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Two Dark Apparitions In One Day


My fascination in the paranormal began when I was, eight years old, alone in the cottage during the afternoon. Out of nowhere appeared a large-dark apparition that floated still-like at a short distance from me near the front door. I was immediately frozen in fear by staring at something I did not understand in my childhood.

The apparition had no figure and reminded me of the grim reaper, also known as the angel of death, that had a silent but overwhelming ominous presence on me. I had fixed my gaze on this dark shadow in my well-lit living room in the afternoon for over five minutes. The apparition and I were at a stand still.

I was afraid to turn my back to this dark shadow and run because I felt that would be the wrong thing to do. Instead, with my eyes closed shut I ran towards the front door because the dark apparition was blocking my only way out. I then reached my right hand out for the door, opened it, and ran out of my house screaming for my grandmother who was preparing dinner for that night.

Later that evening, I was having dinner with my grandma at her house, and I told her about the dark apparition I saw earlier that day, but she easily disregarded my story as imaginary. I wanted her to believe what I experienced, but I did not want to make her upset.

I believe she might have regarded my paranormal experience as an enounter with my grandpa's spirit, since my grandpa died only a week ago. After dinner I hopped into bed next to my grandma to sleep, but in a moment before my eyes shut, I saw a dark shadow of a hat reaching into the room from the hallway. I felt terrified as I forced myself to sleep because I did not want that dark shadow to touch me. I have not seen a dark apparition since then.

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crecentblue03 (151 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-13)
Wow maybe this was your grandpa looking in on you and just felt scary because you didn't understand his being there didn't seem like it wanted to hurt you very interesting encounter. Thanks for sharing

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