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A Monster In My Room?


I am a 20 year old female living in Ontario, Canada. The incident that I'm going to relate took place 10 years ago but it has been bothering me ever since and when I found this site I decided to share my story and see if anyone has any opinions.

Of course, as it was an entire decade ago, this is by no means an urgent request for information as the "monster" or whatever it was has not reappeared since. I suppose I'm just more curious than anything else and want to know if anyone else has seen anything similar. What I'm going to do is describe the room and what I saw and then explain why it couldn't have been a dream.

I sleep in the same room as I did when I was 10 but the layout has since changed. When this story takes place my bed was in the corner of the room, so the headboard was against one wall and the right side was against the other. At the foot of my bed was an armoire which was not pushed against the wall because there was an electrical outlet behind it which my lamp plugged into. The armoire was maybe four or five inches away from the wall. The door to my room is in the corner farthest from the bed. Also, there is a street lamp right outside my window, so even at night my room is never very dark.

When I was a kid I would never close my eyes while waiting to fall asleep. I don't really know why. I would lie in my bed listening to books on tape and staring at the ceiling. But after what I saw that night when I was 10, I always kept my eyes tightly shut.

The first thing that happened was I heard a soft creak and looked to see one of the doors of my armoire opening gently, not abruptly at all, and then it closed just as softly. At this point I was not afraid, I was actually oddly calm considering how nervous of a child I was. I remember thinking "it must have been the wind" which makes no sense because even if the wind could have done that, my window was closed. Then I saw it, a "monster" or "creature" or something. I don't know.

In the space between my armoire and the wall I saw a face. It was green with red eyes and horribly fat red lips. It had a very skinny body with long arms, the body was humanoid. Its head was very round and looked smooth. I did nothing for a moment but then it gave me this terrible grin and I bolted from my room all the way to the basement where my father was working and told him. Of course he couldn't find anything, told me it was just a nightmare and made me go back to bed.

I would be tempted to also believe it was just a dream but there are three reasons I know it can't have been. Firstly, my vision was not terrible at that age but I did need glasses which I obviously didn't wear to bed. When I saw that thing it was visible but just a little bit blurry and no dream I've had, no matter how realistic, has replicated my vision without glasses. Secondly, I never woke up. When I have a bad dream and I wake up from it, it takes me a few minutes to reorient myself, realize that it was a dream and that everything's ok. There was no transition like that, I saw the thing and ran. I never woke up. Thirdly and lastly, I mentioned that I fell asleep listening to audiobooks. Well, I continued to hear my audiobook playing smoothly through the whole event, not stopping or distorting like I know it would have in a dream. I have never read that book since (one of the Wayside School books if you're interested or it lends credence).

After that I never saw the thing again, although I had nightmares about it for the next year. If anyone has any ideas about this I would love to hear them, even if you think I'm crazy that's a valid opinion too. I hope my account was clear, and thank you very much for reading.

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Alex_Beast (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-12-24)
Sounds Like a dark elf from Norse Mythology. I heard they are more friendly then white elfs.
3nj0y (19 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-08)
This really sounds like a Demon or some type of Reptilian being. Time to do a cleansing!.
Light_is_Sanctuary (1 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-05)
I was looking through stories of encounters with creatures when I saw yours and it kind of sounds like you might of seen a type of Faerie called a goblin. They aren't the friendly kind but are mostly described as annoying and mischievous. It similar to the Celtic faerie called the brownie. The fact you haven't seen it since makes me believe more that is what you saw. Just be glad it wasn't a Redcap cause according to the British folklore they kill people and soak their hats in their victims blood and apparently need to kill before their blood soaked hat dries or else they will die themselves. Anyway I hope this helps a bit or at least interests you.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2014-04-04)
I don't think you're crazy. I don't have any idea what the heck you saw, but I do believe that you saw exactly what you described. Sorry I don't have any suggestions as to what it could have been.

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