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Secret Doors And Not So Imaginary Friends


This is the second part to me writing down my childhood experiences with ghost. I figured if I write down everything and share my experiences and stay activate on this site I would find someone I can relate too. So starting from as early as I can remember I will be writing down as much as I can. So here the story still takes place in the blue house within Brooklyn New York (Please read my post "My Childhood with Spirits" so you can get a clear layout of my old house.)

Anyway I was around 7-8 of the time. I am pretty sure I was 8 since it was after I ventured into the forbidden room within the basement. Well it was a normal day after school, which I missed a lot of as a child since I always got sick, and I was on my bed playing with a few toys. Now my bed was right up against the staircase of the basement. The stairs weren't free standing at all, there was a wall there and honestly I could just jump from the stairs right onto my bed. Besides that I had a huge Sailor Moon poster on the wall as well (I was a kid of the 90's what can I say) and my toys usually lined up against it when I went to sleep. Well that night I had broken out into a rather high fever and ended up screaming and kicking in my sleep.

Well it took almost a whole school week before I was able to get out of bed and go back to school. Upon my returning I noticed that my favourite doll (Which also happened to be Sailor Moon) was missing. I moved everything, my blankets off the bed, the other toys were moved off and still I couldn't find it. I finally got it in me to move the bed. Now try being 8 and laying on the floor and then with all your leg straight trying to move a twin bed. It's not easy and most likely took me a while, it had no wheels.

Once it was moved out enough that I could fit between the bed and the wall I began my search again. However a cold breeze caught my attention. Looking at the wall I moved my poster (it was a wall scroll) and saw that part of the wall was caved in. Well more like curved out. It was perfectly cut in a shape of a door and I guess when I was sick and freaking out I kicked it open and sent my doll flying inside of it.

This room had no light in it, not that there could be a light bulb it was just nothing; a complete empty space. As I entered my foot had hit something hard. It was my doll. As I picked it up a wave of sadness washed over me. Like as if someone else wanted my doll. My sister Trisha came home at that time and asked me (more like screamed) what happened to the wall and I tried to explain. Well she closed it back up and told me not to go in there since it was dark and might have something dangerous like nails or something. So I listened just because she scared me to death saying how if a nail got in my foot they would have to take it off and I would be footless. I even switched positions as I slept in order to not kick it open again.

However that didn't stop that wall from opening every once in a while. Sometimes when I wasn't even home and more of my dolls would go missing, sometimes it would be other stuff besides my dolls like toy cars or stuffed animals. Sure enough however my things would all be in that room which we finally sealed shut after a few years. Thinking back on it now I think a child may have died in there and wanted one of my dolls to play with since she had nothing. However I being a stubborn child would not give up any doll of mine.

Now besides my hidden room I ran into a big problem as a child. What was friend and what was foe. What child doesn't have an imaginary friend? I know I had one, one that I had to get rid of. Since I was always getting sick some way or another and had too catch up in school a lot I didn't really go out so often so I made up friends. Sometimes it would be my dolls, stuffed animals or I would talk to myself as if I were more than one person. You know usual kid stuff. However one time I was talking and I could swear I heard someone talk back.

This person was the greatest friend I ever had. They played all the games I wanted, made me laugh, made me smile but they never told me their name; never told me if they were boy or girl. This friend of mine just whatever I asked of them and in return I would have to do something for them when they needed. I agreed thinking that whoever this is was a kid like me. However soon this friend wasn't so nice.

I use to love my dolls and my sister Melissa loved collecting daggers. Thinking about what I did to my dolls now makes me feel so cold inside and hollow. I would listen to my friend and take my sister's dagger and rip each of my dolls apart. Why? I was 8, I was stupid, I couldn't tell the difference between a spirit and my own creation until it was too late, and I trusted everyone and everything. This thing did everything I asked of them and if ripping apart a few dolls was all it asked for I was willing to do it since I didn't want to lose a friend, my only friend at the time. My sister Trisha however (Which I should say is a dream speaker) noticed the doll bits one day and asked me about it. I told her that my friend and I were just playing and she took me straight to mother.

