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Mayor's Hall Ghost: a Jesuit Monk


This happened in 1985, in City Hall in Ponce, 'Casa Alcaldia'. My friend and I were attending an Art Exhibit. I saw a Monk, he had a long brown habit, a long rope like tied around its waist, and a long cross made of wood. It seemed like wood. His top head was shaved. I looked at him, from behind only, I asked my friend if she saw the monk, she said she didn't see any monk. I told her to follow me, so she can see him. She couldn't see him. I tried to see his face, but I couldn't. I tried but he continue walking. I only got to see his ears, but not the side of his face. It was looking at the paintings. Then he started walking.

I told my friend to follow me. I am following him, because I never seen these kind of father, dressed in that manner. Then he turned to the left side stairs to go to the second floor. I thought the second floor must be opened to the public. So I followed. When I turned to go upstairs, the gate was closed. No one was up there. It was dark. She asked me what was wrong with me, I said, forget it, I thought I saw a monk. Well, I did see it!

Two years later, I was called to work at City Hall's Tourist Department located outside the same building in the first floor. One day, our supervisor told us to do a research on some interesting point in town. I asked him about the buildings history, he told me it used to be a Jesuit Church, and nearby was a cemetery. I asked him if he ever heard of any strange stories about the place. He did, and he experienced one. He said, he was alone one night, looking for something having to do with Ponce's Carnival. He saw a tall man with a black cape and hood on. Only touched his hand and it was cold. Why it did this? He does not know. Then he vanished.

One day a worker and I went to the second floor above the office. I opened the lock. I put the lock in a secured place. Then we went looking for some costumes. When we were done, the lock was not there. We were frightened. After a long time we found the lock. On a seat of a chair. We went fast. I had stomach pains because of the fright. I never went up there again.

Then I learned there were stories about this place where people have seen apparitions of monks, slaves and other people. SCARY!

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Chris (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-12)
Hey rose I see your problem even though its a jesuit monk it kind of has a relationship to christianaty which I am also he might've gone to heaven or he has a task to do. Next time if you come back there pray for their souls so they will be home with the Lord.
rose (9 stories) (92 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-06)
Post your story and you will get answers. The owner of this site will fix grammer and will try to make it understandable so you can find solutions to your problems. Seems you are desperate for help. But all have solutions and an end to these kind of situation. Post you story.
I am no expert, I just solve my experiences the best way I could and it worked for me. I had to have an open mind to what these entities were.

Take care
heyyo (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-04)
i,am 22 years old. Iam just going to come out and say. I typed this log aug.4.07. Last nite the ghost came back so strong. What it did to much to say. But I feel like I know what it is think, ever time it makes move on me and my famliy. This what I know the ghost is psychic, it knows what will happen a week later, befor the bad thing takes place. My hole life I get dreams from my future only if something really bad is about to happen the next day. That's nottin to many things to say. This ghost use to do wrost things then what you see on movies. When I was a kid. I was born with a six sence. My old house was a party ever for ghosts, they walk on top of walls upside down, they beat me living hand prints anywhere on my body, this thing would push down my door. It would take the image of mom, fly up in the room, and twist its body in crazy ways like a cartoon of mother, but the wrost is its power what it did is. A black tall beast with a black cape hood over its head, long hair, its face is like painted mask white with colours that change ever time I see it like red or brown. This black beast with a cape apears in front fo the door . And I can't move. Ever time this happens I was stand up, not doing notthing watch tv or playin nintendo. I would stand can't move or speak
my real parents would be just in the other room next door. But they can't help because iam frozen. It would came to me and talk about the future. It talk talk. But I don't listen because iam scared. It knew I didn't listen so it goes away and comes back another day. You I grew up and I don't see ghosts like how I use too. But the some dam ghost is still with me right now. It never bugs me when iam awake but when I'm sleeping its always around. It gets me when I sleep only when I sleep, its a chickin. Now figure out is it goes for your soul. It grabs my soul when I am sleeping and thing is you see out of your. Body is still sleep, but your soul is you now and fighting big beast that is ever controling. Last nith I can sence evil but I don't care but the feeling of it is like your soul sakeing off bad vibes. Iam going to sleep I feel it. My bed my pillow feel like moveing. It feel something on top of and press down and when happen my younger brother who is 16 right starts screaming like somethings is murdering. My brother and I sleep with doors open from bad experise. I get up came to him. I keep try to wake this. He was sleep on is side rolling a little bit to wake up. I hit him and he wake up. He tells me this very tall beast with black cape long hair, burn face like feddy kurger as exact words he said. He told me when I help him. The dam ghost look right in to my face. Turn its big head fast in to my face. I didn't see any thing. After its my turn now it did the some to me. This it look me now. His face changes expresions I know mostly it was bad smiles. Like it fun for this ghost. I get red writin on the wall. The writen on the wall I couldn't read it because I have to stare at so it could focus, while all that happening. I have little nite lite gets red, while I see bunch of flys, at the wall right beside my bed. That's that nite. Couple of days ago this thing puts its face right in front of my face. I just close eyes try and try to wake up sometimes it feels like for ever because you have nobody help you wake up. Reading this letter. You colud tell I can't spell good. Its just keeps happen when I don't expect it, I wish there was help I could find. I there was a psychic lady I went to. She told me it a grim reaper. I guese there more then one reaper out there. The funny thing I could sence sometimes I feel it then my brother gets bad dreams or the ghost give my and my brother bad dreams and the a zack sometime. How could twopepplehavebad dreams at the sometime. Only when there's a ghost around putting the harm on us. Another thing I talk to it as a big man right now. The ghost would say curse bad words to me. One time I ask it if it would the lottery numbers. It reply you don't deserve it. Everyday of my life. I alwayz have dejuvu. Like this web page. There's a lot more I could say. All ghost know what you think. They could even picture what you picture in your head.
kathia martinez (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-28)
Holla I hope you alright I hope to keep in contact write to me at kathia_martinez [at] I love to keep talking to you I have a lot to say about P.R. I have a lot of expiriences with the dead do you know about the paleria Okay the person that is reading this paleria mean-witchcraft -black magic-so yeah back to rose I'm from peñuelas from the part la moca why I'm telling you that is crazy what I seen in the road from peñuelas the old road to yauco through Juncos is fasinated the it being 11 month I came to hartford, Ct and I don't know but you know the girls they Found in Peñuelas dead with bull horn in her head I knew her so it's crazy yeah but life is like that I seen indians in the rios at night is kind of scary but I love this excitment. I hope you write back or write to me at kathia_martinez [at] chao hablamos
rose (9 stories) (92 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-27)
Kathy I am Ponce. Have family in Yauco, Sierra Alta. You know Puerto Rico is full of strange phenomenon and have lots to tell.
This happened in the Alcaldia de Ponce. Front of Plaza las Delicias, in town.
Kathy (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-27)
Hey I'm from puertorico I just wanted to now from what part of puertorico is this at I'm from peñuelas side to ponce a got a lot of experince like this.

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