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Interesting Happenings Last Year


I have lived in this house for several years now. A few odd things have happened in the early time, but nothing very out of the ordinary, at least enough to be particularly identifiable. Interestingly, however, approximately two years ago weird things would happen randomly. For example, a guest at the home randomly had a small box thrown at him with nothing occurring around it. As time passed, things began to be more common, such as a door randomly opening itself, which was not seen when it happened but could not have been done by anyone else. Visual phenomena appeared two or three times (Mainly shadows), and electronic devices would occasionally shut themselves off.

Now, most of these events could be explained independently, and I have always adopted a skeptical view toward such things. However, something weird began to occur last year. I had begun to test meditation type activities on myself (Relaxation, nothing more) which really wasn't meditation but breathing exercises to calm oneself, and began to feel as though I were being watched or even touched (Particularly the hands, feet and face, and this was at night in a dark area, to avoid light noise) I shrugged this off and ignored it for a while.

Gradually, I began to feel as though I were watched or touched (Like, for example, something taking hold of my hand or trying to do that) more often, while awake, particularly around others during the day. I shrugged this off as well, because it occurred outside the home. I began to notice, however, that this touching took on an adult nature at times. I would also begin to feel pressure at night, particularly in the dark, as well as an almost electrostatic feeling, particularly in "those" areas, which was very strong and noticeable. This was particularly common during thunderstorms, which were frequent last year.

It began to feel as though something were almost attracted to me or following me. I then asked it to leave, and this behavior stopped until I got interested, and called it back. Then it resumed. While it was not the most logical thing to do, curiosity as well as the possibility of life beyond death got to me, and I encouraged it for quite a while. However, I began to wonder what exactly it was (I am well aware of several of the theological possibilities, while not overtly religious) and requested aloud it stop. It did.

Whatever this was, my mind, or something else, I cannot note but that it was a different experience. This "entity", if not my mind, almost felt comfortable to be around, and I didn't fear or worry about the source of this behavior. While I cannot verify if this was a dramatic illusion on myself, I felt like sharing it and would welcome feedback on possible causes or opinions. Nothing has happened since last year.

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