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Sane or Insane? That is the Question


I don't really know how to start... Or what to say. My story isn't as interesting or long as most on here. I guess I'll just start off with an introduction. I'm 15 years old, I know I'm young but I seek an answer. I know none of you can give it to me, but maybe guidance to it. I don't just have one story, and the four I am going to tell you, I can't promise are the only stories. I'm sure I may have experienced more, but memory is not on my side.

The first of the "incidents" starts off with me being thirsty or hungry. I really can't remember. I was walking to the kitchen, I don't remember the time, but it was dark. The kitchen light was off and I walked to the fridge, but as I was walking, I started to feel shocked. My legs were walking slower and as if they get sticking... not to the floor... just... sticking... I don't really know how to explain it. As I neared the fridge I saw a dark shadowy figure coming towards me, it was maybe 2-3 feet away.

I was shocked of course, but too shocked to be frightened. In haste I opened the fridge door; light illuminating the kitchen, the figure had disappeared. This was in my Michigan home in Kentwood mind you. Other times I would be in my room, it would be night, and the light could be on or off. I would just feel suddenly scared. I'd look around and nothing would be there.

A few months and a long story later I move to the Florida Keys. I start seeing my boyfriend Chad, we were together when this happened and are still together now. We lived on Cudjoe Key at the time of this happening. We were sitting on the futon (our living room couch at the time) and my head was resting on his shoulder.

Slowly I started to fall asleep, my eyes drifted close, and right at the exact point where sleep was about to befall me, I heard someone whisper "Jessi". Jessi is my name by the way. Hi. I really wasn't going to state my name, but for this story I suppose it's sort of necessary. I opened my eyes right when it happened. I felt like I was about to cry, but I wasn't sad or scared. I had a chill down my spine also. I just let go of it though, and passed it off like I did the "fridge guy".

Now to the third experience I had. This wasn't too long ago, in the house I live in now. Maybe a week or two. Possibly a little longer. I went to grab Chad and a pop, it was dark, and we have a long hallway where at the very end is the bathroom, to the left is my sister's room, and to the right mine and Chad's room.

I was walking down the hallway, and suddenly I just felt scared. I quickened my pace a little, and right when I was turning into the little dip where my door is, I heard that whisper again: "Jessi". I didn't exactly run into the room, more of a very un-sophisticated power walk. Chad was looking at me smiling like "what the hell?" I again passed it off. I just replied with a smile and said "Just afraid of the dark, you know..."

Now, for my last story, it too happened this month. I don't remember which happened first though, the experience you've just read, or this. My sister Kortni was calling my name, and I walked out of my room just as she was walking out of hers. Now let me explain something a moment, our bathroom door opens in, and the doorknob is on the left side. The door was ajar about 3-5 inches. Now as I took more attention, I saw something roundish, face-shaped, through the crack of the door, but it was right where the door was. I hope you understand me, I'm no good with explaining myself as you see. So I looked over, and saw what I thought was a face, except it was only the outline of the face, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, no body. Though I didn't really have time to look closely at the face because I looked away so quickly. Once I saw it, I did one of those quick deep inhales, and grabbed onto the corner of the wall for support, I felt as if I was going to fall. I looked back and it wasn't there.

My sister looked at me strangely and again, I just smiled and passed it off, saying "Nothin', just thought I seen something..." I thought about it, and maybe it was just one of those light flashes you get from looking at something bright. Except, Chad and I had the light off and were watching tv. So maybe, maybe not.

What made me wonder if I was seeing/hearing things or not, is me and my sister had a talk on our porch the other day. She told me she was taking out the trash once, and it felt like a hand touched her arm. Gently though.

My questions are, does it seem I'm hallucinating? Or am I really being... "haunted"? By a ghost? Also, I really don't have much knowledge in the paranormal, only random things I read, and what I see on "Ghost Hunters" if the show is in fact true. Which I believe it is. So for my question, can ghosts go anywhere? Or do they stay confined to one place?

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DarkFlames95 (1 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-31)
That is the thing about these things. It all seems so surreal. Ultimately it is you that decides if you believe it or not, but to me it seems like the spirit is trying to make itself known, it does not seem to be a malevolent spirit which is a good thing. Anyways, I hope you can clarify everything and get the answers you are looking for. Good luck to you. 😊
SeeminglyInsane (1 stories) (7 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-21)
Thanks Shane, You've cleared a few things up for me.
By the way glad I could be the one to give you your 500th post.
Very special.
It's like your 100th post except plus 400 😜
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-19)
SeeminglyInsane, your experiences are just that, yours. No one person can say for sure if what you seen was a hallucination or real only you can deceide that. Second ghost are pure energy, they aren't confined to just one spot. They usually tend to pick areas in which they are or were the happiest or where what ever tragic event took their life from them. I have heard of ghost that seemed to travel from one place to the next and then back as if making rounds. The only haunting I could think of being confined to one spot would be a residual haunting. That is one that the same events play out at the same time and place each time it happens. Hope I haven't left you more confused. Good luck to you. Wow just realized this is my 500 post on this site. 😁

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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