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This is my first account and only experience. I stumbled upon this website by chance. My experience the other night has ignited my curiousity into the possible afterlife for which I didn't pay much attention to before and was very much a sceptic (gotta see it to believe it).

Here goes nothing...

My partner is a coach tour driver and when ever I can I will drive to his location and join him on his days off.

This particular day I drove to Cromer and to a well known old hotel in which he was staying.

There was nothing out of the ordinary about my time there. We went out for dinner and then to a local pub (I wasn't drinking as I had to drive the next day).

We decided to turn in for the night. My partner was instantly asleep as always as his job is quite mentally draining. (Driving 49 people around all day every day takes its toll).

Anyway, as I was trying to go to sleep I heard a little girl's voice calling "mummy". It was long and drawn out and very sing-songy. My rational mind thought it must be coming from another room or possibly outside. (It was past 11pm so no kids outside. The hotel caters for the 50+ range)

Then I felt something led in between myself and partner as if a child had crawled into bed between us (as my little one does regularly, might I add that my little one wasn't with me).

I then felt ice cold fingers on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear. The whisper was not threatening but it called mummy in the same singsong way as before. I ignored it and I felt the "thing" leave the bed and my shoulder went warm again. I just passed it off as a half awake half asleep state. I chose not to tell my partner about it as he had another 2 nights in the hotel.

I awoke the next morning and thought nothing about it and we carried on with our day. My partner started work and I drove home.

Roughly about 10pm the same night my partner called me to say the usual goodnight. He sounded quite panicky. I asked him what the matter was and he said "you are going to call me an idiot". I finally got him to talk.

That evening after dinner he got in the bath to have a soak. He heard footsteps in the bedroom then he heard a little girl ask "where's mummy gone?" Thought it could possibly be noise from elsewhere, and he settled back into his bath. (The bath has a glass shower screen with shower over it). After about 15 minutes he sat up and was reaching for a towel and a reflection in the shower screen was of a little blonde girl in a white nightdress. He said she stayed there looking at him for a few minutes then disappeared.

I then told him what I had experienced the night before and he went quiet, obviously a little bit shaken. He slept that night with the lights on!

On his last night he said he was awoken in the early hours by a feeling of something getting into bed, again hearing the same question "where's mummy gone".

He turned the lights on and slept with them on.

As he was leaving the hotel he asked the manager about any problems with the room. She explained that guests had reported various things deemed to be paranormal or without explanation. She also said that she tries not to allocate those rooms due to the activity. My partner left that hotel feeling like he was going mad!

Another weird happening is that the night he got home I took a pregnancy test and discovered I was pregnant. Is this linked somehow to the little girl? Was she trying to tell me about my brilliant news? Can anyone shed any light on why this little girl called me mummy?

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Caz (342 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-24)
Hi d3b,
I found your story intriguing and I have read accounts of children visiting the parents before being born, so it could be that. On the other hand, it may not, so I guess we might never really know for sure, but I do hope you'll come back and tell us if it's a boy or a girl after your baby is born! 😊
svvar (4 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-29)

Your comment made me lol! 😆

I think she was referring to majority of the hotel guests implying that there was probably no kids that she could have mistaken the voices for. Maybe?


Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-07-27)
d3b8i3 - I just wanted to make sure I understood you right. You are over 50 with a little one and just found out you are pregnant again?

I'm not judging by any means, just wanted to make sure I understood what I read. Whether or not I misunderstood what I read, congratulations 😊
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-25)
You may be able to access newspapers from that city and find some answers. Bear in mind how long the hotel has been there and that something else may have been in that location beforehand while you search.

She may have simply picked up on the fact that you are a woman or maybe you looked like her mother somehow or you may have been putting out some kind of maternal vibe that made her comfortable - or maybe a little of all of the above...
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-23)
Not knowing anything about this ghost, I can't say much. But the reason it called you mummy is because you are female in gender and it picked up on that.

In the history of the hotel there is probably an incident where a family lost a daughter in some sad and tragic way as these things are.

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