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An Unexpected Visit


Before I start, in March 2006, my granddad committed suicide due to family issues and his name was John. I've always been weary of my grandma's house as strange occurrences have happened, for example my grandma once saw her late grandmother sitting on the end of her bed and every morning when she goes to open the curtains, the DVD player will turn itself on. She has also had a psychic visit to read her future but the psychic said she couldn't perform anything as an old lady named Mary (which was my grandmas grandmothers name) was in the corner of the kitchen, the psychic only knew the bare facts about my grandma, so she could not have known about Mary.

One day about 3 years ago I went round my grandma's for dinner as my mum was working late. And as I was having pasta we were waiting for the water on the hob to boil when suddenly the saucepan starting spinning, this happened for about 20 seconds until my grandma said "Oh just stop it John" and the saucepan just stopped, after about 3 minutes it happened again, but only for about 5 seconds and then stopped for good. I was really scared, I thought it may have been an uneven hob, but the hob is dead straight, I also thought it could have been a draught but the windows and doors were closed.

Do you think this was my granddad, or just a coincidence?

Please leave (non-abusive) comments on your ideas.

Additional information: A couple of weeks ago me and my mum were sitting in the car waiting for my sisters train, when suddenly the radio burst into life and a song with lyrics " I'm doing just fine here" came on, which was really creepy.

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