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The Black Man That Loves To See Me Suffer


Hey guys... Well I've never been pinned to my bed, and god forbid because it must be a horrible experience but I have been followed for a long time now.

I'm 21 years old and from New Jersey. I moved here not so long ago, but before that lived in long island. All my life well around 12 13 have felt like something was always there.

I use to watch a lot of scary stories so figured I was freaking myself out. When I use to be home alone let me remind you at the time I'm16 and up. I always had this fear of being in the dark, felt like that's when it could actually hurt me. After my mom passed away 2 years ago I was having ugly horrible traumatizing dreams. When I would be home I would feel as if someone was walking closer to me but there would be no one. I would hear a weird noise "if you've seen paranormal activity 3 its that TV noise the louder it is the closer it is "funny how its in the movie: / when people are coming up to me and I would catch myself hearing it but there would be no one. I thought it was scary but knew I wasn't scared for no reason.

When I was 19 20 me and my ex moved in together to my old house. People would say they heard movement upstairs when there would be no one home; I figured it was my mother watching out for me. But now I'm beginning to become restless once again.

I met a girl and she told me a lot about me she's a visionary. She vibed off my vibe on pinpoint. I invited her over one night because when I moved to my fathers for some reason the closet would always catch my attention. I felt as if I was being watched. Well that night she confirmed something was in my closet, funny she didn't know about it. Well my baby brother was in my room sleeping he's only 2, he cried and told me there were a pair of eyes starring at him, I quickly grabbed him and left.

There was one night my baby brother was crying in Spanish saying like ok that's it no more" he wasn't sleeping he was awake but wouldn't open his eyes! In my heart I felt I knew there was something there! Something scaring him to the point he didn't want to open his eyes! I was so scared: (I never wanted to get my cards read because part of me believed its part of the devils work, but I had to, I had to know why I feel the ways I do. I soon found out I have a "moreno muerto montao"a spirit of a black man following me. This thing is envious of me for some reason. He only wants to see me suffer. He attracts everything bad to me. Love happiness and peace are forbidden for me. He does things so I can't hold any of those things: (I had a job offered to me a block away my muffler falls off, I lost the job= no money. She told me when I sleep to always have a clear glass of water next to my bed exactly how she said to keep all negative energy. She told me instead of asking god for things to give him thanks everyday for what I already have. Now the black thing is mine for playing the Ouija board! DO NOT PLAY THAT! ITS NOT A JOKE! VERY REAL! It told me it was good and my reincarnation! All it wanted was for me to feel ok and said shed protect me. That she was really a he and that 16 year old is really in his late 30s, it lied it just wanted to follow me.

I was told to buy a bracelet one with charms so instead of entire bracelet falling off one by one charms would. I was told I'm very spiritual. But not always good. I wasn't pinned but I recall one night I don't member if it was a day before or after my mother passed but I had woke up with my eyes open. I was so freaked out because I couldn't remember exactly what had happened. I remember being above my bed looking down as if I was floating and saw a shadow figure not a woman or man just a being and it was where I should have been laying. Then again for some reason I was laying on my back which I NEVER sleep that way and felt as if I was under it? Till this day I still can't recall what really happened.

I have a lot going on being my father married a Dominican woman, were Colombian so we know about brujeria. Brujeria is like witch magic and I was told by my card teller she has my father dominated, she doesn't love him its just because its what she had to do to get to where she needs. Its what benefits her. As in marriage now citizen. Baby =child support, money but by her doing that is like giving half yourself to the devil and hell want something in return in my room which was my brothers room there is a santera on the corner where the closet is, FUNNY RIGHT I wanted to take it out my room but afraid too. I was told were my bed is the safest spot in the room. At times I feel like its going to grab my foot or pull me under the bed.

One night I did wake up with my foot bent felt like someone had it bent down forcefully all night that when I woke up I was in crazy pain to walk on it: (-_- well yea just wanted to share my freaky life all I know is I'm not allowed to be negative because it feeds of that, sucks you can't be negative when everything around you is... I want everyone to know this is not fake, its something I've been struggling with for years and seems to just get worse, but I refuse to allow it!

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Jadeypadey (3 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-10)
fighting back would and could be the right thing to do, get a cross and have it blessed 'the thing' can't get to you if you have this
creepydog (3 stories) (71 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-02)
You should try fighting back. Actually Moongrim that's a really good suggestion. If you keep having experiences submit them. 😊 The submit entry form thing is open right now if that's helpful.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-22)
Well that baby = child support is a magic spell a lot of women outside the Dominican Republic know all to well about.

Why don't you try fighting back?


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