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Collection Of Events At My Old House


First of all I'll set the scene. All of these events occured in Gulval, Cornwall, England near Penzance and in a flat where I lived which I believe to have once been a manor house of some sort due to the size and some research I have done in the past. The flat I lived in was (from the front) on the left of all the others, was basically a house, and was an "upside down house" as most houses (in England at least) have kitchen and living room and dining room downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs. All events also happened around 2009 when I was in year 8 (I am going into year 10 now).

The first event is when I heard that there was a boy in my bedroom, downstairs opposite the front door and beside the bathroom. I'd had a woman around to my house and my room in particular because I was becoming more responsive to things (ghost wise). My mum knew her because she was one of her friend's mums. When she came around she came into my room where I stood on my matress on the floor. This was because I was getting a new bed. She stood opposite me and told me some information about spirits and how things might work and just tried to make me more comfortable about things. I had adrenaline running through my body a tiny bit, like I was excited.

She eventually told me, "There is a spirit in your room. It's a boy." I asked for a name and she replied, "He's called Peter and he's about your age. He's looking for his Nephew (or Niece, I can't quite remember) and he was an orphan and lived on the streets." (It may not be exactly word for word but it's basically what she said)

She told me she couldn't be 100% sure but she said that's what she felt. I was a little shaken up at this point, purely because I was completely new to all of this. I was also kind of happy that it had been sorted out and I wouldn't have to guess or imagine things.

The next event was after the last one as will the others to come, it was at night and I was alone except I think my stepdad was in the garage. I was walking into my living room upstairs, just in the entrance (the whole upper floor was open plan), the kitchen to my right and the bannisters of the stairs to my left. Just as I was about to turn to sit on a sofa when I caught, in the corner of my eye something moving. I looked and saw vaguely two people dancing. It was like ballroom dancing, well I'm no dance expert but it was slow and they were holding each other close, their hands together up near their faces. They were both wearing what I think was, for the man, a black suit, a black bowtie and he had neat combed over black hair. The woman, a white gown.

It wasn't the clearest picture I could've seen. The walls of the living room were a pale yellow and the figures were an almost shadow but I could see the yellow in the black slightly. After a few seconds I carried on walking and they dissapeared. Normally, as I am easily startled and was more so then, I would have been terrified and ran out to the garage but it didn't scare me one bit and I kept on walking along to the sofa.

The next story was when I was in my bedroom again. It was a hot day and it was very sunny outside. I was just putting some stuff away in my room and getting ready to go out with my family. Everyone was on the ground floor so I wasn't alone at all. Just as I was putting something in my drawers I heard my name being whispered loudly (if that makes sense) but it didn't sound like from my room, and couldn't have been and it was in my head.

Now I thought at first that it must have been me but I've never said something to myself in my head and scared myself. Yeah I was scared and I jumped out of my room with great speed. I didn't say anything as my brother and stepdad are sceptic. Very sceptic and I feel uncomfortable talking about it with them or around them. I told my mum later and thought back to when it happened. It was a boy's voice and at that moment I knew it was Peter. I think I might have scared Peter though when I jumped.

I might post some more another time but as I write this in the sun I grow hotter and hotter and I will have to come back another time.

Please comment if you can maybe explain some of these events as I still don't know much about this stuff and would like to know anything more that I can.


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PerranDrew (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-17)
Hey, people, thanks for the great comments. For Rook, the time was about 8 or 9 at night. Also I'm not sure of much about Peter but The lady said that he was looking for his niece or nephew but more recently said that she thought Peter had now found his niece/nephew and that he is uh, okay now or something.
For Sailynh12, thanks for comment and if I need any information I'll come to you. I will, next time I see the lady, probably ask her for some more precise information on Peter but I haven't lived in the house for about three years now so it might be more difficult for me to find more out. Interesting to know that there is more than Peter in the house as well.
For Madyrina, again, I will try and find out more about Peter if I can. I have tried to find out things about the house but it's quite difficult because there is, I think, another house really close-by with a smiliar name and it is unfortunately got more records and more well-known. Also I am not sue if Peter is associated to the house.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-15)

You mention the home you live in may have been a Manor House... And then you describe one of the things that's happened this way (quoted...)

"I looked and saw vaguely two people dancing. It was like ballroom dancing..."

This sounds as if it may have been a residual image... You say it was at night, 'What Time?' is the question I want to ask... Though it really doesn't matter... If there was enough 'energy' then the 'event' could have 'played back' at anytime.

Please share more of experiences with Peter... As more detail will help develop a better understanding of who he may have been and why he is still 'earthbound'.


sailynh12 (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-13)
Well please find out more about peter & you might have more than one spirit in your home my darling & you have various hauntings put together Please contact me if you want more infomation
Madyrina (68 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-12)
Interesting stoy. Thanks for sharing. I would like to know more about Peter, looking forward to reading more about him.

Have you done any research about the house to find out if Peter is associated with it?

Has your mom's friend ever told you anything else about Peter or anything else associated with the house?

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