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My Last Encounters With The Dark Shadow


2011: Fatehabad Road: Agra: UP, India

My third and last incident! Right or maybe I was wrong! After few harrowing experiences with the "Paranormal", I was tired by this time. I thought my internship time in Agra would be amazing. I would be away from that spooky hostel of mine. No! But I wouldn't get any break right. I could not tell a single soul what I was going through. I was an atheist. I never prayed to god. But this last incident broke something inside me. The storm was beginning and I couldn't have known what was about to happen, will bring a new transformation inside me.

When I initially moved to Agra, I took a room in a Paying Guesthouse with the help of my dad. It was a comfortable place. I was away from my parents and far, to be precise 200 plus kilometers away from Delhi.

Initially I used to miss my parents but I enjoyed being myself. The freedom, the lack of curfew, the night walks with my friends, looking at the Taj Mahal at a closer proximity. Agra brought sense of responsibility yet fun, lots of learning and new friends for me. Besides that one spooky incidence in that presidential suite of my hotel, I used to enjoy most of the days. But who knew! This time the entity would straight follow me and knock directly at my door literally.

After two weeks of spending my time in PG, I realized it was way more expensive and thanks to my friends and colleagues, I got a rented house with only one level and a terrace. I moved there within three weeks of moving to Agra. So in my first month itself, I got busy shifting everything over with help of my three new friends who also worked in the same hotel. Two of those girls were permanent employees and were working in the hotel for past couple of years. I with my friend, Nandini (name changed) who also came for her internship during the same time, moved to this house.

Everything was fine yet weird. The uncle who gave this house for rent, used to live one lane away from us in the same residential colony. First the rent was quite affordable, yet the uncle never increased it which he could have since there were four of us. No lease was signed but just a hand written agreement stating the number of days we would stay.

Secondly he gave us weird restrictions to follow within a secured colony. We were not supposed to walk on the terrace above at all especially at evening. Furthermore, if we were there even by mistake, we have to be downstairs by 6PM. We were not supposed to walk in the lane right in front of our house at night. We were not supposed to be at home just by ourselves. There always had to be two people at least at a time. Yes you heard that correct! Out of 4 of us, two need to be at home. The house cannot be left empty at all. He couldn't see the irony of this situation that he gave us hotel professionals and students the house on rent. I guess money trumps over spirits in his case! Plus he never disclosed the fact to us at the beginning that the house was empty from more than a decade.

This was like a typical Bollywood horror movie premise, but only in our case it was actually horrifying. Let me just explain you the layout of the home. At the entrance there's a small cream coloured gate. After opening it, if you walk and take a slight left turn, you get onto the few stairs and then get into the main door of our house. After getting inside the home, you get into this large living room and you can see both the doors of the two bedrooms standing from the main door of the house itself. The door to the left side bedroom led to a smaller room with an attached bathroom. The second bedroom was larger in size plus also had access to an open space, where you could dry off your clothes. It was directly facing the east direction so the second room would always be much warmer. I remember spending more time in the second smaller room due to this reason. Even my friend, Nandini would spend more time here due to this. The other room had Yamini and Shweta (names changed) sleeping mostly. None of us believed in ghosts and paranormal. But we all agreed to that the house had some history behind it and a certain vibe was there.

Initially we used to ignore the random occurrences of things being displaced from one place to another. We never paid attention to the footsteps, we all four could hear sometime in that open space. We, all somewhere down thought it must be either our ears ringing or due to echo. Our house was sandwiched between two larger houses, the first house being three storied and the later one, four levels. So I always thought that maybe those footsteps, walking sound, and the chappal sounds could be due to our neighbours. There is a stronger possibility of that actually happening. But what about those encounters or weird incidences happening inside.

