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Black Cat


These strange sightings happened 2 years ago in the living room...

*Few years ago I had a black cat named Salem but I called him Boochucky lol. He ran away after I had him for 2 years and I never had a cat since.

One day running down the stairs at a glance I saw a black cat sitting in the living room but bigger than normal cats so I did a double look and it was gone and did not think anything of it. Then I saw it again the next day when I was coming from the kitchen, except this time it didn't vanish when I looked straight at it! It was sitting again and looking at the stairs and it was like three times the height of a normal house cat and then it went behind the sofa it was sitting next to and I didn't check, I just stood there and said "oh well". It did not look like the black cat I had, it's eyes were not there it seem.

Every day for 7 days I saw this cat same place and I just figured I am seeing things and let it go until the sixth day my mother was coming from the kitchen and said "I'm sure I just see a black cat there"... Pointing to the living room! That's when I said ok then I was not seeing things. Oh! I was in the kitchen when she said that.

Later that day running down the stairs I tried to stop myself from running on what looked like the black cat curled up sleeping on the last stairs but after stumbling it was not there and I quietly said "kitty you trying to get yourself killed or me?". I always saw it in the day time and started to get fed up of seeing it.

Next night I had my Chinese food, plopped myself in the sofa the cat is usually next to and about to watch TV and eat. I was about to pull my legs up on the sofa when I saw the cat again walking along coming towards my feet and it happened so fast... I pulled my legs up and just looked down and watched it pass and go behind the sofa! The body was long and looked fine and my jaw dropped to be so close to it.

That's when it got real for me. I peeped behind and saw nothing and I bounced up and went online to see if I can find anything on why I keep seeing this cat. I got no clear answers since some say it was protection and some said evil.

I did not see it back since until earlier this year while watching TV in the living room, which is on a stand, I saw under the stand a black cat with white bright shining eyes, yes shining eyes, looking at me and was there for a few seconds... Very clear and looked real. I am so accustomed to paranormal things that I just mentioned it to my brother and let it go.

I wish I knew why I was seeing it though.

Thanks for reading. I have many more to write but I am busy or lazy to do so:)

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-02)
I don't know why people assume that a black cat is evil, especially since it hasn't done anything evil. Perhaps this cat is your spirit animal and is your protector.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2923 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-30)
Did you see a cat that's almost the size of a panther (or, at least, the size of a bobcat) and just shrugged it off? Wow!
I would had run out of the house and call the conservation officers!

Thanks for sharing.

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