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I'm Jeff

From Dublin Ireland I have always loved the little shiver I get when I hear ghost stories and when ever I hear that a place I'm visiting is haunted, I get excited and want to journey on my own like explore the mystery to feel the shiver.

So before I tell my story, I want to make something clear, I've seen ghosts everywhere from small crystal like fairies to contained mists inside my house. I think its a family thing my mother lived in Jersey and told me about a goblin like entity that would sleep at the end of her bed and that it was see through then she moved to Killbarrack Dublin and Ross st Dublin city. Both houses were haunted by a angry poltergeist that assaulted my older brothers and my mother punching them while they slept. My dad also was attacked in those houses.

Then they moved to my current house in Dublin north side. I'm the youngest and I was born and raised here, none of my friends like being in this house... There are a lot of spirits in this house and up until a few months ago I didn't mind them, one of them is my godmother and she watches over me.

The others bother me. There are four shadows that I will leave for another time, a little school girl and a butcher type he breathes on my neck when I make tea at night.

Anyway I have insomnia and I sleep walk so when I do sleep I lock myself in my room so I don't wander over to the train tracks which I have been told I do.

So I wanted a siesta, a one hour sleep. I was about 30 minutes in, it was 18. 30 in June of this year. I could feel a pressing on my mouth, pressure forced me out of a mild sleep. I lost 10 teeth a year ago and something was putting it's fingers around my mouth like checking the gaps in my teeth. My body jumped I first thought this is a weird dream then I realized I'm awake, my eyes focused and a hand covered my mouth my senses began to fail, I say a hand but I didn't see it all I could see was the my bedroom door locked.

It felt like a hand choking me, I thought this sentence "help...get this thing off me!" but my brain didn't work it just didn't work it was very strange. I wondered why is this thing attacking me, just then it loosened its grasp and I said "get your f##king hands off me!" (sorry for my words) and it let me go. I focused my eyes and looked at it. Right beside my bed it was Golden in the image of a man but I knew it wasn't human.

It had like a suit on or something it dripped into itself in golden rain drops. When I stared at it, it looked like it was bending light constantly, it looked impossible. I thought this cannot be human, but it wanted to be for some reason. When I thought this it stepped aside and I walked passed it straight down stairs to tell my dad and mother what had just happened. They said I must have been dreaming but then they would have to be part of the dream telling me I must have been dreaming because it was all part of the same sequence. No fade to black in between as they say in the movie world.

So after this experience I've been very puzzled. Is what happened to me a Ghost story, an Alien abduction or even a Demonic encounter? I really have no idea, all I know is I wouldn't wish my event on anyone and I wouldn't want a repeat. If anyone else has a similar story I would love to read it. Thanks for reading.

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jeffosirius (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-22)
thanks I hope it never returns, but then again it was invisible until I challenged it so how would I really know.
Thanks for the advice
BriBri (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-22)
hmm...Im not too sure. If I were you and I experienced this again, and the spirit is as vivid as you claim, then try to question it. Ask it for what it wants and don't give up unless it vanishes. This may sound foolish, but it clearly wants something from you, and most likely won't leave unless you either cleanse it from you, or if you can cause it to move on.
lynrinth (guest)
10 years ago (2011-11-22)
Wow, what an experience. Whatever it was, hope it leaves you alone.

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