I remember this eerie incident just like it happened with me few moments ago. I was speaking to my cousin sis on my mobile while taking a walk on my terrace around evening at 6ish. Yes! I was breaking one of the golden rules. But I never realized that, nor was I doing it on purpose. I used to pretty much walk or spend time reading in the terrace during my day offs. Uncle never said we couldn't be on terrace at daytime. So I pretty much took advantage of that. I loved being on terrace especially on those days when it used to rain sporadically but very lightly. Or if the weather used to be good, I remember sitting on the edge of one of the corners of the terrace. I felt someone's gaze out of nowhere. I look around me and see nothing. Then I realized my house is between two giant houses. I looked at the top and see this man gazing at me directly from the home which was three storied and was on left side of our home. Upon getting caught looking at me, he removed his gaze and went away. I could hear him after few minutes speaking on his phone softly. Of course, I couldn't hear his conversation but that soft constant mumbling was there.

My attention was getting diverted from my cousin's constant chattering. She kept on saying that "Tanya! Tu sun nahi rahi hai na meri baatein ab! Tera dhyan kahi or jaraha hai na" (Tanya! You are not listening to me anymore. Your attention is somewhere else, right?!). I quickly apologized to her and said that this time I would do so. She started giggling as usual just like her normal cheery self. This time, I felt that mumbling of my neighbour was gone. The air was still. The leaves and trees, which should move or rustle, were not doing so. I felt more aware of my attention being on her. It was getting darker now, being almost 7:00PM. I was feeling bit tired out of nowhere, although it was my day off and I was at home only. I kept on talking to her and felt more heaviness, light headed and could sense my migraine is approaching. I tried to focus on my cousin's non sensible chattering and giggles, without even realizing that she was the only one who was keeping me sane at this point. I was getting this heavy emotion of being under constant scrutiny of someone. This time, I looked back to the left towards the house to see if my neighbour is again checking me out. He wasn't there. No one was there. I turned back my head and could see my landlord uncle's home.

I remember again getting this feeling of being under someone's gaze when through my peripheral vision, I saw a very dark shadow. Just a shadow entity sitting at the end of the terrace diagonally right across from me and thankfully the terrace being larger, there was lot of space. The most striking part of the entity was its background. The light from the larger bedroom downstairs was reflecting upon the open space. It could be seen right at the back of this shadow figure. So I could see the red and grey stoned bricks of the open space extended towards the terrace at the background. This figure's head was towards down but in a titled way where one part of its "head or face" was facing towards me as if looking at me in a curious manner.

You all must have heard about never to respond back if someone takes your name or approaches you at night from behind. That's what I did. I ignored but that presence was not just ready to leave me. I felt again that soft breeze of air near my left temple of my head. I still remember the sweat falling from the back of the neck towards the lower spine of my back. My face was shivering with sweaty forehead and I felt a soft blow of air right behind at the back of my neck as if someone is standing behind me. I remember being tight lipped on the phone and just nodding to whatever my cousin was chitchatting about. Then finally I saw the black entity or figure getting slowly up. I still remember seeing it with my head slightly turned towards the door of the terrace on the right side of our rental house. For the first time ever in my life, I saw it gliding towards me. It knew that I finally realized that it exists and BELIEVE IN ITS EXISTENCE. It approached me so fast that suddenly I realized my roommate, Yamini was taking my name from downstairs for a long time and every sound of my surrounding came finally. I could hear everything suddenly and I ran out of the door of the terrace.

Worst part is I felt its touch. While running, I didn't realize I was directly on its path, since the entity was closer to the door to the stairs leading to ground level. I felt that drop of temperature and its touch on my left arm. I remember seeing Yamini downstairs, her scolding and reminding me to not go to the terrace. I still remember the landlord uncle coming to our home right away and harshly rebuking me for being upstairs. He clearly said that not to be upstairs on the terrace as you girls live alone here and I don't want any guys to be aware about that. I didn't said a word that night and had my dinner.

Weirdest thing is feeling the presence of that entity in that hotel's presidential suite I already mentioned. I could feel it following me around inside the house from a distance in the presence of those girls. The last incident of this horrifying presence was rattling. It was even scarier because this time, someone else also felt it.

