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This story I'm about to share with you is a true story and it's about a frightening experience that happened to me and my friends as a result of a séance.

About 3 years ago, my best friend Monique had called me one night in October and asked me to go to her grandparents' house where she use to live. It's just a couple of blocks away from my house so I went walking at night. When I got there, we started drinking a few beers. Then her older sister came and sat down with us outside on the porch and started talking about a séance they both did with their cousin at his trailer and how freaked out they were that night.

After talking about it for awhile, Monique's sister took out her phone and told me about a few recordings they got on the phone. Well, on the phone there's like 4-5 recordings from that night, right after the séance. Monique had just gotten home when her cousin Jesse called her all freaking out, crying and saying "Monique, help me! He's not leaving me alone! He is right next to me! I can't see him but I can feel him besides me!" At the same time, Monique was hearing this demonic voice. It was like a growling voice, but only she could hear it but not her cousin!

One of the disturbing recording was one where Monique said "Leave him alone, get away from him!" and it actually answered her and you could hear it say in a demonic growling voice NOOOOOOOOOO! (At the same time you could hear her cousin still freaking out.) It was very scary. I literally almost crapped in my pants when I heard it. No lie! Nobody believes us about this. They say that they somehow made this recording up. It's not made up. It's real!

A couple of days later, I went back to her grandma's house. She had invited me to watch a new TV show called Paranormal Lab and through all this time we both had this feeling of uneasiness. We didn't know why. We ended up going to her bedroom and closed the door and watched the show there, but then she got a call from one of her friends so she stepped out outside to go meet her friend. But I felt very uneasy by myself so I went and waited in the living room when suddenly she started yelling at me "Hey, that's not funny! Open the door! Why did you lock it?" And I was like, "What are you talking about? I haven't even touched the door!" So when I went to open the door, the latch was turned all the way. It somehow locked itself but the only way to do so is to lock it inside the house, but I was the only one there inside at the time! Then, we heard like weird noises on the roof. We didn't know what it was, so we both freaked out and went outside to wait for her friend to get there.

About a week later the movie Paranormal Activity came out on theaters so my friend and I went to go see it. After we watched the movie we went to her cousin's trailer house and my friend thought it would be a great time to do a séance. However, I did not want no part in it at all, but my friend and her cousin still did it.

We sat in the kitchen table (my friend, her two cousins, and I). Her sister was there too, but she was with her kids laying down in the living room. So my friend and her cousin (just those two) started the séance. They lit a candle, turned the lights off and began. I was already praying at this point. I am not going to get into details of how they did the séance, but I will say that when he was saying or reciting whatever he was doing, the candle would go dimmer and dimmer and dimmer and then it would light up again. I was freaking out! Then when they finished, they turned the light on and hell broke loose!

Both of them started crying uncontrollably and literally jumped out of their chairs and started running back and forth and saying things like "Get away from me! Leave us alone!" Then her cousin said that they both have to read the lines they read in order to send it back and close it out, but she just would not do it. She started crying hysterically, but her cousin read the lines by himself and he went back to normal, but Monique was just crying uncontrollably! Her sister had to get up and try to calm her down. I got a bottle of Holy Water that they had and I started throwing it around her and at her and after a while she calmed down.

I went home praying that night because I was so shaken up from what I had just witnessed. My friend Monique told me a few days later that she would still see things, but thank God she is doing a lot better now.

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mysterio520 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-07)
[at] Girty16,

A Ouija bord was not used, what they did was that they lit up a candle and they cut the point of one of ttheir finger tip with a sharp razor and let drip a little bit of blood on the candle then they both resided a verse from a book which I don't remember what book it was. Is this black magic? I don't know.
Girty16 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-18)
if you used a Ouija board then I'm not surprised she started seeing things.😐

Dark magic should only be used by people who know how to control it shes lucky to not have been phsyicaly harmed you should contact a physic. 😐 😐
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-15)

While I do not doubt these events happened, I do question the 'paranormal' aspect of them.

There is not a single event you have related that can not be explained by 'natural causes'...with the exception of one... The door locking behind your friend... If she didn't lock it and you didn't lock it then this is an unusual event...

Are there any more details you could provide that may help verify the nature of the other events you have described?



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