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Dark And Light


It started in my bathroom. I used to have an irrational fear of bathrooms since I was a kid. I was always worried I would see some sort of ghoul in the mirror, but as I grew up this fear went away. So it shocked me when the following events took place.

I have to explain I live in an open plan house. When you walk in the front door there is the living room, to the right side of the living room is the dining room and the two smaller bedrooms on the left side is my room with an attached bathroom. Through the bathroom there is the laundry, toilet and kitchen.

After a long day of Adult Education classes (I had gone back to finish high school), I went to have a shower before bed. I walked to my room, opened the sliding door to the bathroom and turned on the light. As the globe lit up, it was still dark and I watched a dark black cloud-like mass that was covering the roof. I looked up at it and it silently but quickly vanished. It looked like it had been sucked up the air vent above the bathtub. I jumped and let out a little squeal but that was just from shock, but it did bring back all the memories of the fear I had of bathrooms.

One night I woke up and needed to pee quite badly. I got up but didn't turn on the light because I didn't want to wake up my partner. As I opened the door, a blue light shot past me and hovered in front of me for a second. It was like a blue pin prick in the darkness and didn't light up anything around it. The light was about 3 to 4 feet above the ground. I blinked a few times thinking my eyes where playing tricks on me but it was still there. The light seemed almost satisfied that I saw it and then shot off out the other bathroom door into the laundry. I walked in there and it was gone.

Another time I saw it was about 10 at night. I was sitting on the sofa with my partner watching TV and got up to get us a drink. I walked in to the kitchen and there it was hovering. It took off into the other entrance to the laundry then into the bathroom. I followed it. It zoomed around in a spiral, then back past me into the laundry where it vanished. It appeared almost daily after that, just floating around. It would float around my room. Once my partner even saw it as it floated around the living room. Then almost 3 weeks after it began it stopped.

I haven't seen the black cloud or the blue little lights to this day and have no idea what or even who they are.

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lissy86 (4 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-13)
thanks ILee those theories were rather intresting. As for fellings and events other then curious and a little startled at first I was rather calm seeing the light. Both the light and the dark cloud like thing occured in the lead up to a bad period in my life
ILee (1 stories) (91 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-12)
You don't really hear a lot of people talking about seeing different colored orbs often. Or at least I haven't. But there are different theories as to why an orb is a certain color.

For instance, the website below gives two different theories. One being the emotions projected by the orb.

This website below provides a chart of different meanings to the colored obs.

But really, I don't think there is a solid scientific definition as to what the blue orb means. Besides seeing it flying around a couple times, are there any other details you can provide such as the feeling you get when you see it? Or if you have noticed it only appearing during certain situations?
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-10)
Interesting story here, lissy86. At first I was going to say that the black cloud thing could've been your eyes adjusting to the light, but when you said about the blue pin prick light/orb I realised that it was not your eyes playing tricks on you. I wonder what the orb wanted, and why it was attached to you?
Love & Light, Rachel ❤

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