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Our House And The Not Really Funny Pranks


Our house is small but there's a lot happening in it, specially to our guests. It seems that whatever is in our house doesn't like new faces or likes to play pranks. We are living in this house for 7-8 years now, I never thought about it but when I was remembering I realized there's a lot happened.

You see my family doesn't care about this stuff, so whatever happens they let it "slide".

Well, its nothing dangerous, no one got hurt.

I'm going to start with the experience I had. When I was going to the bathroom, I saw my older sister going there. I told her to hurry up because I need to go after her. She gave me a wink and went inside and locked the door.

I was waiting in the hallway. After she locked the door I saw my older sister coming out of the living room at the exact time, I asked her didn't she just went to the bathroom? And I just saw her locking the door, she said no and when we went to check the bathroom door it was open and no one was in there.

Next is my mother

She was working late at night on her computer and listening to music. She was wearing headphones, humming and singing with the song. She suddenly heard a clap from the living room door (to go to the room my mother was in you have to pass from the living room). She thought it was my father just playing a prank. She told him to stop, and went back to her work. It came again but closer like in the middle of the living room, she ignored it. The third time was inside of the headphones making her jump. She went to see if one of us is awake and making fun off her, but we were all sleeping, and the clapping wasn't part of the song.

And when she was sleeping she felt someone running from the bathroom to the room's door and back.

She got annoyed and thought it was my little sister Layla was playing.

She told her "Layla go play out side I need to sleep" and opening one eye, she saw a little black boy standing by the door he told her "I'm not Layla" and went through the door!

When she was working again, the TV in the living room started working. She thought its my older sister and what made her sure she heard a female humming coming from there.

She stayed for half hour and turned the TV off. My mother called for her to stay with her a little.

But my sister was sleeping and did not wake up to watch TV at 3 AM for just a half hour.

Now, when my grandparents was staying with us

My grandmother told me that when she was sleeping some one was under the bed hitting her and someone was jumping on it.

And my grandfather said he always heard some voices coming from the closet like people talking but he couldn't understand anything.

Also when the cleaning lady was cleaning my parents' bedroom she heard someone laughing at her from under the bed, and no one was there.

And when my aunt was sleeping she say a face coming out of the window.

And people talking from under the bed

And what's funny that when there are guests that we don't like staying with us they always get nightmare waking them up.

Also, there's doors locking by themselves and open after two or three days and stuff going missing-like now my blackberry's charger and I know my sisters didn't take it or anyone

And this one happened this week again with my uncle. He came to visit us and to stay two days.

He was smoking outside at 5 am.

And, he got slapped really hard. He couldn't stay any longer and asked my dad to move from this house because somthing there doesn't want him at all.

We can't move yet because we are currently building a new house and, well it won't finish soon.

Ok that's what I could remember because this experiences happened long ago except the last one and it wasn't one after another, I guess that's why my parents didn't think much about it.

Well what do you think is in our house? And could it become dangerous over time? Oh, and I tried asking the people that lived in the house

Since the father works with my dad and we know them. They said nothing like that happened but they said that the house beside it is the one haunted. They used to hear drums from there in the middle of the night

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azhar (3 stories) (20 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-19)
That was quite interesting to read, really, so Jinn-like.

If you feel that they are bothering too much, you can recite Surah Jinn three times aloud, and then tell them 'If you want to stay, then stop bothering us'.

In sha Allah, it will stop. I tried it, it works. They will not go (and to be honest, no need to drive them out if they behave and cause not harm, after all, they also have got the right to live somewhere), but they will not tease you any longer.
TruthInDarkness (4 stories) (259 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-28)
The spirits are just pranksters and would likely leave if you tell them firmly that they are not welcome in your home. If they persist, you can try a cleansing.

As for the doppleganger, that's interesting. It could have been some other entity that decided to play pranks like the spirits. Sensing that you needed to use the restroom, it took the form of your sister to torment you as siblings often do; especially older ones.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-21)
Hmmm Poltergeist activity tends to focus on teenagers especially females basically it is psychokenesis acting out because of repressed emotions, stress, hormones and negativity to put it very very simply.

But these events don't seem to be connected to this, you have seen a doppelganger I would assume but a little boy has been seen also. The home next door may very well have been haunted, but that doesn't mean they are confined to it, they could perhaps sense someone within your home that is spiritually open minded and able to perceive them this is a beacon for them. Cleansing and rituals can be used to protect and rid your home of these spirits if that is truly what your family wants, so please keep us posted. All the best.

dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-21)
You say Your uncle smoke at 5 am been slapping sound like it *Spirit* Don't want him to smoke kind of funny but it's might be haunted your home like aiafaith1 say your home might have poltergeist there that open to let the spirits in and out.
aiafaith1 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-07-20)
Woah. I think it's a poltergeist. Also, what you saw was a doppleganger. They take the form of another that you know. It winked at you? I think it thought its joke was funny. Back to the happenings in your house though, it sounds like a poltergeist to me. Would you like to get rid of it?

AF1 ❤

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