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When my granddad was a lot younger (late teens early twenty's), he used to live in a place called kemsin in kent. He would go out to the pub at the weekends and would ride back to his house on his push bike. He would ride back past the train station which meant him taking a small dark lane down to his house. He had done this route many times at about 12:30-1:00am, but one night, coming back down the lane, he saw a dark figure coming towards him. He was walking with his bike next to him at this point and as he passed the figure, my granddad said "Evening" but got no reply. Thinking nothing of it he just carried on down to his house.

A few weeks later, he was doing the same thing (walking back from the pub with his push bike at side). As he got to the lane, he started walking down it and saw the same dark figure coming towards him moving very slowly. My granddad had a light on the front of his bike which he turned on and shone it in the figure direction. He saw what he described as a monk. He said it had no facial features but just a round shiny ball where they should have been. My granddad was shaking from head to toe with fear and he walked backwards with his bike very slowly. As he got out of the lane, he jumped on his bike and road the long way round to his house. What he had seen on that night made him very ill with fear. He didn't want to leave his home for quite sometime afterwards. His dad asked the local police officer if he knew anything about it and he said they had got more than one report of the same thing.

If anyone else has any information on this I would really like to hear about it.


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Eightgateslate65 (1 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-31)
Maybe the monk was buried under the street where He was walking. Maybe a premature burial?
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-27)
Dear mark, jason and readers,

Hmmmm, yes well, I see it might be helpful if I explain my thrid possibility. Actually, number three is my own explanation of a residual haunting as well. I just thought I would mix it up a little bit with my own interpretation, because like all things and stale gum (perhaps, myself included), it does become boring. We have all had teachers who droan on about the same knowledge of information they have taught day in day out for years and years. What do we do, we lose interest, get bored, nearly fall asleep or fall asleep snoring.

Well, here is my personal interpetation of a residual living or non-living haunting that we all experience everyday in some form or another. I am sure many of you can relate.

I believe that everything is made up of energy, and that as human beings we are really energy spirits. I also believe that we create energy by our thoughts and through all of our senses (including the sixth sense and seventh sense, common sense). We each have our own identification energy imprint, style and signature that we leave like a calling card where ever we go. An energy imprint is like when you put your foot into sand and pick it up, you will see your footprint. That is why when we walk into places, we may feel positive feelings or negative feelings about a place, because previously, another human being, dead or alive has left their energy imprint or residual. These same feelings we have, also pertain to people. We get many energy messeges from everyone that we come into contact with and even those we do not come into contact with. As all energy continues, though it may be changed, it does not cease to exist. We are constantly bombarded with these energy messeges or energy exhanges. We have all met people who we feel positive in their presence and those who make us feel yucky or drained. We are picking up their energy imprint. We have all learned, in our own way how to manage and cope with these energy bombardments from others. We all do it day in and day out.

When there is a very positive and/or negative emotional and/or traumatic event that has occurred to a human being, dead or alive that event will make a large impact or dent in that human being's energy field, body and/or memory imprint. Since, negative trauma is associated with intense emotions and energy, these types of events will leave a greater and more lasting energy imprint or calling card where ever the human being, dead or alive goes. Human beings take for granted the positive type of energy imprints and residuals, but focus more on the imprints and/or residuals left at hauntings, because they are usually negative, scary and highly energy charged. I mean who wants to go on a tour of previously lived-in houses where the past residents and their lives and events were positive ones. This is why, to many human beings, it is more appealing to focus on highly energized and mostly negative types of energy imprints or risiduals.

It is to be noted and to be fair, there are in fact many tours of positive places and many of us do flock to them, they are called relaxing, positive vacations, unless of course you are a ghost hunter/investigator or in tune with all your senses. Then, you will have to hang a "do not disturb and no ghosts or ghost residual allowed" sign on the brass, skelton door knob. And for the rest of you, please wake up, you're snoring again! 😊 --Abby
jason_hawes (1 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-27)
this type of haunting sounds like a residual haunting, maybe that area was a market or churchyard long ago. Maybe the monk is a ghost that sees everything as it used to be hwen he lived, but doesn't know he is dead and doesn't even see you or anything else. Nut then again it might be what abbey said, a physical imprint of supernatural energy.

thanks for sharing this story with us.
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-26)
Dear markcampbell23,

For those who frequent this site, we would all recognize this to be a ghost or a spirit of a decesed or dead monk. The monk is most likely a ghost, an earthbound human being who is stuck due to a traumatic event or due to his believe sytem which keeps him like a prisoner here in limbo. It could also be that he is a spirit who has died, crossed over, but returns to happily visit a favorite site. If it is a sighting that occurs the same way, the same time and in the same place, it could also be an energy imprint which replays over and over again, but the dead human being himself has gone on, leaving his energy residue signature in this 3D physical reality.

You, your father and grandfsther also all have confirmation per the police officer that others have seen this same apparition, so it further gives a skeptical mind further proof that there is possibly something more to reality than what meets the human eye and perception of human, 3D physical reality.

I appreciate you sharing your grandfather's story here.

Welcome & Thanks for sharing, Abby

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