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Was It Mad At Me, Or Just Playing?


It was early in the morning, and the sun was barely up. I had woke up to a large sea shell in the bathroom crashing to the floor. It seemed to have been pulled off by something or someone, but my cat was sleeping in a comatose state on my pillow. My door and window to my room were locked, and so was my bedroom door. I thought that was strange, I had never locked my door before. I went to unlock the door, and another sound from the bathroom came to my ears. I unlocked the door, opened it, and put the trashcan in it's path so it couldn't drift closed as it often did. Looking into the bathroom, I saw my shampoo on the bottom of shower and the conch shell my aunt gave me when I was a little girl. I swept it up and dumped it in the trash by the toilet. I was a little uncomfortable since the shell had been nestled snugly in the corner of the sink, a good two feet from the edge.

I returned to my bed and switched on my TV, turning on CartoonNetwork. I checked the time, and I saw it was almost seven o'clock. Just in time for Inuyasha. I turned the volume down to fifteen, not wanting to wake anyone or the cat laying next to me. She had been very sick previously, and needed her rest. I gently moved her to the closet and tucked her into her little "kitty sack" as my little sister liked to call it. I sat on my bed and stared at the TV, waiting for my show to come on. After a couple commercials, I suddenly felt very cold, so I went into the closet and grabbed a blanket. I felt something even colder than the air grasp my shoulders, and I froze. I literally couldn't move. Whatever it was wrapped around me, almost like it was hugging me from behind.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel scared and I never pulled away once. I just stood there and let it stay wrapped around me. It was comforting, almost peaceful. I was able to move now, but I didn't want to disturb what was happening. I felt as if someone I loved for a long time had come back, and I was so happy to feel their embrace. But, whatever it was wasn't here because it loved or cared for me. I felt a pain in my cheek, as if somebody had slapped me, and then I was shoved roughly to the ground. Almost immediately, the room warmed and I grabbed my blanket and ran out the back door to think the event over. I touched it gently, and it was hot and tender. I felt it was swollen, and I could match my hand shape to it, but it was bigger than my own hand.

After I decided to finally go in, I went into my bathroom to look at the mark. It was already bruising, and it was sore and swollen. I told everyone that a friend and I were play-fighting, and it was all good because we both had hand marks, cuts, and bruises from our playful altercations. I never did tell anyone what really happened, and it's never happened since. I'm not sure if it was angry or just teasing me, (if it was teasing me, it had much more strength than it realized) but I never felt it again.

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