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Ghost Playing Tricks At Work


This event happened this past Sunday I think (9-11-22) around mid-morning.

I work part time at a local grocery store and I have only been here currently for 4 months.

I was doing my normal routine at work, which comprises of mainly working with produce.

I was walking towards the backroom of my department and just as I was a few feet from approaching the entrance I felt like someone quickly rushed up on me and dropped towards the back of my legs or my feet, as if to bump into my knees and knock me over. I quickly turned around to look to see if someone had fell behind me but no one was there. I said "WTF?"

Occasionally we get a few bad a** kids that come in the store and like to play tricks but honestly this sounded/felt more like an adult, or at least someone bigger than just a kid. I looked to see if maybe I had dropped something out of my pockets but everything was still in place and nothing on the floor.

I have to admit, I was a bit startled. However, I thought nothing of it and proceeded the backroom and into the cooler to get some items to put out on the floor.

When I returned to the backroom and got to the cooler door I noticed that the power switch for the cooler was turned off. I told myself "Who in the he** came back here and turned the switch off?" "I know I didn't do it".

I wasn't gone long so I doubt anyone had the chance to walk back there. I was the only worker in my department present that day and none of us ever touches that switch until it's time to close the department at night.

I turned the switch back on and entered the cooler. When I got about halfway in the lights flickered on and off and dimmed briefly. It has never done that before so I found that awfully strange. Startled, I quickly walked out of the cooler to see if someone was playing with the light switch but it was still positioned "On".

I walked back in the cooler, got the items I needed and then hastily walked back out to the floor. I was a bit on edge at this point.

Nothing else happened for the day, but the story doesn't end there...

Several days later on an early morning shift, I had mentioned the event to one of my co-workers who works in the department with me, then a little while later I mentioned it to another co-worker (these two are actually mother and son). The mother had told me that she believe there is a ghost in the backroom because some time back she felt like someone was rubbing on her back in a downward pull motion and she eventually had to yell at "It" to stop. She said that after told it to stop, nothing else happened since.

I usually work on the closing shift alone and as such I'm always alone in the backroom. I never experienced anything out of the ordinary or had any weird sensations, aside from seeing what I "thought" was a person out of the corner of my eyes. It startled me but I always found logical explanations for that due to the shape of certain objects in that room.

However, after what happened recently I am a bit more wary about working back there alone. I'm not so much as afraid of the activity in and of itself as I am of the possibility that this "Thing" might try to attach itself to me, or worse, have malicious intent.

Whatever it was seemed to only pass through every once in a while though because as mentioned before, that was the only time since I've been employed there that I experienced anything.

That said, I have to mention though that there have been a few times when I noticed some other strange things that has happened at work before, but I never attributed it to paranormal activity...

One time a few months ago I went to the cooler in the backroom of my department and noticed that one particular pallet that was in there was practically ransacked, when before it was stacked neatly and secured. I was so pissed because I thought maybe a worker from another department came in and got something off the pallet and let everything fall over without even trying to fix it back. Note, I was the only worker from my department on duty that day and on that shift, but every once in a while a worker from another department may need to come to the cooler to get some things. Finally putting it down to just a collapse, I put everything back in place and continued on with my day.

Another thing I have noticed lately is that sometimes I can stock and neatly straighten items in a particular location of the produce room in my department, and I can leave for just a few moments and by the time I return everything I had just previously straightened would be all out of place. But I would never see anyone enter or leave the produce room when this occurs. Granted, it doesn't take but a minute for a customer to quickly come in and make a mess, but I just find it odd that I can sometimes be close by and never actually catch anyone when this happens.

This is not the scariest of encounters, but it is all very strange nonetheless...

If any more phenomena occurs I will be sure to return for updates.

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Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-23)
Hi Dee-J

Your place of work must definitely be haunted, if you and others experienced something or the other, I guess it just wants to make itself known.
Pelatiah (4 stories) (75 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-20)
I think ghosts like grocery stores. I've had produce jump off shelves at me or in my path. I usually just ignore it for the reasons you mention.

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