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Ghosts In My Bedroom Or Hallucinations?


I don't really know how to explain what's happening so I'll start with some basics I guess. Five years ago (I was 14 years old) my family moved into this brand new; just-built home. At our old home (which was built in the 1960s) we had a fair share of activity. For instance, my sister and I (she's older, around 18-19 years old at that time) would often hear random noises when we were alone-day or night. Sometimes it was creaking, or even once we heard the sound of cereal/pins/tiny balls or something falling all over the floor, pans crashing down after. But nothing would be moved when we exited the room to search for the source.

Then, since I was left alone the most, I experienced more. My sister's room door, the one hooked to the kitchen, wouldn't stop opening when I passed. Eventually we had to get a hook to replace the lock as it wouldn't stop opening. And it still did, only this time it happened when I was alone, and for some reason, it would be closed when my parents came home. I told myself it was my imagination (which it might have been).

I even remember the feeling of being watched always. I figured I was paranoid, still do.

My friend is the one who changed my mind, she believed in "spirits" and kept telling me it explained my situation. I didn't believe, and still am unsure. One night when I was there, things got weird. We were going to sleep in her bed when the television went off suddenly (the remote being beside it) as we both felt as if a feather slide upwards on our feet at the same time. My friend was the most scared, saying she was watching the TV when it happened, and had seen a face appear beforehand. She drew it as best she could (as an artist it was pretty good for her age). A girl with short black hair, skinny and pale, eyes black. I didn't believe her, though I told her otherwise to make her feel better.

Now, here's the part I've been wanting to tell. In this pretty-new house, I've experienced sensations, voices, touches, sights. I don't know how to say it really. I keep telling myself I have to be getting schizophrenia or something to be feeling these things. I'm a skeptic. That's why I'm here. Okay, here's what's been happening.

Night or day, it doesn't matter, I feel like I'm being watched. I see glimpses of things not there, flashes of black or white from the corner of my eye. Sometimes they appear like people, other times they look like animals (like my cat and dog) or even bugs. I think I'm going mentally unstable. And that's not all, I hear voices. My sister, dad's, even my mom's voice when they didn't say anything.

For instance, I was doing the dishes in the kitchen when I heard a banging noise behind me like a POP, nothing was changed when I looked. Near that, I woke up to the sound of my dad banging on my door harshly, sounding angrier than I've heard him in years saying "GET UP. NOW." I yelled back "I'm up!" and dove from my bed to the door, wondering what was going on. When I opened my door it was to an empty house.

Another day I was in the kitchen doing my chores again when I heard my sister opening the door telling me "I'm home!" like she usually does. I tell her I'll be there in a minute. When I try to find her, I realize her car isn't even there and she hadn't been home at all. My mom's voice was a bit different, just yelling my name as if she needed me to do something for her. Once again, she hadn't said anything when I went to her room to ask what she wanted. The times vary, but mostly during the day. They aren't the only ones that happened. I swore I heard a voice yell my name, one I didn't recognize, straight into my ear just as sleep hit.

I've seen two, at least I think I have, of these so-called "spirits/hallucinations" in my bedroom. One was when I woke suddenly from thunder, jolting me to a sitting position. I remember looking straight at the front of my room and seeing, just as lightning flashed, a girl with her body facing my window to my left, head facing me, eyes blank. She disappeared by the next flash. It was so dramatic to me that I felt like it was my mind playing tricks. When I turned my light on and the adrenaline settled I realized the girl looked exactly like my friend's description. (ie, black hair, black eyes, skinny. She had on a white dress, she looked young like 13-14 years old)

Near that time, I remember being scared at night, always having my TV on when I went to sleep. I remember talking to another friend of mine before bed, only the TV on when I turned and saw a blurry figure at my closet door. Taller than the girl. I blinked, it was gone. Another day, and I feel like this might be the same as the one at the closet but I don't know for sure, I felt a shuffling on my bed, as if my cat had gotten into my room and onto my bed. It was slow, I felt the covers pull in the direction, felt them move, felt the mattress dip in next to me, when I turned I saw a really, really creepy mask-like face. Like one you see in the movies or a carnival or something. I pulled the covers up immediately, feeling too freaked out to move further.

Then, the feelings, touches, sensations come into play. It's more than feeling watched, it's seeing it, feeling hands on me. It's freaking me out. If I'm alone, or even on the phone, I feel the sensation of being watched or of touches. Soft; light, touches. Typically on my stomach, as if being hugged, always from behind, or in bed coming from the side I had seen the face. But I don't feel comforted.

One time I was in the car with my friend, she was driving and we had just had a horrible ordeal an hour prior. It was extremely late; I felt the presence, the one from my room behind me. I didn't pay it any attention, telling myself I was once again hallucinating. Then, I felt hands slide to my throat, as if trying to choke me. No pressure was added however, I just felt my muscles tense with the sensation.

Afterward, I went home and felt it there for the rest of the night, then it disappeared. The house felt normal before the sounds had occurred, then it all started over again. Right now I can feel it, as well as this pain in my neck, as if the inside was being punctured. On the outside I feel a small circle (for lack of descriptive words) of pain, burning, on the back of my neck, near the shoulder. I feel as if tiny bugs are crawling on me in random places. And I'm being watched again. I feel as if it's in my desk chair, across the room.

I think I'm hallucinating or gaining a mental instability. Though, I am not stressed, I have not been thinking of paranormal activity lately or recently (well, until tonight). I have never, and will never, take any drugs legal or not. I am not on medication.

Thank you for any who help, or who have read this huge mess of a story,



I don't know if this is related at all but I've always attracted bugs, particularly spiders. It could be because I'm scared of them, or because I just plain hate them, but they constantly get on me. Most bite me. It's annoying, painful, and disgusting. I've even had one fall on me, with no web holding it, from the ceiling when I went under it. It wasn't the first and will possibly not be the last. It's gotten to the point where they crawl onto my leg when I pass, or move toward me when I'm around. It's just odd is the reason I mention it.

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emmaline (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-12)
Thank you for replying!

I get bitten a lot too, so I refuse to keep clutter or food of any kind in my bedroom. I'll keep in mind so maybe I'll stop freaking out but it's still disturbing.

As far as I know they never tested the house for any gases, but working in the construction business they might notice gases easier? I, nor has anyone in the house, experienced a bad cough (or really much of a cough past choking/allergens).

I do have most of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning but as no one, including animals, has gotten sick nor experienced the same side effects I'm guessing it's my diet (which isn't as good as it should be).

Thank you though, at least I can keep a more open-mind about what these occurrences are!
stephyw2001 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-12)
OK, well there was a study I read once that said every human being is always within 10 feet of a spider. Bugs severely outnumber people on this planet, and they'll always be around you. I get bit by spiders in my sleep a lot, and I keep a clean house (which grosses me out even more... Where are they hiding?!?)

You mentioned that your house is new. Have your parents had the house tested for various gases? New houses sometimes will leak Radon (though you'd experience a bad cough). Carbon Monoxide could also be a possibility. I think this one could be a potential because can cause neurological side effects. I would look into the effects of Carbon Monoxide and see if it is something that sounds like it may be what you are experiencing. If it is, you really need to fix that problem immediately as it is deadly.

Not to scare you, just a suggestion.

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