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There's a few stories so this post may be long. My nan and grandad played the Ouija board when my mum and her siblings were in bed. I don't know whether they believed in it or just did it to mess about.

One night my nan and grandad were going out and my mum and siblings were sent to bed before they went out. They heard my nan and grandad leave the house and they stayed up talking away (they shared a room). The light was off and they were all in their own beds, the toilet upstairs flushed and my mum assumed it was her youngest sister Tracey, but she had snuck in bed with my aunt Kim before the toilet had flushed. No one else was in the house apart from them.

My mum would tell me that she could stand at the top of the stairs and see people's shadows walked past down stairs when no one was in.

Also they had a work room for my grandad upstairs, my mum said that when you were in that room... It felt like someone was standing at the door watching you.

Another time my mum said she had got excluded from school and sent home (both nan and grandad were at work). So my mum was in the house on her own. She said she fell asleep for a few minutes and woke up to someone standing on the other side of the room which looked like my nan. She said she was shouting at her about not being in school. But then the front door opened and my nan walked in.

When my mum moved out she lived in a little 1 bedroom house and had gotten a dog. She said she had come in one night after being out with her boyfriend and went and ran a bath straight away.

She was waiting in the bedroom and noticed the dog go to the bedroom door looking out onto the landing/stairs and just barking away but my mum just ignored it. So after her bath she got into bed and went to sleep. She said she was woken up by the dog growling and backing up on the bed. (the dog was staring at the door), so my mum got up and went to the bedroom door (which was open) and she said she saw a white misty thing coming up the stairs and just said "I'll speak to you tomorrow I'm tired" and went back to bed. The next morning my mum received a call from my nan and told my mum (my great nan) had passed a way the night before. So my mum told my nan what happened. They recon it was my great nan coming to say good bye.

When my mum had my 2 oldest brothers and 2 sisters, she moved my dad in, (they had bought love birds). Everything was alright at first, then at night they heard the love birds just flapping about and goin nuts. They'd check on them the next morning to find blood every where and they'd be petrified.

My mum and dad were going out and made my oldest sister babysit. She said she would hear running across the hallway and assumed it was my brother messing about, so she went upstairs and saw a wee boy run across the hall way into my brothers room so my sister followed to go tell my brother off, but he was fast asleep. So she let it go over the top of her head. But she said it happened a few times that night.

When my mum had me, she said I was in my cot in my room up stairs. She said she heared me crying so sent my dad up to check on me. But as he walked up the stairs and walked towards my room he heard someone singing a lullaby to me. As he pushed the door over he saw a black figure stood at the end of my cot. And my dad legged it down the stairs. Yes he didn't even go in to get me!

I think this creeped everyone out so we moved out and moved into the house I'm currently in now. We've not had anything weird happen in this house, although my mum has messed about with the Ouija board when drunk.

We use to visit my auntie in London quite a lot and one time she wanted to play the Ouija board to get in contact with my grandad. I was sent up stairs the first night they did it to look after my youngest cousin. The whole time I kept getting weird chills down one side of my body (the heating was on and there was no drafts) and it kept coming and going! It freaked me out so I just tried to go to sleep. The next night I was allowed to sit down stairs while they played. And apparently it was my grandad as "it" answered the questions right. Said he was in the tele looking at us all. Well the next day we came down (the heating was on) and one seat of the 3 seater sofa was freezing! And my auntie couldn't think why... Everyone assumed it was my grandad sitting there.

Sorry for the long post I couldn't be bothered making different posts cause I'm doing this all on my iPhone.

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anshu05 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-13)
plzzz don't mess wid oujha bard it's dangrous... It happened to me... 😐
Ibelieveheshere (2 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-05)
Hi My name is tracey too:) and Never Mess with Quji board it's like intivtion Demons.
Spookymulder (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-03)
Great story I've had a lot happen when I was a kid but most of the time no one in my family believe me into it came there turn it was just great to have them believe me after so many years on my own. So I'm glad your had a family you could talk to about that this that would believe you! Once again great story.

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