This day I came from my bakery morning duties at around 5PM. I clearly still remember reading my storybook and going to bed around 10ish at night. I got a call from my friend, Nandini telling me to not fall asleep until 11:30PM. He shift was about to get over that time. So I said okay and got into the larger bedroom. One of our other roommate, Yamini was on night shift on this particular night and fourth girl left the house few days ago after she had a large argument with Yamini. So I was home alone.

I was trying not to fall asleep. So I got on my mobile and my friend, Nandini came a bit late, almost 12AM. She literally ran inside the room after coming to home. My friend was followed by some drunkards on a bike while coming to home after she got dropped from the staff shuttle provided by the hotel. She got freshened up and came beside me to sleep. She was so scared and I was sad to see her in such a state. That day it rained quite hard and I remember our room getting a bit more humid at night. We kept the doors of our room open. Our nightmare started between 00:15 - 1:30AM...

A pure one and half hours of our nightmare... I still remember time because I was listening to music to sooth my nerves and my friend was also bit shaken up. We kept a note of the time when I was just finally feeling drowsy. My friend shook my right arm and asked me "Can you hear that?" Someone was scratching the door to our home. Like literally scratching instead of knocking. The scratches came every couple of minutes. It was light scratching at the beginning. Then that scratching turned to hard scratches. Out of fear, I asked her softly "Are those monkeys"? I just spoke those words, when I heard a large booming knocking noise on our door. We both got so scared, that we couldn't even gather our wits and get up to see from our living room window that if there was anyone right outside the door. But we couldn't because if we did, whosoever is knocking could look right at us. The large windows of the living room were made right beside the main door of the house.

But I asked my friend that whether one of us should check who it is and she, being a sassy girl said "ya do that! And when that person sees you going towards the door, they will come inside barging." I whispered harshly back "don't you want to know bahar kon hai (who's outside)!" I still said let me take a chance and she said okay but do not go by yourself. I must confess one thing. She was a damn loyal roomie and friend to me. She always took care of me like an elder sister. She walked very slowly and without even moving the makeshift curtain over the windows, went at the far end right corner of those windows. She looked outside and moved back to the room. Let me tell you one thing though. During all this time, the knocking on the door never stopped. NOT FOR A SINGLE MOMENT! I whispered back if there's anyone outside and right on that moment, the knocking just started harder and harder. It just looked like one of those moments of Bollywood horror movie where someone knocks harder on doors and the lead characters keep on looking without even opening the damn door!

She pushed me on the mattress on the ground and put her palm on my mouth. She whispered softly to my ear that there is not a single soul outside our door. Whatever it is, knows we are inside and can hear us. The banging on our door kept on happening for next full 10 minutes but it seemed so long to us. Out of nowhere the noise stopped. But at the next moment, we could hear it clearly getting onto the stairs leading to the terrace above. We both could hear the footsteps clanging noise on the stairs as it went upstairs. "Thung, thung,thung, thung, thung, thung...Thhhaaaa"

Well the thing is that the stairs were iron made. So one can clearly hear if any of us people went upstairs even if you went barefoot. That last noise was of it opening and closing the door of the terrace so quickly that the both the noises got combined together. After that the noise of footsteps, of this bootstrapped noise kept on going for next I don't know until 1:30AM. There was walking, then someone dragging something from one side to another, scratching and some inhuman screams. I had never heard such inhumane noises which were emanating that night from our terrace. I was so scared that I got sweat all over my body and told my roomie, I can't sleep like this. Even she wasn't feeling good about it. When I asked her about if she believed in spirits at that point specifically, even before she was about to reply back.

It was when the scratches started in the walls of our room, when we realized or rather I realized this is something not human. This is something really evil and has evil intentions towards us. The inhuman jeers along with the scratches in our walls, like we could feel it, I knew our home is residing to something negative which I had already faced in an incident before in this house. She whispered whether we should call landlord uncle.

At this point I was ready to run outside and curse the spirit above to hell! I started having this intense pain at the center of my forehead and asked her to do it. My friend called him up multiple times. Upon reaching him on umpteenth time, she asked him to come quickly and check the terrace as there are lot of noises happening above.

