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I Felt Multiple Entities!


Please allow me to give you the timeline of all these creepy incidences that happened in Agra. The first incident which happened was an evening on a beautiful day on my day off. I forgot to write about it in the previous post of mine. This happened in last week of July in 2011. I remember it because during this time at the end of this month my roommate lost her father. She left on the same day itself at night and there was not even a single soul who had no tears in their eyes. Oh the anguish of hers! I can still hear her wails and screaming "Papa Papa Papa Papa please come back! Where did you go and left me out of nowhere?!"

This first incident happened after my roommate left for Uttarakhand for her father's rites. My other roommate, Nandini went to her boyfriend's place upon his visit to Agra. The fourth roommate was on night shift. I was at home after a morning shift in Front Desk department. It was such a beautiful and pleasant weather, as it was raining the whole day. It stopped by the time I came back home. As usual I was listening to music and tried to cook for first time. The attempt was not that bad, except it was bit greasy. I had a long chat with my Ma on my LG Flip Phone. This model used to blink a blue light on top of its flap whenever I received any message. This minute detail is important for this incident which I am about to recount.

After that almost three hour long conversation, yes three hours guys! I was missing my mum and dad on that day terribly. So I was feeling energized after that conversation. I went to my mattress, laid on ground and lied on top of it. I kept playing around on my mobile, sometimes listening to some Indian music, then playing that Snake Xenzia game. I don't know if anyone remembers it or not, but there used to be this snake game where you need to feed it without hitting the walls or making it eat its own tail! Sorry for digressing but I can't help, while writing this experience of mine. Not all of it was bad in Agra, before we really wanted to leave that home.

I remember looking towards the door of my larger bedroom. Yes, I was sleeping in the room which had access to the open space behind us. So I got up and switched off the lights. I played that snake game for few more minutes until, I started feeling drowsiness. My eyes were getting droopy slightly when I saw the door of my room closing on its own gently, cm by cm. I was still at that stage where I wasn't able to comprehend, what I was looking at. I was already at the threshold of getting into slumber land, when I see the door closing by itself. My bedroom door, which should slam on its own in that pleasant airy night, instead of doing that, was acting as if someone is actually trying to close it without making any noise.

A click noise came out from the adjacent room's door as if someone got inside the room and closed it from inside. I finally realized that I am home alone. I got up, drank some water kept beside me on a chair and went to the other room to sleep, as the moonlight came directly to this larger room from the window, where you could see the open space as well. A BIG MISTAKE MADE BY ME!

My mobile and pillow were in my hands. I slept inside the smaller room with an attached bathroom to it. This time, again I felt someone was walking within that small open space. I had clearly heard footsteps. It couldn't be echo of my neighbors as for that to happen, you need to have high ceilings and roofs; clearly we didn't have that. It was a small house and echo of footsteps can't be heard in that open space because there was no roof above it. I still remember to this day how the door of the other room, out of nowhere closed again this time harder. It went from softly moving to closing harder this time. During all this time, I kept hearing footsteps in that open space. I even could see from the windows of my smaller room that there is no one outside. It was a clear walking sound and at some point it came closer to the window as well. It seemed, as if someone is approaching the window and just standing over there. But I could not see anyone. That really annoyed me.

I got up this time to check the door of the adjacent room. You know what! The door was open all the time. It wasn't even close. I came back to my room and tried to sleep again. But this time, I heard someone opening the tap softly, very gently trying not to make any noise, as if I will get bothered by it. I heard clear footsteps this time in the other room. While all this was happening, I heard clearly someone washing their face in the bathroom which was attached to my room. I could hear splashes of water with a short interval between, so that's why I said someone is washing their face. Plus that contact of skin to the palm of the hand was clearly audible. Then that clear and sharp noise of a tap opening by itself was coming from the kitchen. All these sounds just magnified to another level in a house where there was no sound could be heard except my soft breathing. The footsteps of the person could be now heard from the living area outside my room. I could now really hear the soft breathing of that person who was walking here and there in that space. This all was happening inside the house, while I was frozen to my senses on my mattress.

Until this point, I had only read, heard or watched such things only on TV or from other people's experiences. But this time, I could see activities going inside my home. I finally tried to be brave and got up. I turned on the light of my room. Every noise, which I could hear until now happening in the darkness, stopped. It stopped. I looked outside my window at the poor imitation of the balcony which we called "OPEN SPACE." There was nothing. I went to the kitchen and both the bathrooms. There was no one. I walked around the living space to check if something odd can be spotted out. NOTHING!

