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Spirit In My Condo


I think there is a spirit that is a resident of my condo or is either attached to me or my mom. My parents separated a few months ago and my mother and I moved into this nice waterfront condo that is part of a small community (not a large condo complex). My parents have been very dysfunctional the past few years and there have been a lot of emotions in my family.

Soon after we moved out, we got a toy Australian Shepherd puppy named Tinkerbelle (aka Tink). Tink is a playful puppy, extremely loving, only trusts a few people, and quiet. Lately, I've been noticing when I spend time with Tink petting her or playing with her, she will stop what she is doing and stare at a corner or glance at the ceiling (obviously nothing there). I first realized this when my fiancé and I were sitting on the couch in the living room, watching television, Tink was on my fiancé's lap paying attention to us, then she kept her eyes in the corner of the living room for a couple of minutes. We would keep petting her but she would continually stare at the corner. She then would look up at the ceiling and rotated her head to look at something (as if she was trying to find a fly, but I didn't see any).

Another night, we were doing the same thing, watching a movie on the couch. Tink was next to me, on the end of the couch closest to the dining room and kitchen. She put her front paws on the arm rest of the couch and was paying attention to something in the kitchen. I didn't think much of it since Tink gets excited when my mom gets home (probably listening for her) but then I heard one of my kitchen cabinet doors move as if someone tried to open it but it closed back. After a few minutes, I got brave enough to go investigate. I opened every single cabinet to see if something probably fell and hit the door, but nothing did.

One day I was playing with Tink in the hallway up stairs. We were having a lot of fun playing fetch and tug o war. When we were playing a game of tug o war, Tink just randomly stopped, left the toy on the ground, and started to stare at the ceiling. After a few moments, her glance went from the ceiling all the way down the wall then next to where I was sitting. It was awkward and I scooted over a tad (LOL). We then began playing again and I guess if it were a spirit that it just likes to be part of the group.

I have sat at my computer desk in my room and Tink will occasionally come in my room to see what I am up to and to get attention. One day she came in my room and greeted me then focused her attention to the ceiling slightly above me for a few moments and got bored then walked out. On a different day, I was eating breakfast in the dining room (by myself) and Tink will usually leave me alone and do her own thing. But this time she was by the wall farthest away from the dining table and was staring at me quite fascinated while I ate my cereal. At first I thought she wanted to beg for a snack but then her stare went up to the chandelier on the ceiling then down the wall close to me. She then got up from lying down, turned her head, and kind of pointed her paw like she was trying to get a better understanding of something but quickly relaxed.

I'm just curious if this spirit is one who lives in the condos or is a guardian angel or a spirit attached to me or my mother? I haven't had any close friends die and my only relatives have been great grandparents and a grandfather that have passed, but I didn't feel very close to them when they were alive. When I was nine I did encounter a spirit, but I'm not sure that this is the same one since the first spirit made a lot of noise and would open doors (read my first story). This spirit in my condo just seems peaceful, quiet, curious, and observant. In the previous house we lived in, my dad's dog never reacted to anything (quite hyper with short attention span) and I don't think she would've cared nor been fascinated if a spirit was present. But since I've been noticing one with my mom's dog, I realized it is possible there could have been one at the old house since I had a marble unicorn on my jewelry box and every other day it would be rotated facing the opposite direction. This marble unicorn is very slender and if I were to accidentally bump my dresser or pull the drawers from my jewelry box too hard, the unicorn would just fall over, so I don't understand how it could rotate itself (it's heavy too).

My mom doesn't seem as fascinated with spirits as I am, but she seems very open minded about what is possible. I was talking to her about my experience when I was nine and had my ghost encounter, which she thought was strange. She then began to tell me how, in one of our old houses, when she was asleep she often got a feeling that someone was standing over her, peering down on her as she sleeps. She said she also felt a breeze on her as if someone walked by the bed really fast, yet she would see no one.

