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Spirit In My Bedroom? Somebody Help Me?


I'll make this as short as possible.

The signs:

* Whenever I go to sleep I feel that something is poking me? Poking my whole body? It's very softly. Something also touches my hair too. This has been happening for maybe 2 years. I get really scared sometimes so I go sleep in the living room sometimes and I still feel the pokes. One time I couldn't sleep cause of the poking, and then I had a dream of a white figure-less things grabbing my hand saying 'come with me'... Hey say that sometimes the things you see in your dreams are the spirits that are around you, watching you. What if this is the spirit that is poking me?

* whenever I head into another room because of the poking, I feel like this thing follows me? I'm in pitch darkness with the cover over me, but around the room I can feel an energy moving around and coming closer to me. I feel when it's coming closer because my stomach gets all tingly. The stronger it gets, the more my stomach goes in.

* not only does it poke me, but I feel an energy gets close to my skin around my ankles legs and knees and then my legs starts shaking and vibrates. Also I feel something very warm touching my skin.

* I feel something sit on my bed and move slowly towards me. It just stays behind me. This only happens at night when I'm ready to sleep. I could feel it coming. I had a dream that something was coming behind me in my bed and it felt so real and then I woke up. I feel like it's getting stronger.

* I see blue circles, I think I saw a white mist, I see shadows from the corner of my eye in my closet, I hear voices in my head when my mind is relaxed and going to sleep. It calls my name. I heard a voice of a young man speaking when I was kind of conscious but kind of sleeping too. I got an image of somebody's lips? One time I was between conscious/unconscious and my whole body was pulsating upwards like a spasm. I woke up and I remembered it.

* the last thing is, I know I'm not crazy. I know that something really is happening to me because one day at like 5 am, I was waking up but my eyes were still closed and I heard a loud deep voice in my room and I woke up screaming. My sister told me she was already awake, and that she heard it too. She sleeps in the next room really close to mine. She said it was a creepy voice talking, it sounded like an old man. I know for sure it was a man because the voice was really deep, almost zipper-like. My cat came in the room and was just staring at something in my closet. My cat wasn't scared or anything. That is what confuses me? My cat was just calm. If it was something bad, wouldn't it have hissed or something? So 2 people heard this voice. That means that it isn't in my head.

Can a psychic help me or give me their email to find out who is the spirit in my room? Or can somebody tell me what they think it is? Thanks:)

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Gh0st_Knight (5 stories) (11 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-15)
Greetings hellokitty, at first I thought this could be a spirit that likes you or is guarding you but it seems to be negative. It's either there are 2 spirits, the one that you constantly feel and the one of the older man's voice. Do you feel and disturbance or fear? Like a feeling you must escape in both circumstances? This could be a highly negative force that is masking their voice and playing tricks on you. The more attention you give it, the more power it will have. Use salt, pray to any religious figure you worship or pray for positivity to the universe. Do not show it fear. If this carries on seek help from trusted sources. Hope everything is ok by now.
valkricry (49 stories) (3269 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-06-24)
Very interesting that your sister also heard the voice. Do you have any idea what was said?
You could do a Google search to find a psychic or medium near you, or even contact your local paranormal society for help.
Please do not take what I'm going to say next as any discrediting of your account, but have you taken your symptoms to a doctor? Just to rule out that the poking sensation has no physiological explanation?

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