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That's A Lot Of Ribbon


While my previous submissions have been about my fil Brad, this one is about the other one that resides at my house.

A few weeks before our wedding, Rob (my husband) and I were sitting at the table going over the rehearsal dinner guest list and seating arrangements, getting ready to put everyones name card, with the table they were sitting at. We were talking rather loudly about the fact that his sister (whom neither of us really get along with) had invited her "flavor of the week" and forgot to tell us. So we were faced with doing some last minute rearranging in order to have the guest list to the restaurant in time. I had just set out the name cards and was about to get them sorted, when I realized I had forgotten to buy the ribbon to tie them to their champagne glasses (stupid idea, it was ugly and I ripped them off an hour before the dinner lol). So off Rob and I go to the craft store, in search of the perfect shade of burgundy. We find it after his many attempts to just get me to pick something, and head home.

Upon walking in the foyer, you see straight in my kitchen, where our table is located. As I was turning around from closing the door, I saw something go to the right at the end of the hall, into my kitchen. Now to the right in my kitchen is my pantry, stove and butchers block. No door to escape from, just the door to my pantry.

Now, I am one of those people that always act as if someone could be in my house, because frankly, you never know now-a-days. So I grabbed the mini umbrella out of the front closet (I have no idea what I thought it would do, but I would think of something), and proceeded slowly down the hall to the kitchen. I could hear what sounded like someone messing with paper, or a similar type material. I turned to say something to my husband, and realized he was still back at the door staring at me. I motioned for him to come with me, and it was only when he didn't move that I realized he was staring past me, not at me.

I turned around to see our name cards moving like someone had just shuffled them, then they settled on the table and didn't move. It startled me and I kind of backed up a bit, and bumped into my husband finally coming up behind me. Needless to say, I screamed. Lol

We both decided that we were going in that kitchen, come hell or high water, and slowly walked in. Nothing was amiss, disturbed or otherwise odd. I opened the pantry door to see if anyone/anything was hiding inside, nothing was. However, as I did so I felt a small breeze of cool air brush by me ever so lightly. Just enough to move wisps of my hair, and enough for me to notice. It wasn't threatening or evil, just a breeze. And also could have been the ac, as we had it on at the time. I closed the door and Rob and I agreed to check the rest of the house just in case.

When you exit my kitchen, there is another small hallway followed by a set of steps that are enclosed, just until you reach the top of the stairs. We were making our way up the steps, and had gotten about half way when we heard a noise back towards the kitchen. It sounded like something fallen onto the floor, and you could hear it rolling around. Now by this time I was just mad, because who (ghost or living) messes with a girls wedding and lives to tell about it? LOL

So I brushed passed my husband and fly into the kitchen like my hair is on fire, and start hollering at whatever it was that was making a mockery of my wedding. You name it, I called it as I saw it. When my rant was over, I managed to calm down enough to look around and find what had fallen. All but 1 of the 4 rolls of ribbon I had bought, were completley off the roll and all over my floor. My husband (being the bright one he is sometimes) says "wow, that's a lot of ribbon." I could have killed him! We didn't have any animals, except fish at the time, and we had our ac on so it wasn't a window/patio door job. These rolls were the kind that has cellophane wrapped around the ribbon part, and you have to take scissors to cut it off. I was at a total loss as to what had happened, and was just ready to get it cleaned up and move on with the rest of my wedding plans.

Rob and I pretty much decided that what we were dealing with wasn't anyone we would "find", and eventually sat down to finish the task at hand. When I picked up the cards to begin putting them with the table diagram, I realized they were all out of order. Ugh, more time down the drain as I had to put them back together in groups. As I flipped through the first few, I began to see a pattern, and knew that something odd really had happened. They were not on in perfect alphabetical order, but in perfect alphabetical order BACKWARDS. I showed Rob, and we both got a good laugh out of it, as obviously someone was just trying to break the tension of the day, and it worked.

This is one of my favorite stories to tell, because this ghost really is just a playful one. Rob has lived in that house for many years before me, and upon researching the land, there was nothing terribly tragic or graphic to report. However, we do live on Rt 40 or Old National Road, which was the first major improved highway in the US. Perhaps this would account for the additional occupant. Thanks for reading.

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VermontVampyre (2 stories) (64 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-04)
The image of you beating a ghost senseless with an umbrella made me laugh so hard I got tears. Love how you tell your stories with humor.
sara77 (1 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-11)
MizMiMi,Thanks for sharing... But I think that we may have had the same decorating ideas for our weddings 😆
Ribbons on glasses,check.
Ahhhh,the 90's. (for me anyway 😊)
shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-10)

Fantastic story! What a mischevious ghost, perhaps he or she was trying to let you know not to bother with the ribbon 😆. Like Fergie I had a chuckle when you said you grabbed the umbrella to attack your intruder, it is funny to look back sometimes on our initial reactions to unusual situations!

Thanks for sharing and making my Friday at work a bit more enjoyable! 😆 😆
MizMiMi02 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-05-10)
I had no idea what I was thinking when I grabbed that umbrella. There was a baseball bat right next to it, but maybe the umbrella had magical power? Lol My husband always laughs because I grab the most absurb object to defend myself with, usually because it's close at hand. Glad you enjoyed it!
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-10)
MizMiMi, I love to read your accounts! Your writing style is delightful. You always seem to find humour in everything, don't you?
That was one mischivious imp in your kitchen. Were you going to bludgeon it to death with the umbrella? My, but you were so brave. Lol
Thanks again for an awsome read. 😊
leanekim1 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-10)
Great story MsMiMi02! Great writing as well. I was able to see everything! You have me waiting for more.


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