I was the first girl to live by myself amongst the roommates until now. I went back to my room. I turned off the lights of all rooms, kitchen and both bathrooms. I went back to my room and turned off the lights. I kept on turning and twisting while I was trying to sleep, when I felt this pressure on my back. It felt as if someone was keeping their arm around me and this other presence's activities again started. I again clearly heard the footsteps in the living space. I remember my mobile was on left side of my shoulder and I couldn't even turn onto that side. As the pressure on my back was coming from the left side, so my back was facing even the door of the room. This time, I felt the entity, man or whatever it was, stopped walking around the living space from side to side. I heard it came near to the door of my room. For some weird reason, I felt it could not enter inside this room. Even the weight around my left shoulder and my back was building up where I started feeling a painful sensation. I remember getting this blue light reflected on my eyeglasses kept near me and I finally turned.

This is where it turns weird, eerie and spooky for me. I wasn't scared until this point to be honest. It was this annoying and frustrated emotion going inside me as I was trying to sleep, but couldn't. I could see a shadow figure standing outside right at the door of my room. But at the same time, I felt this cold spot right where I was looking at. You see when I turned back, I could look at the shadow figure and at the same time, feel this coldness which actually numbed by skin right at the ground beside me on the mattress. That's when I realized something was hugging me to the point, where I was sweating and feeling cold at the same time. I had never felt this way before, even in that hostel of mine.

I had to really get out of my uneasiness, and that dizziness. I got up, turned on the light saw no one again, obviously neither on the mattress nor at the entrance of my room. I went to grab this Hanuman Chalisa, compilation of devotional hymns dedicated to Hanuman, a Hindu god. It was gifted to me by my best friend as a way to keep my nightmares away. I guess due to keeping it under my pillow and a positive placebo effect, I was finally calm.

I could still hear the footsteps though and could again feel it walk up to my room. I changed my room this time.

I took that small, thin hymn book, mobile, pillow and my water bottle to the other larger room. I felt peace inside that room. I felt that the other presence is there, as I could still hear it walking and at some point, even coming inside the room. I had actually felt a pressure this time on my mattress but it didn't do anything. It had a soothing effect on me, compared to the previous experience with the previous entity inside the other room. But one thing was clear. That entity wasn't gone. It was there. I could feel its frustration and anger. It was inside the other room but couldn't follow me inside this larger room.

Out of nowhere, I remembered my grandfather after such a long time. Now I am not saying that it was my grandpa since it was clearly not. But I felt his blessing protecting me from whatever sort of energy I just encountered that night. I fell asleep after a long time and woke up next morning all refreshed. But I always wondered was that all my imagination?!

But who knew it will show its presence in such a twisted way in front of my friend as well.

So this was my first ever incident in Agra which was followed by that nerve wracking, and scary incidences mentioned in the previous post "The Last Encounters with the Dark Shadow." I know I am on a roll of writing all these experiences for past few days. But I cannot help. If I knew this site existed way back then, like a decade ago, I would definitely had shared my experiences with you all.

This is having such an amazing therapeutic effect on me. It has burdened me for such a long time, that I wasn't able to understand nor make out why me? How it happened? When did I angered some entity without knowing it myself? Was it just my imagination? But if it was, then I must have an amazing creativity inside me. But I lack the creativity bone inside me. I wish, I could let others know how psychologically these few incidences had an impact on me. I had never told all these incidences with such minute detailed explanations to even my cousins. I diluted my narrations to them, as I always felt that no one would understand it. On the contrary, I would be made a butt of their jokes. I, almost was made one by one of my nieces. So I don't tell it to anyone anymore. Thanks for such an opportunity for us souls out there who can't share it with anyone or everyone.

Small Note: - One of my other roommates actually felt something inside the house once when she was there by herself. She also said that she heard some footsteps inside the house during daytime. Here I was facing the same during night time. She felt some "unnatural" activities in the morning and during noontime. As a result, she never got open to talk about it as my friend, Nandini and Yamini always ghosted those theories. But Nandini due to that incidence at night with me, later on got bit more open to such concepts as well. We never spoke a word about our own experiences with each other, whenever we faced something. It felt just odd and weird to do so. We thought the others won't believe.

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TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-25)
Hi Meteoravishal Thank you for reading my experiences and for your review. Happy New Year to you too. Take care.
meteoravishal (1 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-23)
Hi, I really like your stories. And well to be honest, its a relief to read a good story written in proper english with no grammatical errors (Or else instead of focussing on the dtory, my mind wanders towards the endless errors, My OCD).
Anyways do keep up the good work... Though I wish you don't get to witness these kind of stuffs again...
A merry Xmas and HNY in advance.
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
2 years ago (2021-09-23)
Hi jt_from_ct. Thanks for your positive response and liking it so much. It came from a place of my own fears which I had faced that night. So I hope you do full justice to my paranormal encounter when you recite it on your YouTube channel. Also please read my other experiences as well. I hope you like them as well. 😊 You many even get me as your new subscriber as I am quite active on youtube.
jt_from_ct (guest)
2 years ago (2021-09-22)
Hi there:) I just read your story and I really enjoyed it! I was wondering if I would be able to get your permission to narrate it on my channel? Let me know how you feel about this. Thanks:)

