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My Aunt's House In The UK


I have been living in my aunt house in the uk since June and I keep seeing things here.

Mostly black and white orbs really.

1: When I was hiding in my aunts room in the mirror on the wardrobe I saw a black orb going off to the left and in the mirror on top of the fire place in the living room I saw a white orb.

2: I was cleaning up my little brother's toy and in the corner of my eye I saw a black shadow moving around the toy and when I went to look the was no one there.

3: Now 2 weeks or so ago, an old friend of mine who I have not seen for 7 years or so, had unfortunately died in his sleep from natural causes. I have a habit of staying up very late so I was in the living room. I was on the camp bed when I suddenly felt uneasy so I opened my eyes and saw a boy around my age blond and wearing blue. Also my friend was blond, loved the color blue and also died in blue pjs. I closed my eyes and opened them again and he was still there. I just hid under my bed sheets hoped 'it' would go away. I was wide awake at the time, and this happened just last night.

4: One time I came down the stairs and my dog (who is a black, 6 year old worker cocker) was in the corner. I kept calling him for his lunch but he would not come out. He was looking at an old picture in my aunt's hallway of a brown hair girl with a belt with gun. I'm guessing she was a cowgirl or something. When I blocked off his view of it my dog got up and returned like nothing had happened.

I do not get what is going on but my aunt has had a few animals and 2 dogs have died and one of her hamsters has died.

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