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Something Wrong Happening Since A Past Seance


I guess it's really weird. First off I'm sorry for my English, but I'm not from any of the English speaking countries, so it might be not perfect. I don't really know where to start from. I have been experience some weird stuff last few years.

First thing happened like long time ago to my sister and one of my friends. They were at my friends village and were walking close to the lake. There were sheep and a shepherd they wanted to catch with the camera but meanwhile they moved out of the picture and when they looked at it there were this scary ghost face (I still keep the picture). Both of them scared and get out of the spot. A friend of theirs saw the picture and said it looks like his dad who passed away drown on that lake while fishing.

I guess like 1 year later my grandfather passed away but couple of years nothing happened. After a while out of nothing my sister started having nightmares and screaming badly waking me up (we share the same room). I always tend to go switch the light on but she doesn't let me do. Its like I'm trying but shes pushing my hands off from the key, trying she gets it on still in shock. After she calmed down she said she saw something moving around bothering her. We all thought it was a dream and it all got back to normal.

A few months later same thing happened but we not at home. She started screaming again, after that on next morning she said she saw something again (she never wanted to give any specific information).

Well after the last time it passed like one year and it all happened (at home this time). The weird thing was I was sleeping but out of nothing I woke up without any reason. I was looking at the room in the dark and I saw a shadow next to the computer chair being close to the desk but I thought its just my imagination since I've just woke up. Few seconds later I heard my sister screaming again. I did switch the light on and it all got back to normal. We fall asleep and on the next morning I asked her what she have been dreaming and what scared her so much. All she says every time I ask her is that she saw shadows moving around. Well I asked her to tell me about that one she saw last time. It happened she saw the same moving thing around the chair as me. At first I thought it was my imagination but after she confirmed the same thing I just got it wasn't. We are sleeping with light on mostly.

Like 3 years nothing happened. But half a year ago or so I was close to fall asleep and suddenly there were weird thought in my head that something is frightening me. I saw, heard or felt nothing but that thought was really strong like someone is watching me or spying me. Like 1 month after that my mother passed away from cancer. Now its just me and my sister living together (my mother passed away at home so sometimes I'm a bit scared staying alone) even though the apartment has been cleaned with holy water with a priest after my mothers death (something like a ritual here after someone's death in family).

Well weirdest part comes here. On 9th this month I've been dreaming a weird dream. It was my mother which is dead involved in it with another boy but I don't remember anything else. A day later my best friend have been sleeping and something woke her up some noises on the wall and a feeling of being spied. She said she checked all the windows and weirdest thing has been that all the street was dark (usually tends to be light in more of the apartments during that time and the street light was off too). She checked the electricity and she said there was. Another thing she said was weird that night was that dogs in that part of her blocks were barking badly like there is something bad walking around (you know how dogs are acting when protecting someone's house) and the feeling of spying didn't stop.

3 days ago, a day after that with my best friend happened it was my turn to sense that feeling of being spied... I was sleeping, because I was really tired (was studying like the whole previous week for university exams) and there was something literally messing with my thought while sleeping. I could feel it but not see it. I woke up in panic and started walking around the room. My best fiend told me that during the same time I sensed that thing her dog were barking at their house (we are living not really that close from each other but else not too far).

Today I visited her and we spoke about it (that way I understood she was sensing something unusual at her place otherwise I didn't know) We called our 3rd friend (3 of us are really close, we are like sisters) and we asked her if everything have been fine with her last few days when she told us on the phone she haven't been sleeping too well and her mother have been dreaming a dead relative of theirs saying something will happen to my friend). We are a bit confused because it all happens to 3 of us during the 3 days. I have some ideas what could be wrong about me and one of the girls, but I don't see why this is happening with the 3rd of us.

It was perhaps 4 years ago as a stupid, curious teenagers we went to the cemetery and we picked some random people's names and made a fake desk (self made) and tried to make a seance but nothing happened then (since we were in an open area at late night). A park that not a lot of people are moving at night. An old woman show and started cursing at us for what we were doing. Well yes we were really curious then. But since then nothing happened until last 6 months when I felt that bad feeling and my mother passed away and the things happening last week. I can't see or hear anything but I can feel it spying me and watching me sometime. I don't know if its me being too paranoid or something wrong is happening to 3 of us.

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crystal1981 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-02)
from my experience people from other countries who use english as a second language usually have better punctuation and don't just skip random words here and there. I'm not saying your story is untrue but just that you shouldnt dramatise where you are from to make a point. So far I have seen many of Rooks reccomendations and I think you should trust in what he says. In the meanwhile be true to who you are.
C of Northern territory Australia.
hydria (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
[at] eunice well I don't know if it could be her. It happened like 4 years ago I guess and then nothing happened. Its just last 6 months starting to happen things.
[at] RandyR well I don't know if its the electricity, but the point is that my sister sees stuff even no electricity on (not always but it happened a few times she woke up this way) even when we were on a vacation. It happened for me to see this thing (if its something) just once that time I said close to the chair. It looked white and moving around on her side of the room (bed)
+ as I said never happened to see or feel something touching me or so other than that time. Its just I can feel something or someone is stearing at me and that bothers me when I'm on my own at home.
eunice (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
I agree with Lotus. You should apologize for playing with their names. Also, pray for their souls so that they will stop bothering you and for them to stay at peace.

Remember the old woman you told in your story, don't you think she has something to do with what's happening to the three of you? (Well, its just a guess but I'm not saying that shes the main cause of what your dealing right now.)
Lotus (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)
I agree with the comments about apology. I would all gather again where you attempted the seance and apologize, be humble, and then ask them to please leave you all in peace. Pray for their peace each night as well for a while. IF this does not stop soon after I would sprinkle a small amount of sea salt in the most east corner of each room in your homes while praying for purification of unwelcome spirits, INSISTING they leave you all alone!
Best of luck
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)
i think that you girls did anger something. I would apologize and tell them that you were wrong and that you will forever respect their peace and to please respect yours. They are picking on you and bothering you because that is what you did to them.

So apologize and be truthful. They will be able to tell if you aren't genuine
RandyR (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)

I read that you saw something next to the computer chair. So I guess that you have a computer in the room. Some electrical apparatus creates electromagnetic fields. This can make a person feel uneasy and paranoid. Sometimes also see stuff. I'm not saying that what you saw wasn't for real but this can be something to think about. If you can remove all electrical stuff from where you sleep and see if it gets any better.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)

It's hard to determine just what, if anything, may be happening to you and your two friends. I suggest keeping a Journal, not only you but your friends as well. This will help you determine just what may be happening and if there are 'natural' reasons for it or if it's something paranormal.

If you truly feel this is something negative I can provide a Cleansing / Shielding Method for you and your friends, it's yours for the asking.

Thank you for sharing these experiences with us and Welcome to YGS.



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