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Concerning Hallucinations And Otherwordly Matters


As a skeptical agnostic, I often question my experiences or outright dismiss them assuming I am overreacting to stimuli. However, some minor experiences and memories have led me to some questions concerning some feedback by the YGS community. After my last dismissal of strange events, some members noted that I should compare stimulus and decide if it's meaningless or not, such as comparing a shoulder squeeze to a muscle twitch.

I have had bouts of auditory hallucinations throughout my life that I actually forgot about until I had one upon falling asleep from physical exhaustion. It triggered memories of ones I've had in the past. Every auditory hallucination I have ever heard has sounded like an actual person inside my head or if you were to turn up the volume on the TV and trap that noise and play it in your head. So I know what it sounds like when you hear something like that. About a couple of weeks ago, I felt a presence behind me in the bathroom but I ignored it and just assumed it to be my imagination. But then I heard an extremely faint voice say something indiscernible near me. Of course this is not the first time I've heard them.

I do not know if there are types of auditory hallucinations that can sound like actual people speaking next to you, but it seems to me that when generally described, you hear it in your head. These whispers and voices that I've heard sound nothing like the stress-induced auditory hallucinations I've had upon falling asleep. I still do not know what to make of my generally mundane experiences, but this has piqued my interest that I'm not so mad or that my body is completely screwy. I have also noticed whenever I heard something talking it doesn't sound like a person. It always sounds disembodied, fluid, and whispery. Or it sounds like it's wrapped in static or electricity. I don't know what to make of these experiences.

In my last submission, I thought some of the sounds and touches I've been feeling were easily explained away. I still think that is the explanation for some of those. And up until now I was completely convinced the staticy voices are just my imagination. But now I'm not so sure. So I wanted to know what the YGS community had to say about this. Am I reading into this? Can auditory hallucinations present in various ways? Because if so, I stand by my original conclusion like a stubborn mule. 🤔

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valkricry (43 stories) (2991 posts) mod
4 weeks ago (2018-12-26)
I for one would be interested in what the doctor has to say. Just promise me one thing, even if you DO rule out that you've had any personal experience with the paranormal, you'll keep that lovely open mind of yours.
DirtCreature (3 stories) (6 posts)
4 weeks ago (2018-12-26)
Yes, thank you for the feedback. That is exactly what I was looking for. I think I have just hallucinated all my life. I've lost all leftover remnants of belief. I am going to schedule an ear appointment and try to get this resolved. Thank you everyone and Val.
valkricry (43 stories) (2991 posts) mod
4 weeks ago (2018-12-26)
Hi DC, I've been mulling over your question. 'Staticy' voices can have several causes, it's under the classification of pseudo-auditory hallucinations. The big difference between auditory hallucinations and pseudo-auditory hallucinations is that pseudo-auditory hallucinations are always vague - not clear and understandable. Pseudo-auditory hallucinations can definitely be hypnagogic hallucinations. The best way I can describe it is the audio part of your dream is still playing as you wake up too fast.
Some folks hear voices when totally awake that are thought to be connected to hearing loss or even loose/ built up ear wax. So, yes you may be victim of 'screwy ears'. Only way to be sure is to get your ears checked.
The effect can also be triggered by stress/worry, or a side effect of some medications.
I hope that is close to what you were seeking?
Berggraf38 (2 stories) (6 posts)
4 weeks ago (2018-12-26)
Hi DirtCreature,

I used to have similar experiences, but they were kind of intentional and systematically directed, since they seemed to be a side effect of years of traditional Tibetan meditation practice. I never became an expert, but got skilled enough that I was able to take part in/communicate with what I believe were thought waves from other people/beings (living or dead, who knows?).
I hope my story may shed some light.
The first I remember happened when I was a beginner, 18 or 19 years old. I would sometimes hear an old, demented sounding woman's pained and possibly reproachful screams. I still to this day try to reason out what that was about (maybe my deceased grandmother with whom I had a pained relationship and who died in her 50s).
After a while it came to where I would encounter other consciousnesses that would interact with me, sometimes starting as "auditory hallucinations" and as I got more skilled I could tell pretty quickly if they were aware of me or not, had good or bad intent, if they were more or less advanced than me, male or female, etc. Eventually, I was able to "travel around" in whatever realm this was happening in and initiate contact too.
Later, when I was transitioning back to "normal" mundane individual life and was not practicing meditation anymore, I would often hear voices of people in my mind while I was laying in bed trying to sleep. They were just everyday thoughts of people in their own minds thinking about what they needed to do the next day, random mundane stuff, etc. I was mostly irritated by this residual "power" because I always had a feeling that these things should be "deep and meaningful".
Anyway, I learned during my time of study from those much more advanced that the universe is generally a safe and very amazing place and that the key is sincerity in finding your true self, having empathy for all other beings and always putting their needs before yours and not having fear of ghosts or death because they are misperceptions of infinite conscious experience.
I'd recommend a systematic study of an established spiritual meditation tradition. Mishra's Fundamentals of Yoga is a great intro. As is Wentz's Tibetan Yoga.
DirtCreature (guest)
4 weeks ago (2018-12-25)
Thank you, everyone for taking the time to comment. I hope that with my comments, I have been able to better explain my position and experiences. It is times like this an actual talk would help me articulate my thoughts better. I sometimes feel limited by text.
DirtCreature (guest)
4 weeks ago (2018-12-25)
There's been a misunderstanding in what I wrote. I am not muttering in my sleep and hearing my own voice. The voices I described were hypnagogic hallucinations and they are all male or deep voices, so it is not mine. I am hearing them IN my head sometimes because I am coming out of sleep. I was using the dreams as an example of what auditory hallucinations sound like. The static, whispering voices are only heard when I am completely awake. One instance as a child, I had an auditory hallucination when wide awake and it sounded just like the hypnagogic voices I have on occasion. Then it suddenly stopped. I was just wondering if hallucinations when awake can sound like whispering static.

