. She is not alone with these kind of problems. There are others just like her which do not understand why they see, experience the things she experiences too. Please keep posting and have her know that in this site there are people who care and willing to give advice and comfort.

But choose wisely.
Reach her.
Take care

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