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Seeing George And Last Goodbye


I would say I've only had 2 paranormal experiences in my life time. The first was with a ghost my family liked to call George.

I really never had any feelings as a child that there was something around me, but growing up me and my brother were always told, by my mother, that we had a ghost and his name was George (not the real name). When I was about 6 or 7, the house we used to live in had a laundry shoot and myself and my little brother would always yell down the shoot and call George's name. Nothing ever happened. I remember having a conversation with my mother and grandmother about George and how he would show himself. My grandmother had a rack of coffee cups that was right under the top cabinets and she told me that George would knock all the cups so that they are swinging and one day knocked a few of the cups off of the hook! Being that I never saw George I never had a fear of what I would see or feel.

One day I, my mother and my brother had to move in with my grandfather. His house is where George originated. We used to sleep in the attic and while up there the closet door would open and then close on its own. I never got a bad feeling but I noticed I would physc myself up and scare myself. One day we were all sleep in the attic when all of a sudden I felt someone sit on my bed (the T.V. Was on so there was a little light) when I opened my eyes, NO ONE WAS THERE! When I looked at the space where I felt it sit there was an imprint, but no one there. I kicked my leg out a little to see if my eyes and mind wasn't playing tricks on me, and it felt like I kicked a person but again no one was there so it kind of freaked me out a little so I pulled the covers over my head and forced myself to go back to sleep. That was the first and last experience I had with George.

The second experience happened a couple of days after my grandmother passed away. I was about 9-10 years old and my grandmother had gotten sick and was admitted into the hospital. While there her colon burst and as a family decision my mother and her siblings decided that if my grandmother couldn't breathe on her own that they would just let her go so she wouldn't suffer. Well that day came, and the doctors took her off of life support and she passed away. About a day or so after she passed I was sitting in my mothers room watching TV, her room was right off of our living room and right across from my room. While watching TV I saw a very bright lighted figure in my peripheral, when I looked over there was a figure the shape of a human but it was all light. The figure walked past my mother's room and directly into my room. For a second I dismissed what I saw as grief and that my mind was making things up but as a kid and knowing my grandmother just passed I asked my mother to go in my room and check it out. When she returned she said that it was nothing there. So again I dismissed what I saw and chalked it up to my mind playing tricks on me. That night I didn't want to sleep in my room so my little brother had bunk beds in his room so I slept on the top bunk. That night I had a dream, I can't remember what I was dreaming about but that bright lighted figure popped up and was in the dream. When I awoke the next morning I was reflecting on the dream and the figure I saw the day before. We slept with the bedroom door open that night and my brother's room was right off of the kitchen and the bathroom, at that time my mother was in the kitchen. That day I was being a little lazy and didn't get up right away, I just laid there for a few. Well I looked outside of my brother's bedroom door and what did I see? The same lighted figure walked past his door and into the kitchen with my mother! I yelled out to her and asked her if she saw it this time, and she had the same answer that she didn't see anything. That tripped me out because this time it actually walked into the same room she was in. She then told me that she thought that was my grandmother showing up to let us know that she was ok. I truly believe that that was her. After that last time I have NEVER had another paranormal experience.

Hope you've enjoyed!

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anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-13)
Sounds like your grandma came to greet you, yes.
Perhaps your grandma knew George, and took him with her when se left...
gemini414 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-13)
Yes, I defintely believe that was my grandmother just letting us know it was going to be ok! As far as George, I still have no answers on where he came from and where he went.

Smelly socks? I bet that's a great story to hear! 😁
Argette (guest)
13 years ago (2011-12-12)
Gemini,your family sounds a lot like mine. We would have called out ghost George, too, had we not suspected it was a female.

So many of these types of events happen soon after the death of a loved one or family member. You have to believe it's the loved one letting your know he or she is OK.

My mother claims my father showed up in the form of smelly socks. Go figure!

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