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The Monk From Next Door


First off, let me apologise for a) not being on here for ages and b) the shakiness of this story.

This tale comes from my beloved Grandma (different to my Nan whom I have written about before). She, like me and my dad, shares a keen interest in ghosts and "the other side". My Grandma used to read a lot of Mia Dolan's books as did my dad and as do I so she knew her stuff pretty well.

My Grandma Stella has always believed in ghosts and this comes from about 20-30 years back when she was visiting her aunt who has now moved on. She was staying at her house with her husband (who has never been interested in ghosts) and they were obviously sharing a room. I am only saying that because he didn't witness anything that my Grandma did even though he was with her the whole time.

This particular evening, Stella couldn't sleep and she tossed and turned about in the bed, her husband laying fast asleep and snoring slightly beside her. She told me that she was really peeved that her husband was able to sleep and she wasn't.

As she lay awake, her head relaxing on the pillow and most definitely not thinking about spirits or ghosts (she only had a greater interest after this event), all of a sudden, her bedroom door swung open gently but obviously.

She sat bolt upright in bed and watched as the door open and a heavy, cold rush of wind suddenly blew in. Then she sat motionless, as a dark, hooded monk floated into the bedroom and through the end of the bed she was lying in.

The figure stopped by my Grandma's feet (maybe because he knew he could be seen?) and stared at her. Stella was so scared but she couldn't scream; she could only pull the covers over her as she hid under the bed sheets, eyes shut tightly. After a few minutes she heard the door shut and look around the room to find the ghost was no longer there. Her husband was still snoring beside her.

The next morning, tired and shaken after the previous events, she sat down at the table for breakfast with her Aunt, her husband in the shower, and relayed the spooky event to her aunt, whom she was close to. Her aunt (I can't remember her name by the way) didn't seem too shocked by it and said that the house next door used to be an old Monastery which had some disaster happened to it. She also said that she and some other guests had seen him wondering about. Her neighbours (who she was good friends with) also said that they saw this mystery monk almost every night and consider him harmless.

This really freaked her out and was the spark that started off her interest in ghosts. It was my Grandma's first proper encounter with a ghost and I suppose, as much as it scared her, it interested her.

As I have said in my other stories, I don't really talk about this sort of stuff with my mum or dad and I was only told this story because I was talking to my Grandma about it. She also told me another few stories that I will post as well.

So, I was just wondering if anyone could help me understand why the ghost wondered outside of its 'wall' and why it stopped and stared at my Grandma? Also, I know that this will be a great help for my Grandma... She recently had to put her wonderful dog of 14 years, Kerry (a fluffy german shepherd) to sleep and it has left a gigantic hole so I was just wondering if any physics out there could tell me if Kerry has made it to the "other side" and whether she is happy and thought she had a good life? If no one knows then that's ok, I was just wondering because Kerry was like my best friend:)

