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Playing In The Pantry


My story begins in the small town of Gnadenhutten Ohio. I usually fly to Ohio usually at least twice a year to see my friend. It was May 8th 2016. My friend had always told me the story of the little boy that's been seen haunting their house on several occasions and I knew it wasn't made up mostly because she lives right next to an old cemetary where the Christian Moravian Indians were killed in the 1700's, where all 97 of them scalped and buried together in a mound.

In the past she had told me that they saw the little boys reflection in the mirror. Her son Ayden was the first to see this apparition. On other occasions a man also was seen dressed in clothing from a different era. Just standing there watching. Upon hearing theses stories I didn't want to be alone at all in the house. Also due to the fact the house had been blessed due to so many odd occurrences.

One night all of us gathered in the kitchen. My friend invited her son and daughter and their friends over that night. So we were all just catching up and making conversation when all of a sudden I caught a glimpse of a little boy dressed in very old clothing. He looked like he was in a playful mood. It happened so fast. I wish I could rewind it somehow but he was playfully running towards the pantry where we were all huddled and I watched him open the pantry door walk in and shut it back. I turned to my friend, laughing saying "you know your 3 year old son is so funny he must be playing hide and seek. I think he just went into the pantry. She stopped as if frozen in time and looked at me and said. There's no way any person of any size could walk into that pantry. I said but I just saw him. She said trust me go open the pantry. You'll see what I'm talking about. So I slowly walked towards it, and I opened it and there was cans and food. No place for hardly a mouse let alone a child. I turned back and looked at her. She said you just saw the little ghost boy. We haven't had any occurrences for a while until you came.

Later that evening, her daughter came upstairs to where me and my friend were talking and she looked at me and said I saw it too. But too scared to admit it I guess. A form of disbelief. She was directly across from me on the other side in the kitchen. We were the only 2 to witness this apparition. I did some research on the Moravian Indians and it talked about them hiding food and storing it. And some of them would crawl through a window in the cellar door where the food was, and it just made me wonder if maybe that was where the cellar location was at, where he was climbing in back in the 1700's or was he just playing hide and seek. Who knows but Ill always wonder. I'm still doing research on the Indians. I find it very interesting especially after having my own personal experience with it.

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Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-27)
Hi Gingerlo70

Thanks for sharing your experiences. A bit like Rook, for me, this story creates more questions than answers.

"... I knew it wasn't made up mostly because she lives right next to an old cemetary where the Christian Moravian Indians were killed in the 1700's, where all 97 of them scalped and buried together in a mound..."

I'm of the school of thought that spirits manifest themselves on our Earthly material plane for an infinite number of reasons. I don't personally believe that the cause of death, be it violent, murderous, natural or accidental, decides whether spirits appear to others.

I'm also not of the belief that spirits hang around grave yards either, in any more numbers than anywhere else. I think our over-active imaginations imaginations tend to place spirits in graveyards and burial sites more than anything else🤔.

Can you describe the ethnicity of the child? Was it of a Native American Indian appearance? If so, that may support your theory somewhat of the connection.

And if, as Rook suggested (tongue firmly in cheek), if the man seen indeed had a shiny yellow hard-hat, blue overalls, checked shirt and tool-belt then we are dealing with something far more disturbing... And serious.


rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-27)
Welcome to YGS.

Question 1: What does a Native American Massacre/Burial Mound/Cemetery have anything to do with proving a Haunting?

Just because something 'bad' happened or the fact there are individuals buried someplace does not guaranty a Haunting.

Question 2: Can you please describe what the child you saw was wearing? "very old clothing" does not quite provide enough information. The same for the 'man' that had been seen... How were they dressed? Native American? Colonial Settler? Farmer Pete? Bob the Builder? (sorry, run away thoughts...)

My point is this... If the Haunting is connected to the land/house...then HOW is it connected? Is it Native American Spirits from the Massacre? Is it Settlers that died trying to homestead in that location? The attire of the apparitions can help solve that riddle.

Thanks for sharing.



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