He came along with his son and couple of his neighbours too within 15 minutes. I guess he believed in safety in numbers motto. But those 15 minutes waiting period were not good. Although I was scared, but less, since I knew this time at least there was someone with me. Those knocking, jeers, and scratches kept happening and increased to another level. I closed my eyes and ears and tightly was holding my friend's arm in fear. At some point I knew that entity was inside with me that time in the room. I felt it beside me trying to touch and come closer to me. I remember finally having tears dropped down my cheeks. In those two years of facing such close encounters with it, I finally felt myself breaking down. My friend brought her arm around me and hugged me tight. She knew that her own beliefs were also kind of shattering at that point. She said nothing is there and you are right here with me. Nothing will happen. Believe in whatever god you believe in. At that point I realized, I don't believe in god. But I believe that my parents' blessings will always protect me. I felt a calmness inside me after a long time. Despite the entity in such closer distance, I felt safe and protected. But one good thing came out of it. My friend and I, were not narrow minded. We just never closed our mind to other aspects of universe anymore.

I then realized the landlord guy came and his son went upstairs. My friend went upstairs along with them but she was standing on the landing of the stairs. So she didn't go to the terrace entirely.

She came back and then the landlord came back. Uncle told us that there's nothing there. It is all empty. He again gave us a reminder not to go upstairs ever and told us that he had tied a sacred thread at the knob of the door to the terrace and it's closed permanently for us. His family friend even blessed around the terrace and its stairs. The uncle then informed us that the house belonged to a Sardar guy who lives in Delhi but left this home due to some undisclosed reasons quickly after buying the home.

I remember me moving for the 3rd and last time to another house at the end of my short stint in Agra closer to the location where Taj Mahal is located. When we were busy packing our belongings, the owner came with his wife and introduced us. He told us to leave the house immediately in next few days as he is going to build a new house in the place of that older one. Then he informed us that the house brought lot of bad luck to his business and he is looking forward to give the house to a builder now. By the time, we were ready to move, he already brought number of labourers to start working on the house. The old stairs were already taken down by that time. He was that quick to give it away.

For all those, who are asking me, if I still am a non-believer then no...! I am not. But I am also not a blind believer of paranormal incidences. I only believe in what I experienced. I believe there are positive and negative vibes or energies around us. It is us, who need to open our eyes and not believe in everything we see. I am an agnostic and I question a lot of things around me. But yes! I had felt that entity years down the lane in a place where I would have never thought. I feel this thing knows how and when to rattle me. But I wasn't rattled this time. It amused me. Thank you for your patience and I hope you like to read my incidents. There's more coming from me in future... It won't be just about me anymore though...

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KaranSobti (3 posts)
2 years ago (2022-12-08)
Great Story! I really liked your style of narration and the story gave me goosebumps.
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-14)
Hey The_Lost_Voyage_11 Sorry for seeing this comment of yours so late. Today I came online and saw that you posted this year ago! I am really sorry for this late answer to your previous post. So as you asked in your earlier post here on this forum if I was having any issues or currently facing anything in present when those entities psychologically attacked me. Well tbh, yes I was going through anxiety, but that was also induced by these incidences. I was really shakened after I felt the entity inside the haunted guestroom. I was not able to sleep properly in the beginning and also because it was a new city and new people around me, It took me a long time to get my sleep cycle in proper time. But, but after I felt multiple presences inside the house one night, I could never sleep very well.
I don't think I ever mentioned this in any of my posts, but I ended up reciting prayers in the last two weeks before I was about to move out of that haunted home. It indeed became quite peaceful at the end. I could feel a change in the home and air around me.
You will be happy to know that though nothing weird or spooky had happened with me last few years except a sleep hag incident, but that was just one-off incidence.
nikhiljrn24 (1 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-14)
Looks like the thing just wanted to make you believe in it's powers and the thing itself.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-10)
Hello again TheSweetDevil23, good to hear from you and I'm glad you enjoyed my feedback and musings. To answer your questions, first about empty places attracting wandering spirits and the second about spirits attaching to people.

