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Voices On The Train


This story will be a very quick experience that happened to me while taking the train to my dad's house. I am not sure if this is something paranormal or not, but I want to post it to see if anyone on here has any ideas.

As I said, I was travelling on the train to my dad's house near the city. The ride can take about 45 minutes and is usually busy as we catch it during peak hour when people are coming home from work. I was on the train with my dad and my three other siblings.

I remember that train was particularly noisy though it was so long ago I can't remember whether it was because I had headphones in and listening to music or if because it was so busy there was lots of talking. However there was lots of noise.

While on the train I heard a voice in my ear. I don't know what they said but it sounded like a man. His voice sounded like it was coming over a speaker, but I was too far away to understand what he said, like the words were muffled. I asked my family if they had heard anything but they said no. I told myself that it was maybe a speaker on the train or something but it sounded like it was right in my ear or in my mind even. It has been many years and I still remember this in my mind very clearly. I even vaguely remember the voice I heard.

Thinking back on this experience I wonder what it could of been. If it was paranormal or spiritual, like maybe a ghost or an angel even? In my own personal beliefs I believe in angels and at church we were taught that everyone has an angel waiting on earth for them, but at the time I wasn't baptised and so therefore in my belief wouldn't of had an angel 'assigned' to me yet. I don't really know but this whole experience confuses me more than any other I have had before.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-07)
I agree with RandyM. I was going to say just about the same thing, but I read the comment.
During the relaxed state,ie,meditative state, we tend to be more intuned to higher vibrations. Maybe it was your Angel waiting on you, until you were baptized. 😊
Knowing you were going to be it just wanted you to know it was there.
Remembering the voice, and the fact that it made such a memory you have so vividly then it could very well be.

Thanks for sharing
Sincerely Spiritwaiting
Baiowl21 (2 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-05)
Hey guys thanks for commenting!


I am not really sure if you mean what I hear specifically or if you mean the general chatter of the train but I will just explain both haha 😊 so on the train there was just the general chatter from people talking to one another, and the sound of the train going along. What I heard specifically sound like a voice, it definitely sounded like someone, and more of a male voice than a female one.


I have definitely thought that it could of been someone nearby talking to me for sure, though he did really feel like someone was either talking in my mind, or right in my ear, and there wasn't really anyone nearby me at the time.

I agree! I was reluctant to include that part in as even though I am a Christian I don't like to just automatically place everything strange that happens to me down on that, I like to keep an open mind and go through all possiblities. I also agree that we all have someone or something that watches us, regardless of our religious views 😊 I suppose I just added that bit as a sort of thinking aloud comment, just what ideas I had on what it could be haha.


I agree with you! Though I haven't had something like this happen since I wouldn't be surprised if it were to happen again, nor would I be upset or frightened by it. It was some time ago, but I do remember not feeling scared or anything like that. If I was to hear a voice again I just hope it is a bit more clear next time, whomever or whatever was speaking to me, I just wish I knew what they were trying to say! 😁
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-04)
Hello Baiowl and thank you for sharing.

I also have had a voice come through a couple of times in my life and
The thing I noticed both times was this. Even though I was awake I was
Also very relaxed. Like that in between state of sleeping and being awake. It is said that is when we are the most perceptive. The same may have been true for you. Maybe more relaxed than you realized and were able to perceive a voice you wouldn't normally hear. I also understand that its not really heard through our ears but our mind. Be willing to bet you that it happens to a lot more people than admit it.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-03)
Hi Baiowl - thanks for posting. Hmmmm, not sure what you may have heard there, and it does make it difficult to work out what it could have been when you said:

"...I remember that train was particularly noisy though it was so long ago I can't remember whether it was because I had headphones in and listening to music or if because it was so busy there was lots of talking. However there was lots of noise..."

Being peak hour there was obviously a lot of other commuters; someone may have taken off their headphones nearby which then made the sound you heard?

Many people here, including myself, have had words spoken directly into our minds, or telepathically. Can you recall if it was definitely in your ears or directly into your mind?

My other point, and at the risk of possibly offending religious people, is that my belief / understanding is
We are ALL assigned spirit guide (s) during our time on Earth. Its an automatic thing. A bit like gravity. I certainly wasn't baptized but I know I'm guided and protected at all times, regardless of whether water was sprinkled on my head by a complete stranger, or not, when I was already born.

Hope I have been of some assistance to you.


Zeromaru (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-03)
Hi!Thanks for sharing the story!
A few questions...
What sort of noise was it? Was it a conversation? Was it like some animal? 😕

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