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WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-18)
This isn't maybe not about the story, But what is a Monk? A Monkey? LOL! JOKES!
celtcharm (29 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-27)
Hello Laurenemmam, I think it's nice that you're concerned about your Grandma's dog, Kerry. I think animals have a spirit or soul simailar to people. I'm a big animal lover. When I was young I dreamt that I had an Arabian horse named Kunara. This dream was unlike any other that I have ever had. It was so real. I had never heard that name before but I wrote it down so I'd remember it. About a year ago I bought an Arabian horse and since she was female I remembered the dream and named her, Kunara. I recently had a reading and a healing with a metaphysician. I asked her about the dream. She told me that Kunara has been my pet in other lifetimes. This may sound strange but I believe her because I have had horses all my life but have never had such a special bond with one. She's like a daughter to me and training her has been easier than any other horse.It's like she understands and trusts me more than the average horse. To make a long story short, I think that your Grandma and her special dog will be reunited at some point. They shared a special bond of love. I enjoyed your experience! Celtcharm
laurenemmam (guest)
14 years ago (2008-11-19)
thank you:)
I do av 2 more stories to post actually... But at the moment the "submit your story" thing is closed "/
You also might not hear from me for a bit up to xmas because I will be taking my mock GCSE exams:S
Lots of love
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-18)
Wow what an interestings tsory you sharred with us. I'm glad your back and you were able to tell us this story! I found it amazing. It looks like there is a true haunting there! A very scary one to that matter. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
laurenemmam (guest)
14 years ago (2008-11-18)
Thank you for all the comments:) yes it is good to be back as well!
I will definately look into the monestry near the aunt's home and will talk to my grandma.
I quite like the idea that some ghosts are startled to see us like we are them:)
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-11-17)
I apologize. For some reason, yesterday as I was writing this I continually used the work monetary instead of monastery. Sorry. I was distracted. 😉
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
I am not expert, but I really think you have a pretty good handle on what has occurred there all that time ago. You said yourself, that the monk stopped as if KNOWING that it was spotted.
I believe that ghosts are very much like their live counterparts. THEY are just as startled to see US, as WE are to see THEM. I am not going to say that all ghosts stop short when the notice that they have been located, but SOME actually seem to back out of rooms, or run down hallways to get away.
As a monetary was right next door, I would think that much of the land surrounding it MAY have played a part in the history of the monetary as well. Perhaps some of the land "BELONGED" to the monks, to be sectioned off at some point in time.
Many years ago, MUCH room was given for worship when concerning monks and the like. There USED to be vast distances between monasteries and private homes. I have no idea how old this monetary was, THAT may be worth looking into.
As for Kerry. I happen to think that our animals seem to Cross Over much more quickly than humans. I am not sure why that would appear to be so, but it is ALMOST as if THEY do not have the inhibitions that we HUMANS seem to carry with us. They do not seem to have the baggage that WE have. Their lives seem to be so much more carefree, and perhaps that is the reason.
Good to have you back. I look forward to seeing many more posts from you.
Thank you.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
I really hate the word, "Psychic"...but I have many gift/s. When our pets pass on, I believe our pets are gathered up at some point, and taken to a special place. They say that Humanity is the only Specie to house a SOUL, but I think our pets/animals have a less distinct type of spirit. Otherwise, how could we see them, or hear them after they have passed?. They seem to come to us when we need them, as do our beloved family members who have passed on. EVERYONE chooses when to cross over. Some do it right away, with no hesitation, and others wander aimlessly, fearful and afraid what is on the other side. They haunt people, places,locations. Residual Hauntings are simpler to understand as they are repeated actions, no interaction with the people or places in which they occur-it is a memory stuck in time. It plays itself-over and over. It cannot hurt you. As far as those who wander the earth without direction?. Those lost Souls have an eternity to figure it out. Time has no meaning to the other worldy.Blessings, Ghostseer. Feel free to write me if I can answer any other questions for you... Click on my profile page...
laurenemmam (guest)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
hey guys thanks for all the comments!
I myself and not to sure about the info about the monestry but will ask my grandma when I see her next.
Hmm...well I hope that the monk does or that he already has made it to the other side:)
TheUnknown (1 stories) (192 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
All spirits who doesn't know how to get to the other Side, they simply wander around Earth, seeking and staying near the object they loved or are most familiar with (Like your dog Terry,she'll stay near her loved one like your grandmother or you).

P.S.:The monk you wrote about may not be able to go to the light unless it's sole purpose on Earth is not finished (Like Abraham Linkoln, I don't know how to spell his name, who has to settle the laws between the whites and the blacks, he is still commonly seen in the White House), so help the monk with something and maybe its better to leave him alone.
libertybelle (14 stories) (207 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-15)
I'm no psychic, but I know a little concerning history.

If the monastery was one of those demolished in the sixteenth century when most of them were dissolved by Henry VIII, he could be one of the monks who had been dispossessed and possibly his spirit returned there in death--it might have been the only home he'd ever known. Since there was usually some acreage attached to the monastic institutions, perhaps he worked in a building that no longer exists on the plot where your great aunt's house is located. Or, perhaps, a portion of the monastery proper was on the land that the houses were later built upon.

One thing I can say with certainty is that it seems to be in the nature of a residual haunting.

Thanks for sharing!

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