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It Could Have Been A Lot Worse


I have not posted in four years. Between the time of my last posting until now, I have yet to experience anything 'spectacular'. Until now.

The other night I was home alone. The family took off for the evening with some of my in-laws that drove up from Austin. We have been in this new house we are buying for almost 2 years now. Out in the country is my favorite thing about it. Anyway, on this night I was alone and knew of stories of our house being haunted by the old man who "died" in one of the rooms. I have yet to figure out what room, if the stories are true.

Well, I like to keep my house dark, even at night. I was sitting in my recliner watching TV, or trying to at least. Dozing off was more like it. My eyes closed slowly with a fan on for ambient noise. The TV was already turned down. I closed my eyes and out of nowhere I hear, right in my ear, "Daddy". I jumped awake and just sat there wide eyed, looking around the room wondering what it was I heard and if my family came home. My bedroom door across from me is wide open. No lights on. The fan is still going giving the room a little buzzing noise. Every single image is running through my head. I mean, I hear "Daddy". Was I dreaming?

I got up and started looking around. I go around my bar and into the kitchen. I turn on the light. At that moment I'm hearing either my house shifting, or footsteps on the wooden floor in the hallway. Slowly I peek my head around the corner. The hall light is off. I have to walk halfway in to turn them on if I wanted to. Something strange, is that where this light is coming from, the last bedroom? Looks like a TV that is on. Real faded out light. Almost like car headlights through the curtains.

At this point, I feel like I'm about to see something come out of it. Either a person or a ghost. Or something worse. All three other doors in the hallway are open. Two on the right and one on the left, then the room with the light. I'm just standing there like an idiot.

I decide not to and go back to my recliner. I turn on some lights and then call my family to see if they are on their way back. I hang up the phone. I stand still there a little more. I start to hear this faded out voice like something coming from outside. It was more from the end of the house. Through the hallway. Whispering of two adults. The "conversation" almost seemed like arguing. The louder they got, the more it sounded like growling. Almost like a dog.

This time I go to my room and grab my bat I leave under the bed. I walk back to the hallway and look again. The moment I make view of the room, I see this shadow move from the door and into the room. I speak out, "Who the hell is that?" My heart is in my throat. A few seconds later I see the shadow moving back to the door and as it's about to make its figure known, I JET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

This was the second time with all of my experiences that I got to the point of leaving the house to stand outside. This time I did not want to look back. I have this fear of seeing faces at the window. It's happened before.

Since that day nothing has happened. I still hear my coffee tables make cracking noises as if something is sitting on it. That has gone on before this day as well, I just shrug that off as nothing. This house doesn't scare me. That day did but the house itself does not. If anything, I'm hoping that it was lights shining in from the window. The whispering and walking sounds are a different story.

For years, spirits and other energy forms have always tried to make themselves known to me. I guess I'm cursed with this "gift".

Have any questions, feel free to comment me. It's great to be back here. Thanks for reading.

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Argette (guest)
10 years ago (2014-06-19)
Some of what you were hearing and continue to hear may be the house and the furniture expanding, contracting and settling.

But the sounds and the light don't immediately appear to have an explanation. Was there anyone or any vehicle in your yard at the time? Could someone have been lost in the night? Could you have had a nightmare?

I hope you find an explanation. I do not think that every time someone dies in a house, a haunting remains. But I'm not discounting that either.

At any rate, thank you sharing. Very interesting!

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