Mother at the time was... Plagued by some demons of her own at the time so when I was younger Trisha played as a major mother roll for me sometimes. So she told my mom, and my mom told me to stop talking to it. However how could I ignore such a good friend? So I still played behind my mother's back until my so called friend ask me to cut something else with the dagger; namely my eldest sister Trisha. Well I might have been willing to destroy my less favourite dolls and the way this spirit wanted it done... Let me explain how sadistic this spirit was...

I was too hanging my dolls upside down from a string unclothed, hold on to its head, and stab it before ripping off its head. An 8 year old child should not be doing this yet I was and to this day I hate what I did and I think it even tainted me besides leaving a metal scar in my past. Well, hurting my oldest sister was something I never wanted to do and refused to do. My so called friend got very angry with me and kept saying how she was taking us apart from each other and that I had to stop her. Its angry, its hate towards my family, scared me.

So I told my sister everything. I told my sister what my friend wanted me to do to her. At the time my sister was into witchcraft but nothing dark. She liked herbs and was into the healing part of it. That night she kept me in her space of the basement and had me hold a lit candle as she prayed. I was on her lap the whole night and even fell asleep on her. The next day that thing was gone and I got some new dolls. Since then I always felt a wave of guilt even more as I got older. I let something inside my house that was willing to hurt the people I loved and I basically gave into it. I think maybe that's why I had such a dark teenage life. Because it did show me the darker side of life and death. If I could go back in time I would tell myself never to listen to "imaginary" friends.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-25)
Thank you for sharing this experience with us CF. RainLilly is right, the fact you talked to somebody about what your 'Imaginary Friend' was asking you to do speaks Volumes about your True Character, even at eight years of age.

I don't wish to scare you, but I have to say something concerning this particular experience...

For all the 'It's a Demon Screamers' I ask this... Where are you? This has all the Hallmarks of a 'True Demonic' Oppression and yet no body has said the 'D' word. Well I do not use it often but this experience is one of those Rare Times where the 'activity' seems to have actually been just that.

I am so glad your sister was able to 'Banish' whatever you were communicating with and I hope your other experiences were with more 'pleasant' spirits/entities.


vsecret82 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
I really enjoyed your story! I can relate to having a good imagination when it came to playmates. I was the only child until I turned 8. But my experiences with the paranormal world didn't start until I was 12. My oldest daughter can see spirits and has been seeing them since she was one. Thanks for sharing.
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
I agree with RainLilly. Stop beating yourself up. You were just a kid and in the end you did the right thing. Give yourself some credit. We've all done stupid things in the past we regret, and sometimes we don't even know why we did them. Forgive yourself.
RainLilly (36 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
You didn't "let" anything into your home. You have no blame or responsibility in the actions of whatever that was. Something was manipulating you, an innocent and trusting child. It took advantage of your trust and tried to make you do things you didn't want. You found the courage to resist this entity and seek help, you did the right thing. Let go of that guilt and quit beating yourself up over a past that's done and over. It may have played you for a while, but in the end you resisted and proved to be stronger. You also learned to be more cautious in giving trust. A very, VERY valuable lesson when dealing with the paranormal.
I've read your stories, and you seem to feel that the type of entities you attract reflect badly upon your character, your heart. I don't believe that's the case. What finds you attractive doesn't determine your character, the choices you make determine your character. From reading your accounts it seems clear that the choices you make define you as a good, strong person with a kind heart.
We all have a darker side, and you seem determined to keep yours repressed. In my opinion, the dark things you keep encountering could be attempting to force you to accept your dark side. Not give in to it, just accept that it's there. In order to have and appreciate the light, we have to accept and acknowledge the dark. In finding balance between the two, we find a balance within ourselves.
Take care of yourself, I genuinely wish you the best.

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