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My First New York Encounters


This encounter happened when I was very young, probably under 4-5. I don't remember, but my parents have told me about it more than once. When I was young, my family (parents and me) lived in an old house in central New York. When I was young, I claimed to be talking to a friend, but my parents just brushed it off as my imagination. His name was Michael. They told me they were startled when I described my friend as being really dark, darker than anyone I had ever seen. At this point in my life, I lived in a completely white environment, and had never encountered African-Americans. Come to find out, we had been living in the part of the house that was used to hide escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad. Nothing else happened because we moved soon after.

My next encounter, years later (I was around 8 or 9), we moved into my Great Grandmother's house. She had passed recently. I often got the feeling of being watched. My bedroom had a window that looked out on the front porch. Once, I got really frightened because I woke up in the middle of the night and felt cold. I looked out my window and saw a pale old woman pacing the front porch. I didn't see her clearly, but I'm sure it was my grandmother. This happened a few times a week for a couple of months.

After this, the only encounters I had in New York were of being pulled off of my bed in the middle of the night once or twice. After that we moved to North Carolina, where I currently reside.

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Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-15)
Hey Biggame88, that must have been quite creepy, feeling that you are being watched and then seeing a lady you haven't seen before in your house. I would have been scared to death because although these things interest me, I don't nessacarily (I spelled that wrong, right?) want to experience them. You must have felt honored to be able to see you grandmother although she is no longer going to reside in this world, right? I know I would have. Well, good luck

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