I don't believe nor have I ever heard of an empty building suddenly becoming haunted on it's own. Usually an abandoned place is, well abandoned because something happened there. Either an incident like a murder or the previous occupants having some sort of paranormal encounter (due to some incident in the homes history) and thus fled and the place gains a reputation, so no one will stay there. Usually a haunted place or even an empty house or building already has a resident spirit there for some reason or another.

Having said that, I have heard and read of normal 'unhaunted' dwellings and abandoned buildings becoming haunted or spirits suddenly taking up residence there following a Ouija board session. In those cases a session creates an energetic invitation to any wandering spirits and draws them in. Usually the session isn't closed properly and the spirits sent on their way, so they remain. Once that door/portal or energetic space/invitation is left open then yes, other spirits can come in.

That's the only way I know of where any spirits have suddenly taken up residence inside a building if they weren't there already.

In your case there's some indication that the owner left the building due to something already being there, especially since he wouldn't elaborate on the house's history, was eager to sell it to be knocked down and rebuilt and all those strict rules you girls had to follow, more or less to reduce the chances of a supernatural encounter, so it seems there was already something there.

As for your other question, yes, I know of cases where entities can become attached to people for some time. People can be haunted just like buildings can. Usually it's like the ghost of a lost loved one or an entity that becomes attached because there's some sort of energetic compatibility and therefore a sort of companionship for lack of a better word. An example is a sad, depressed or angry person would attract an entity with the same emotions. The entity or spirit recognizes the emotions/energy from the person and kind of sticks around, misery likes company is the phrase. The person could have problems setting boundaries in life and that's how these things become attached. There are many ways to clear such an entity if this is the case.

Are you having such an issue currently, or did you leave these things behind? Hopefully this brings some clarity to your questions? Let me know? Good luck!
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-10)
Hey The_Lost_Voyage_11 Good to see you again here reading my encounters. Firstly thanks for being so grateful to us writers here and giving us your fresh thoughts and pointers. Now going to your questions.
Answer to your first question would be both yes and no. My first incident in Agra started with the terrace one and then this encounter with the hotel suite's presence. So it was kind of one of those beginning incidences.
Secondly I never knew about opportune entities. Infact I am hearong about this from you today for the first time but it does explain what all we experienced. I feel the hotel must have tried to cover up the story infront of its guests for avoiding any rumours and gossips but ofcourse, as housekeeping crew, nothing goes away from their eyes. Infact after such horrifying incident, they must have been the ones to clean the entire spot after the investigations were done. So hearing such stories directly from them was scary. I didn't wanted to hear that there was some history and too bloody ones behind it. To hear something like that straight from housekeeping guys was an eyeopener to such harsh reality as well.
Also to your second question, No. I don't think the landlord uncle or even the owner himself had any connection. All I knew about that house was being empty for a long time... Enough for maybe a lingering spirit to make it as thier home?
That could be another possiblity maybe. This thought just came now while writing my reponse to you.
Now I have some questions for you. Do you think such entities could exist where they could be attracted by such abandoned or empty places? Also is there a possibility that some entities can get attached to a person for a long time? Please let me know. I am really curious about this.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-07)
Hello TheSweetDevil23, another great story. Boy this was was certainly nerve rattling, thanks for sharing. I wouldn't be surprised if the entity you encountered at the hotel put in an appearance here, but I don't believe it's the primary paranormal force here. There was an energy already in that home. The main reason being is that from what you stated, something was already there prior to you moving in.

The landlord and owners knew more than they were telling, that seems pretty obvious. The bizarre rules about the terrace and the number of people in the home at any time, not being on the street outside, unusual house rules to say the least. Plus there's the owners abrupt departure and his refusal to elaborate on the place's history not to mention his hasty attempt to relinquish the place for a new home to be built in its place. Of course some of this took place before you moved there. Did you encounter the entity at the hotel while you were living in this home and prior to the main incidences you mention in this story?

