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It Felt Like I Was Dreaming Awake


This happened to me a handful of years ago, and I've tried not to think about it or to block it out so parts of it still seem foggy or unreal to me. I guess I think if I just don't think about it, then it'll not be an issue. But lately I've been confronted with how skeptical I am of so many things, why is that? Am I so scared to be open to new possibilities that I'd discount something I've actually *experienced* without really reflecting on it?

Well, here's my story, make of it what you will... I had been sleeping over at a friends house, and her place was in a lower/middle class area with a mixture of occupants in the little grouping of apartments, she lived in a 2-bedroom place with her mother (who worked nights and wasnt' home) and her younger brother, who wasn't a prankster and mostly kept to himself when I was around. Her place had a very strange, open concept living area that made up a majority of the place, the rest being a long hallway with the walk-in closet, bathroom and two bedrooms. There was a kind of triangular wall that was surrounded by the kitchen on one side of it, a bit of the hallway from the entrance along the smaller portion and the living room on the other large side. I say this because it let's you know that I could see and hear everyone that was home at the time (the 3 of us) without anyone being able to *sneak up* on me. I also wasn't standing near the balcony door and it wasn't any breeze, so hear me out first before you give me the rational excuses.

We had been watching television (a ghost movie was on the agenda that night), it was a warm summer night and it wasn't all that unusual for us to be hanging out and doing nothing special. I was on the phone while my friend went to the washroom and her brother sat on the couch in the living room, I could see him from where I stood in the transitional-opening to the kitchen and I knew my friend was not out of the bathroom yet. I was talking to either my mother or (not-so-great) boyfriend of the time, when I felt something not quite cold, and not quite hot (like something in between or like energy) running down my back like a single fingertip. I had been wearing a tanktop and my hair was pulled down the left side of my shoulder, and the touch was more in the right/middle part of my back. For a moment I thought it had been my friend messing around with me (cause that would be like her). Then I heard something whisper my name in my ear, or all around me, it was like it had touched my entire self and I couldn't move, the person I was on the phone with seemed to fade away, until I could do was feel sick and frightened and cold. It didn't seem to have any gender-tone to it, but if I had to label it, I would say it was more masculine than anything else... It was just so soft and like a creepy caress.

I thought "if I ignore it, then it'll go away." My friend's brother was still on the couch, watching tv and I knew he had heard nothing. I called for my friend and she was still in the washroom, it was then I realized that it had only been a minute, even though it felt like time had stopped. I just knew that something was there, or that I was losing my mind. I really hope it was the former, not the latter, but I also didn't want to think something was watching me, able to touch my skin and know my name... It just felt like an invasion and a nightmare. But I wasn't dreaming cause I was standing there awake, I even pinched myself.

I told the person I was on the phone with that I would talk to them later, and when my friend got out of the washroom she noticed I looked pale, shaken and sick. She looked concerned and asked me what was wrong, and I just shook my head, said "it was nothing, I'll tell you later." She probably figured it had been a fight with my mom or boyfriend as she knew I had been using the phone (and that wasn't so unusual either). I just didn't want to talk about it.

Later that night I couldn't sleep, and I ended up sleeping next to my friend's mattress on the floor instead of on the couch in her room next to her closet. I just wanted to be away from her perma-stuck closet that was always open and housed her spirit board that we had bought her as a joke a couple years earlier (it was from Toys 'R Us and we had used it in my basement and in the graveyard with no "luck" so I don't quite think this thing is powerful, but then again I've been told it's the intent more so than the tools that count in some cases). The next day we were both jittery and on edge as we didn't sleep much at all, and I kept thinking something was watching me from the dark corners of her room, whispering my name whenever I approached sleep, always pulling me back from really going under.

I still get chills thinking about it, but I've never had something like this happen before, not this "concrete"...unless you count the sleep paralysis nightmares I'd get as a child; reoccurring and terrible. In the past couple years I've begun to have the same dreams again... But that's when I'm sleeping, even when I wake up and swear something is there with me, I can write it off as something of a nightmare, not reality.

That time had been when I was perfectly awake and standing in a well-lit house with other people around. And there is something about that setting that makes it feel *that* much worse. I just wanted to share with other people who had felt this way before too without thinking I'd be completely scoffed at. Do you think it could've been something real? I've *felt* other things before, but never have I heard my name or felt something touch me like this before, which is why I wanted to share this...

Thanks for reading...

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blackasia7033 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-20)
listen...this is scary... I feel for you... And whatever it was I believe it's real... I do not believe in hallucinations because if your eyes see it then its there. And how can touch be unreal?... Good luck and keep posting stories... I love to read them and put myself in your shoes...creepy
Lamourbonez (1 stories) (17 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-11)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Get rid of the board, ad pray. Maybe something is attatched to it SECRETLY.
Christine1986 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-11)
Girl that was an evil spirit. You need to pray and have a personal relationship with God Himself. The devil and his angles do crap like that to me too. The devil and his angels are just trying to gain power over you by scaring you. They can't hurt you. God will protect you no matter what. Take care.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-10)
But lately I've been confronted with how skeptical I am of so many things, why is that? Am I so scared to be open to new possibilities that I'd discount something I've actually *experienced* without really reflecting on it?

There is a difference between healthy skepticism and a denier. Like Nysa said, a one time occurrence is difficult to ascertain.
I'd say instead, what with the reoccurring nightmares, there is so issues from your childhood that are coming back to haunt you. Perhaps it's time to speak with a counselor.
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-10)
The sense that time streched, that it had only been a minute but felt like longer, makes it sound like a hallucination. Hallucinations are often accompanied by disorientation like that. They usually have a physical cause that can be traced, either something physically happening in your brain or the presence of a toxin (ingested or breathed). However if it were your brain you probably would have had other symptoms or the hallucinations would have continued & probably gotten worse, & if it had been a toxin strong enough to make you hallucinate I would think it would have effected the other people in the apartment (or made you sick if ingested). A vision is a kind of hallucination, but I only know of two suspected causes of hallucinations (other than claims of people who consider themselves psychic & divinely inspired visions). First it is thought that a strong energy from the past can leave an "imprint" that some people can see, sometimes called a residual haunting, but that does not make sense since you heard your own name. The other is the "waking dream" kind of vision, which is what I thought your story would be about because of the title. But such visions are usually thought to be messages that your unconscious is desperate to communicate to your conscious mind, & your name is not much of a message. So what are we left with? Not much in the way of explanations. It's not a popular belief, but some suspect that spirits or other non-physical entities can cause us to hallucinate. But your story was so thorough I am assuming you would not leave out important details like a report from your friend that others in the house had similar experiences. So if it was caused by a spirit it would either have been something simply passing through or something that was not able to effect others or effect you again. Single events are difficult to quantify, repeated results are the key to understanding. I know this has been a long & inconclusive post, but you seem to really want to understand this logically so I really wanted to give you everything I could think of.

Ok two last thoughts. Once you were frightened by the event it completely makes sense that your fear would cause you to feel & hear what you did the rest of the night. And your reoccuring nightmares might be the result of your refusal to even think about this frightening experience.

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