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Haunted Hospital In Ohio


This happened to me about 2 years ago. My husband and I moved into and apartment in Troy, Ohio. This apartment is unusual to say the least. Its in an old hospital that was closed down for years. But operated for many years.

My husband Matthew, my two kids and I were sitting home on evening watching tv. All the lights were off except for the kitchen light. Everyone was chilling on the couch or floor enjoying the movie. But I just couldn't get relaxed. I kept feeling that something was about to happen. I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be good. I felt like my heart was going to explode. It was like the weight of the world was on me. I looked around the room and didn't notice anything. That was until I got to the kitchen entry way. I froze and couldn't speak, as I saw a very large black mass pass by the entry way. It was so big and so black that it blocked out the light of the kitchen for a short time. Finally it disapeared and the feeling left me. I got up out of my seat and looked in the kitchen. Of course nothing was there.

That night was hard for me to sleep. But eventually I was able to fall asleep. The next morning we woke up and walked out to the living room. My candle stick holders that I keep on my entertainment center were sitting perfectly on the floor in front of my entertainment center. Like someone or something had placed them there.

That afternoon I contacted my landlord. I asked him what was the floor I'm staying on when it was a hospital? He told me it was the critical care unit. So to me that told me right away that I may be dealing with some person who may have passed away on my floor when it was a hospital.

Thank you for taking time to read my story. I have more to share as well. Please let me know any comments.

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Ghostgurl67 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-25)
at least the ghost did not fart at you. Mine was very nasty. Be grateful your was nicer.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-06-27)
Darkness - LOL you are in good company, though, cause I'm pretty darn sure granny and cosmogal are still in that same boat with you, aren't you, ladies? 😆
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-27)
(Puts hand up) yep I'm one of the guilty ones that need a good hounding from miracles regarding the journal! 😁

FallenAngel: you have received some great advice from Trix and Miracles ground rules are very important when dealing with these certain things. I don't think this presence is malevolent as miracles said it is just looking to be acknowledged I believe. Has any other experiences occured? Keep us posted.

Thanks for sharing.

Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-06-25)
Fallenangel - from what you've said in this story, it doesn't sound like the ghost in your home is there to harm you. The black mass would be scary, that's for certain. I've experienced something similar. I can't say it was the same thing because I don't know, but he did cause me to lose my breath for a few minutes.

All I do know is this one got your attention by moving the candlesticks. Trix has given you very good advice. If you don't want to attempt sending this ghost to the light, lay down ground rules. Be firm. Be specific. Talk to this "person" like they are a living roommate. Things like: stay out of the bathroom when there is someone else in there, stay out of our bedrooms, don't interact with the kids, etc. Things that you feel uncomfortable with. Things you would not want a stranger doing in your home. Or things you wouldn't want anyone doing 😉. But be firm.

Also, if you aren't doing this, I highly recommend keeping a journal. I've read your other story and I really think you should do this. I've been keeping my Journal since 2002. When I started it, it was because I thought I was losing my mind. I quickly realized I wasn't slipping off the deep end. Now it's become a regular part of my life. I record paranormal events that my kids and I experience. There are a lot of members on this site that keep a journal. And there are others that I keep hounding 😆 that really should be.
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-24)
Hi Fallenangel100680, geez I tip my hat for you staying in an apartment that was actually part of an old hospital. Why I say that is because I'm in the nursing profession, and every hospital I ever worked in I had experienced paranormal events during night shift. I believe that there are many lost souls in hospitals, because many people died there. Some of those ghosts are trapped between two worlds and some of them still need to move on. I don't know what to say except that I would rather look for another apartment if it was me. If you can't move then I suggest that you put down some rules out loud and tell that entity that it is your place now and it must go to the light. I will like it if you keep us updated with your experience. Take care and all the best. Trix. ❤
wifflon (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-23)
😨 great story your landlord is probably right ❤ great story though it's real well I would b prettie scared I would move out there straight away 😨

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