Since a few of the other girls worked at this same hotel, it may not have been you it attached too, but it seems some sort of force was present for sure. There was something there before you girls moved in and whatever it was seemed to feed on negative energy. It's encounter with you both that night, was directed at inspiring fear in both of you and as your fear grew it got stronger and it continued to provoke that fear until help arrived. It sounded like that's what it was also doing the night you encountered it on the terrace.

If it was the entity at the hotel and it liked negative energy, then the residual energy as well as any entities at the house you stayed in would have been pretty compatible. It may have been responsible for the murder you mentioned in the hotel, since it inspires the negative energy to feed on. In your case fear, making you more afraid to feed it, but anger in the case of the murderer, making him even angrier (assuming the murderer was the husband who was abusive)

The entity at the hotel could have been at both places, since most of you staying at the house had a work connection with the same hotel. Had either of the other girls ever worked in the same presidential suite? The house already had a heavier energy to it, so it would have been like a second home to this entity. However it used the energy of the home to manifest and then inspired negative energy in order to feed off from, like the fear from you and your friend. It may have even started the fight you mentioned between Yamini and Shwetaand and been the reason one of them left the house afterwards.

I would venture a guess that this entity needs people and their negative emotions in order to exist and so a fancy room in a hotel that remains empty most of the time does not a good meal make. It's an opportune entity and uses the residual energy of a location to move around, places where some sort of emotional event happened. Something happened at the house you stayed at and I'm willing to bet in that hotel, particularly the Presidential Suite, even before the murder. It probably followed one of you girls and made it self at home because the energy in the home was compatible. It also explains why you felt the same way as you did at the hotel.

These are my musings, do you know if the owner of the house and the the landlord/uncle had any connections to the hotel you worked in? Hopefully what I said makes sense. There was an energy to the places you stayed and worked in even before you got there. Whatever this entity was, it used that energy and then whatever negative emotions it could glean from people and then fuel those emotions in them to produce more, more fear, more anger. I'm still mulling it over as it seems pretty incredible and there still seems to be some missing details. It was your encounter and if you feel it was the same entity then it probably was. In any case I would be most curious to hear about the encounter you mentioned in your comments that you have yet to write about in this same residence. Good luck!
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-07)
Hi Fnaffan_jaylen

This incident happened a decade ago. I had moved away from that place and had even moved on as well. Of course, I had some questions regarding it that time, but now I am not curious about that place anymore.
Thanks for reading my story.
Fnaffan_jaylen (1 stories) (4 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-04)
I find this very creepy. I'm not sure what to say besides do some research on the house you guys stayed at.😕

Sorry I can't be a better help,
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-02)
To Rajine

We also thought the same that the door would kneel in time. My friend, before this just like me was a skeptic. Even after incident, we were hesitant to believe in it. But those inhumane screams were just too much to bear for us. I remember next morning she said that not to tell about this to our 3rd roomie. That girl was already going through a tough phase as she just came back from the tehrvi of her father.
On top of it, even before this incident, I already had a close encounter by myself with this entity in that home. I will talk about it in another chapter.
The reason I felt that it was the same negative energy is because it always made me feel the same. The psychological and spiritual effect on me was the same. It was angry about something and always came close to me and approached me the same way. I used to end up with this crashing pain in the centre of my forehead and it always blew this soft air either into my ears, neck and came close to hurt me in that hotel suite by strangling me. I feel it latched onto me after that hostel incidences.
I could be wrong. It could be another entity. Let me know what you think. There could be other explanations as well.
As for the house's history, we were already beyond the point to just leave the home behind especially me and my friend. Yamini never felt anything though she did realised there was something weird about the home. So we never had the inclination to search its history. Whenever we tried to ask anything more about it to the landlord, he just used to get mean and rude to us. So even we dropped the matter. Plus we were ready to leave the place in few days. I was just an intern right. So I knew that I will be leaving this place in few days.
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-01)
Hi TheSweetDevil23

That certainly is the making of a horror movie, I was expecting the door to come crashing in at one point, what I would really like to know is the history of that house you and your friends stayed in, and why do you feel that whatever you experienced in the hotel suite followed?

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