If you'd prefer to check out my channel before making a decision, you can find it at
Slyester (1 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-20)
That was really a scary encounter and if you still have nightmares you should pratice meditation, yoga this would boost your positive energy. Greetings from Mumbai
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-15)
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11
I am sorry for my late reply as I am rushing down on my thesis deadline. So coming back to our main topic of discussion, thankfully it never followed any of us, however as I mentioned, in one of my story post, that I wasn't able to have my own time which usually I get only at night. Those incidences, especially the ones which happened in Agra was so fresh in my mind in those days that I used to always feel somehow under the constant scrutiny of that entity, even after coming back to my home in Delhi.
There were lot of small weird and spooky incidences which happened that time which I couldn't mention in the post as I Felt it's getting too lengthy. Like I remember I once heard a very soft giggle of a female and thought of it just as my imagination. But again I heard that sound randomly after few days and later on, one of my roomies asked me if I ever heard giggle of a child and woman. I told her I had heard a female laugh but of a child, never.
I remember at one point, one of my roomie's sister was visiting us and she later on told us, she kept hearing sounds of a child and female whisper in one of the rooms. We all didn't wanted to accept at this point that something is wrong about the house because until now no one saw anything... These were some weird incidences which happened at the beginning when we just moved to the house.
Thankfully we got away from the house in the last month. And thank you so much for the reply. It really makes me happy that now I can approach some people and ask more about all these stuff. I initially used to watch lots of horror genre movies. But after those incidences, now I find more comfort listening to others experiences rather than watching such movies as it makes me go back to the past which I don't want to remember. As much as recounting these experiences was difficult for me while writing them, it was important for me as well to get it out there because, as you had put the words so correctly in your last reply to me. That I indeed had found comfort and security in this site which is odd to find on a virtual world. Thank you and stay safe! 😊
Rajine (14 stories) (718 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-10)
Hi TheSweetDevil23

I believe that whatever it was is only contained to that certain place for a reason, if only you knew about the history of that house it would shed some light on what was going on there.
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-10)
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11

Thankyou for reviewing my story and yes to my relief, nothing followed me after that. I can't speak for the others because due to my busy life routine, I am now not in touch with the other girls. But yes for a long time, I didn't listen to music at night. I was unable to take a walk in my balcony or terrace at night. I was paranoid for long time that someone invisible was around me. That fear took such a toll in past where an Insomniac like me started having nightmares as well.
But I am now in a better place for past few years. I do still have nightmares but not that frequently. Its a rare occurrence now. But yes I am back to listen to music and watch videos sometimes. Sometimes I just sit in balcony at late evening as it helps me to clear my thoughts. Its relaxing now. Darkness dooes'nt scares me anymore.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (230 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-07)
Hello again TheSweetDevil23, good to hear another tale from you. This one confirms my suspicions that there was more than one entity involved at this location. It sounds as if one was protecting you from the other. If I'm understanding the story right, the one that got in the room with you and touched you was the one that you ended up leaving behind, the one full of anger and frustration. From what you stated about the other one, walking around, inside and outside the place, kind of sounds like a guard on duty, especially since it came to the door of the room when the other entity touched you. It makes sense, the hotel entity if that's what it was, is an intruder in the others home/space.

It's always possible too that the protective entity could have been due to the items you had or a relative or spiritual guardian as well. I'm inclined to believe however that it's a previous 'resident' of the home. The activities of washing its face, and trying not to wake you or disturb you, indicate it's not just a residual energy. The topper too was the fact that it seemed aware of the intruder when it came to the door of your room.

There was energy and at least one other presence at that location it seems. The hotel entity may have followed one of you girls home and the haunted energy of the place allowed it to manifest and exist there for some time. However it wasn't the first one there and perhaps things might have been a bit worse for all of you had it not been for the other, what I suspect was a previous resident. Its presence kind of kept the other one (hotel entity) at bay. Possibly some of the areas in the home you were warned to keep away from had more negative energy associated with them and the more protective spirit wasn't able to access those areas, giving the negative entity more free reign in those areas to terrorize you so to speak.

I don't believe you did anything to anger this entity, it just latched onto you and the other girls and fed off your negative energy, fear and anger and whatever else it could inspire in you.

In any case you came out of it, much wiser for the experience and from what I can tell, this negative entity didn't follow any of you girls since you left this residence? I'm glad you are able to find comfort on this site, that's what its here for, a place for people to tell their stories, gain insight and perspective from others on their experiences and widen their own perspective in the process. Good luck!

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