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She Wanted To Make Her Presence Felt


In the beginning of my career, I was posted at a small town in south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, not very far from Bangalore. We used to stay in an employee's mess provided by our company. It was a three-bedroom bungalow next to a hillock. The locality was a less populated one and nearest neighbor was around 150 meters away. We were seven people including me. The bungalow had two halls separated by a wall which practically separated it into two parts. The outer part consisted of the main entrance, outer hall and a bedroom in which I got myself accommodated and the inner part consisted of inner hall, kitchen, bathroom and two other bedrooms.

There was a desktop kept in the outer hall which was the only mode of entertainment. Being the junior most in the lot, I was only able to get my hands on the desktop only after midnight after everyone else went to bed.

It is in this bungalow, I had very two strange experiences.

First Experience

On that day, I returned from my shift and after dinner, finding the desktop idle, started surfing internet. It was late at night, all lights were off and only a night lamp in the inner hall was burning, due to which some light was coming to outer hall as well through the door in between, creating a lighted Zone next to the door. Suddenly, I saw a shadow of a human figure in the lighted zone as if somebody was standing on the other side of the door. Expecting him to be one of my colleagues, I called him by name. At this the shadow moved away. Feeling very odd, I went to the inner hall to find out who it was. To my astonishment, I found no one in the inner hall and all my mates were fast asleep in their respective beds. Utterly confused and thinking it be my imagination, I went to bed.

Second Experience

On that occasion, it was late at night and I woke up to go to bathroom. Lights of both the halls were off and it was pitch dark. As I switched on the lights of the outer hall, from the corner of my eye I saw someone moving quickly into the inner hall. This time, probably due to my previous experience, I was little nervous. Nevertheless, I went to the inner hall and switched on the lights searched thoroughly and found no one. The two bedrooms in that part of the bungalow were empty as some people were in night shift and others had gone to Bangalore for an outing and my roommate was sleeping in our room on the other part of the bungalow.

After these experiences, I avoided venturing out of my room at night. I later found out that almost all my colleagues had strange experiences in that bungalow. Later, from a shopkeeper in the locality, we came to know that a female member from the family of the owner of the bungalow had committed suicide by hanging herself in the inner hall. After that, the family moved out of the bungalow leaving it empty for few years eventually renting it out to our company. There was someone in that bungalow who certainly wanted to make her presence felt.

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Nemo_1981 (4 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-17)
I only stayed there for a period of six months as I got a better job opportunity elsewhere. I really don't have any contact with people who might have access to that bungalow
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-16)
Hi Nemo,

I realise you don't want to reply and that's cool but I have a suggestion.

If you still have access to the bungalow, or know someone who does, perhaps you could say a prayer for this woman. Assuming it's the same woman. She may be waiting for some kind of ritual to be done in the location. Just a thought.

Thanks for sharing.
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
Nemo_1981, thank-you for sharing your account/s with us. In a house or location whereby a death occurred, especially an expected or unexpected, unfortunate, desperate, shocking or horrifying occurrence at the time of a persons passing, you may definitely experience some paranormal activity.

I have heard of 3 types of ghosts which are habitually encountered:
A. A person who died unexpectedly and quickly, leaving the soul in confusion and disillusion. Often, they do not know where they are or what to do and it is such that they wonder the earth and at times, intrude upon or make contact with human beings whether it is intentional or unintentional. For example, a person who stepped on a landmine, was guillotined or suffered a sudden, unexpected heart attack or asthma attack.
B. A person who died and still clings to a location or object that was most cherished in life. They are simply not ready to move on as they are sorely attached to their old life, they will repeat the same behavior at the same time each day or night. For example, the same toilet flushing at a particular time each night or a specific cupboard opening, or moving an object repeatedly back to his/her desired location.

Of the ghosts I have mentioned above, I cannot put your experience into just one box. Although, there are the old wives tales of a distraught young girl who committed suicide because she had lost her true love. You may catch a glimpse of her running the hallways, cheeks dirtied and streaked with tears, searching for a way out of her dismal situation or hoping to find her lover waiting for her at their secret meeting place, once more.

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