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The Haunting Monk


I'm 14 years old and my names Bliss. I have been experiencing spirits and strange things happening in my house since I can remember. We moved into this house after I was born and my mum says strange things have only started happening when we moved in. My mum said ever since she moved into this house the family was never as happy as they were in there old one and that this house brings negative energy which I agree because I can tell. My house is built on a ground were there used to be a church and king Henry (not sure which one) set all the churches on fire because he didn't believe in Catholicism and when they were set on fire all the monks in the church were killed too.

My mum told me when I was 5 years of age I came out of the kitchen in tears because apparently I saw a man in a black cloak and that he was staring at me. My sister who's 22 now saw the same man in black on the stairs of the attic when she was younger but she never experienced as much as me or my mum did and my dad never experienced anything not that I'm aware of. My mum always smells roses in the house which has nothing to do with a monks but her mother use to love roses before she passed away. My mum already believes in this kind of stuff but my dad said it was always my imagination and that spirits are not real. My mum called a spiritual women to ask about our house and what's really going on and the women said that your youngest daughter has had a lot of experiences and you have spirits in your house but only your youngest can see and hear them, But that there not dangerous (she never mentioned a monk). My mum didn't tell me this until I was older.

When I got to about 8 years old I was pretty use to hearing odd sounds round the house, you could say I grew up with it really, for example something whispering my name 'bliss' and calling me, lights getting dark and bright, objects being picked up and but down, losing belongings, people walking around when I'm alone, and always seeing this black cloak while I'm walking up the stairs, or even just the end of the cloak dragging across the floor as if 'the monk' just walked through the door. I sometimes talk to whoever or whatever it was and tell it that I'm scared and if it can leave me alone and then all the noises and odd things in the house stop that second. It always goes away for about a month then comes back just to show it hadn't gone away anywhere. This carried on, on and off until I was about 11 or 12.

When I got to my teenage years I never noticed anything, I never even thought about it because nothing odd was happening. Everything just felt extremely depressing in my house, I went out most the time anyway. My mum was getting worried about me because I was always depressed at home so she called another spiritual women to get rid of the spirits (she never told me this until months later), this women said she got rid of it over the phone, and nothing happened for a while but nothing changed in me I was still depressed all the time. But just the past week I¡¯ve been experiencing things that I hadn't experienced in a long time, someone switched my music on without me touching it, microwave switches on without me even switching it on or setting any timer only me alone in the house, hearing people walking around the house when I'm alone and objects being picked up and put down, and in my room there this little door and sometimes when I walk in its just there left open or opens slowly when I'm in the room. I haven't seen this 'monk' around since I was 11. This is really starting to freak me out cause it hasn't come in a long time and I'm just wondering why its here and what it wants and if anyone's had experiences all there life like mine.

Thanks for reading.


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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-24)

Jav has some very good points and I have to agree with her. Having said that I have to ask something concerning a statement you made (I'll quote it so there is no misunderstanding)...

"My house is built on a ground were there used to be a church and king Henry (not sure which one) set all the churches on fire because he didn't believe in Catholicism and when they were set on fire all the monks in the church were killed too."

I'm from the United States... Your a Local... You live in the United Kingdom and you make this 'statement'?!?

It was King Henry the VIII that broke ties with the Roman Catholic Church but the biggest thing he did against church properties was the Dissolving the the Monasteries... He did this and transferred a fifth of England's landed wealth to new hands. This program was designed primarily to create a landed gentry beholden to the crown, which would use the lands much more efficiently in the name of the King.

Other things he did included radical changes in traditional religious practices. He ordered the clergy to preach against superstitious images, relics, miracles, and pilgrimages, and remove most candles. In the Catechism of 1545, called the King's Primer, this left out the saints. Latin rituals gave way to English. Shrines to saints were destroyed - including the popular one of St. Thomas of Canterbury - and relics were ridiculed as worthless old bones. But at no time did he order the Burning of Churches or Monasteries. So where did you come by your information?

I can believe your home is built on the ruins of an old church... But not one that was ordered burned by any King and not one that had Monks still in it.


girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-23)
I really don't think you should be scared. Why not try to tell the ghost to move on sense it is dead and needs to go on to the light or afterlife or what ever you may believe in. But the light is probly the better bet. I know how scary it must seem to hear and see all these things, but just remember that they or it, hasn't hurt in the whole time ya'll have lived there. If it doesn't go away, why not talk to it. 😉
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-23)
For things to have stopped, or even slowed down in your early teens, it should be seen as a blessing. To have it return isn't such a surprise is it?
Also, being a depressed teenager just means you were normal. The teen years are not something I would ever want to relive.
But back to what is happening now...
Do you feel the activity is somehow that much different now then it was when you were 11, or is it the way you react to it that has changed? It would be natural to notice some things you hadn't back then, you are grown now. If the monk doesn't show himself these days, is that such a bad thing?
Just be mindful not to over analyze the differences from then and now. If you weren't living in fear then, why would you let it get you now?

Jav 😊

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