These are just my observations so far, I am kind of ambivalent about spirits. I am curious and fascinated with spirits but I don't want to get too in depth with knowing every time when one is around or even meeting bad spirits. I think it would be neat to learn and understand the truth but I don't want to get to the point where it interferes with my daily life. I also don't claim to be psychic or see the spirits, the only way I know they are there is by observing my dogs or happening to be at the right time and place to hear them opening doors.

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huendchen (49 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-18)
You think just because a dog looks at the ceiling, there's a spirit present? You need more solid evidence than that.
Ferrarigirl (2 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-17)
Thanks for the comment, Brian.:)

I will try to get a picture or video of it, but it happens when I don't have my camera/phone next to me (eating breakfast or playing with my dog). My intuition tells me that this spirit just likes to watch things, not really interact. When I was nine years old (read my other story) a long time ago, I had a spirit make footsteps down stairs, open a door half way, then when it noticed I knew it was there it got upset, slammed the door (I saw NO hand or anything), and ran for its life up the stairs - never heard from it since. So I am curious if my new puppy is seeing the same spirit or a different spirit?

The events have been at different times of day and in different rooms. I think the spirit just comes around when it feels like it, it has 7 other condos to choose from when it gets bored. Also, my dog is the quiet type, she hardly barks at all (she has pointed once). I've just NEVER known a dog that would stare at the ceiling then drift their sight down the wall on multiple occasions (as if something quickly crawling down it). It just creeps me out that whatever it is always goes next to me, but I don't feel threatened.

It does interest me to find the history of my condo, but it seems somewhat new or updated at least. I don't get a vibe that anything bad has happened here. Hopefully I can get to researching that sometime. I am also hesitant to try contacting the spirit, because I don't want to get it too attached to me or to where it would affect my daily life. I actually have insomnia a lot (I think too much before bed) and had a couple of dreams with a spirit in them.

In one dream I woke up (in my dream) to see a spirit taking clothes out of my closet then as it saw me wake up it dropped everything. I actually don't see anything; the spirit is just thin air to me.

The second time I was trying to get to sleep and I kept hearing a tapping noise. In my head I was wondering what it was or even if it was a spirit, then out of the blue, a deep masculine voice in my thoughts, jokingly says "What did you think it was?" I find it quite odd cause when I think in my head, it always sounds like my voice (you might think I'm crazy) and to have a deep male voice really startled me.

I woke up and told myself it was just a dream so I tried to go back to sleep. Then as I was trying to fall back asleep, in my head I said "What's your name?" then instantly, I heard the name "Alex," in a soft male voice. After that, it took me HOURS to fall back a sleep, I was amazed and freaked out at the same time. I have not tried to talk to it or heard from it again. I also do not have any close friends or individuals I encounter regularly named Alex.

I bet a lot of people reading this think I'm a nut or I'm schizophrenic, but I promise I'm not!
BrianD (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-16)
Hey Ferrarigirl,
From my observations of this story I cannot say whether or not there is anything in the condo, if your dog is not going on Point or growling usually what ever it is doing isn't detecting a spirit.
But I said usually.

First tip is to try to pay more attention. It may not be revealing itself to you. Pay attention to what time these things are happening. Are they occuring in the same spot of the room each time. You want to narrow it down and see if there is a repeating event.

Also, go to your local library that keeps county records. Ask for the one on properties. Look up your condo and see if there has been a recent trend of sales. Usually a good indicator that is something going on is if the place has been sold many times within a short amount of time. IE 3x over 10 years is usually a good start.I've found properties that have been sold 3 times over 5 years. These places end up being haunted by something or someone. Also if you have an IPhone 4 or 4S use the recorder when Tink is acting like this and ask questions. "who is there" "is anyone here" "whats your name" "how long have you been here" etc. Try to give 10-15 seconds between each question. Once you have done this try to find a program called WavePad. This will allow you to slow down the play speed in between questions and catch voices. Some are not easily heard at normal play speed.

Try this out a few times and see what you get. If you get nothing after several attempts then it's probably nothing. If you get a voice coming back answer your questions then you have something.

What ever you do though do not feel sorry for it or tell to do something physical. Move a chair, w/e. That will give it permission to do things.

Best of luck and can't wait to hear back from you!

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