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Little Farm Boy


Last year, me and three of my school mates went to a little farm house owned by my grandfather's friend spotted near a town called Pairoa. It was quite a new house actually, nothing looked creepy about it. A day after we got to the house, we decided to help the old guy out on his farm. At lunch time, he told us a old story about wars between the Europeans and Native Maori tribes which took place right on the land where the old guy's house was. The story sounded pretty boring but he told us that a lot of people died at the very spot. Then he told us how he always saw a little kid running around in his crops at night, vandalizing his crops with a stick. He thought that the kid had a mental disorder because the kid didn't even care about three full grown farm dogs barking at him.

He got very upset with the kid, this time the kid was just a few meters away from his front gate standing close to one of the dogs that was tied up with a chain. He studied the kid for a long time, looking at him from the window. He noticed that he was looking right into the dog's eyes while the dog was barking at his face, and the kid didn't even back off or blink. So the old guy decided to step out of the front door and chase the kid away (the door was just a few steps away). As soon as he stepped out of the door and looked to the gate, there was no sign of the kid, but the dog was still barking its stomach out.

The old man was amazed. We decided to walk around the farm for the whole next day, just to see if we find something. At that night, me and one of my friends were both sitting outside on the front porch while other two mates were sleeping on the couches and the old man was sitting on the dining table and having whisky. It was about 8.30 pm when me and my mate got bored and started playing around on our laptops. Suddenly, I started hearing someone walking on the roof. I could hear the bending of tin sheets that were screwed on the roof. We got pretty scared because everyone was inside and sleeping except for us two. As soon as I got out of my chair to see what's on the roof, I heard a big thud on the ground which sounded like breaking bones. We both got alarmed by the sound and turned around, and we couldn't believe our eyes.

We saw the same kid lying on the ground. He looked just like a normal person. Besides, we couldn't see well at night but all I noticed was that he was wearing dark colored dungarees and a white shirt. We totally forgot about what the old man told us about the little kid, so we quickly jumped off the porch to see if he was ok. My mate was pulling my arm because he didn't feel right about this. I turned back and told him to stop fooling around and when I turned back within a second and saw the kid standing up like nothing happened, but half of his face was covered in blood. We didn't think for a second and ran back up the porch in terror. We ran in the house and dared to look out the window.

The little kid was standing there pulling a innocent face and the next moment he ran across the backyard in an extraordinary speed. It was hardly a second and he was out of there. After that, me and my mate couldn't talk but we drink heaps of water and didn't sleep in panic. We just sat on one of the couches and switched on the TV, trying very hard to get that sight of horror out of our heads. At about 3 in the morning the old man woke up. He walked over to us still in his hangover and asked us "so, found anything yet"? I managed to laugh faintly and told the guy that you won't believe it. Then we told him what we saw and described what the kid looked like. He was pretty concerned and shocked at the same time now, and told us kindly to leave the next morning. So we did.

We didn't told other two of our smart arse mates who were sleeping last night because they wouldn't believe us anyway. It took us a couple of days to get back to normal.

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nicholeminee (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-07)
NO WAY OMG! 😲 you gotta be kidding me! The same thing has happened to me to! Except at the Palmerston North PLAZA in the chocolate lounge the boy was chocolate and melting it wa the scaryest thing ever he had a gumdrop nose! 😲 😨
CriminalMinds (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-07)
Wow that would be scary was the boy totally visibale?
That would take me weeks to get over! I would get the old man to get someone in to help get rid of the ghost cause that's just creepy! 😨
SIDdrew (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-05)
you aloud 2 go back 2 the farm? Very scary story and good. Did you
tell your grandpa 😲 😲 😲
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-18)
Dear bawa911,

Sorry, I meant to say that you would not have submitted your story as a ghost story, but you do admit it was a true ghost story, right? 😉 --Abby
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-18)
Dear bawa911,

Ah, could be the place is haunted by a boy ghost, but then you already knew that or you would not have admitted your story as a ghost story. Duh on me.

Nice ending about the man kindly asking you all to leave the next morning. Does make the reader wonder why the man responded to your ghost story like that?

Poor ghost boy, hope someone will release him someday soon. As for the man, your grandfather's friend, maybe he is a ghost too? Thanks for sharing your story. --Abby
looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-17)
I agree with asje! The kid died falling off the roof, it made sence of what you explained on your story.
😨 Ahhhhh! I would of run the heck out of there and not even bother to look outside! You are brave.
Have you gone back there or planning to! If you do let us know if something happends again.

Hope everything is well, Neivy
asje (7 stories) (20 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-17)
That must have been one scary experience. The kid probably died falling of the roof. I wonder why the old man asked you to leave.

Take care, asje

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