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Stationed At Fort Bragg


While we were stationed at Fort Bragg, we found all sorts of odd things happen to us while we lived there only over a year time. Right when we moved in our door would never stay open, even if the fan was off. We had a bottle of Patron. The top is a cork and my husband always made sure it was closed tightly. I couldn't even reach it. He went to get it one day and it was opened. The cork was laying next to it and he knows he closed it tightly.

I was left home alone a lot with only my infant daughter. I was cooking myself some food, it was starting to boil over so I thought I'd turn it down. When I finally got in the kitchen, the pasta was turned down already and stopped boiling over.

A few days later, every time we yelled at my deceased grandmother's dog we had a light that would blow out on us. Then nothing happened for months.

We got orders to a new base so we were starting to get things packed and not long after things started to happen again. I was in the living room and heard the microwave start and was so confused. I was the only adult home so I went by it and it read 0:00 and it was running. Freaked out, I unplugged it. Later that same day my T.V shut off and no one was touching the remote and it's a newer one as well.

A few days later my cat went crazy and would not go near this one spot in the dining room, which he had always walked over to get to the hallway. He got all puffed up and freaked out and then wouldn't move for an hour. The spot was near my daughter's room and that night her baby monitor kept going crazy and I went and changed the station. I tried every channel and it wouldn't stop.

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Aribella (2 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
Yea I know a lot of it could just be nothing still freaked me out because being an army wife your left home alone a lot. My cat freaking out put over the edge.
mysterPOO (63 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
Well,all the weird things happened in your house can't be said that is paranormal sorts of things. But if your cat was really freaked when it sees something somewhere near the table, then you had better check out that place...
Try speaking to whatever presence there... Hope you will be fine...mysterpoo... [smile!

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