I have been afraid and had that overwhelming feeling. A gut instinct is simply fear. So, I have had that feeling but I disregard it because I find it silly to make a decision based on that. I have walked into a room and felt nervous for no reason but I still walk into the room because it's meaningless. I never bothered to learn what a gut reaction was when I wrote my comment and from other people's definition, I was under the impression it meant intuitive psychic ability, that it was a way of saying "I just know it". Under that definition, I have never had a gut reaction and don't necessarily believe in it.

When researching it from a scientific point of view, a gut reaction is just stimulus of the vagus nerve and old primal fear to keep us safe. But it is not a fail safe, anymore than following the group or eating those berries and not the other ones. It is 50/50. I have felt afraid before for no good reason but discount the feeling because it is better to take the situation into account instead of just relying on a feeling.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4425 posts)
4 weeks ago (2018-12-25)
Dirt Crature,

The line can be so fine between an experience completely generated by our minds and actually Paranormal inputs (I'll use that to keep it simple).

Jubeele had a wonderful suggestion, a Journal, the more details it contains about 'odd experiences' you have the better. Another thing you can try is running a digital recorder while you sleep. Start it when you lay down and review it when you can. If you 'heard' something you have a chance to truly listen and see if it was 'in your head' or truly generated 'outside' your body and if it was generated 'outside' your body... Is it your voice captured... Were you 'muttering' as you dozed off? If you can not decipher if it is your own voice you may try video instead... You can then check to see if your lips/mouth was moving at the time of the 'event' (as long as you are facing the camera that is).

You stated..."I grew up judging things based off the evidence or experience not what I just think." This is a great place to start trying to figure out just what caused any experience you have had, but I will hazard that before that logical part of you 'kicked in' there was a moment where you thought 'What the...!' That is the 'gut feeling' that split second of 'being startled', 'complete bafflement', or even 'was that so and so?' Then you began looking for/at any evidence and making judgments based of what you 'found'.

Thank you for sharing and please ask any question you may have, either here, where many individuals with countless years of experience between them can offer their opinions or e-mail me at the address in my profile.

DirtCreature (guest)
4 weeks ago (2018-12-24)
Thank you for your comment Jubeele.

Gut instinct is human fear that stimulates the vagus nerve, producing that gut wrenching reaction we get. It is just being afraid and picking up on things that are generally based on human biases, old primal fears, culture/tradition, past experience, and ignorance (like turning around in the dark even though you're safe).

Human beings still have our primal urges but I don't necessarily trust them and prefer to depend on more solid information to judging a person's character like being a dangerous criminal or aggressive, rather than getting a "feeling". It seems to be a 50/50 percent chance that it would be right in any circumstance. Human beings are by nature discriminatory for our own survival even if it means decimating the tribe next door because we thought they poisoned us.

I am not afraid of it. I just want to know if I am reading into what these voices are. I want to know if auditory hallucinations sound like whispery static. I hear these broken whispers when the tv and dishwasher are running and also when the house is dead silent. And it tends to happen at random, there's not set times during the day. I can't really think of what mental conditions I could have that would cause this. And I am a pretty healthy person. Unless, having screwy ears (and not a screwy brain) can cause these static, whispering, disembodied voices?
Jubeele (17 stories) (733 posts)
1 month ago (2018-12-24)
Hi DC, you can try keeping a journal to record, analyse, catalogue and perhaps describe all the different sensations and auditory stimuli you've been getting. Include details like day, time, description of what happened, how you felt about it. Note down any questions you have at the time, or anything else that you feel is relevant. Leave a space for any comments like a possible explanation or a correlating fact in connection to it.

If you can identify a pattern or specific times when more of these things seem to be happening, maybe you can try recording them and then playing them back. Not sure if you might get anything from this. Only a suggestion. But it could be an interesting experiment though. 🤔

Another thing about "gut instinct"- how do you feel about it? Frightened or startled? Curious or annoyed? Do you feel there's any ill intent or is it just something trying to get your attention? Our survival instincts can still work to cue us on things around us. Ever get the feeling that you're being watched? Or decide you didn't like the look of a place before you even step inside? Or suddenly change your mind about the familiar shortcut going home? Our instinctive senses can pick up subtle nuances and factors that our conscious brains are often too distracted to notice at the time.

Hope all goes well for you. Enjoy the season and best wishes to you and your loved ones. 😊
DirtCreature (guest)
1 month ago (2018-12-23)
Happy holidays to both of you too.

Thank you for the feedback.
Sleeping-with-steve (7 stories) (316 posts)
1 month ago (2018-12-22)
Hello Again DirtCreature,

Try not to worry about it too much. Until you know for sure what your dealing with, there's nothing you can do.

When you have the 'evidence' you need, then YGS members will be able to come to your rescue with ways to get rid of whatever it is that's haunting you.

😘 ❤ 😘
DirtCreature (guest)
1 month ago (2018-12-22)
I grew up judging things based off the evidence or experience not what I just think. So I don't know what it is to have a gut feeling about something. I don't have any gut feelings about the incidences. I just can't shake them because I have no evidence to the contrary.
Sleeping-with-steve (7 stories) (316 posts)
1 month ago (2018-12-22)
Hello Dirt Creature,

I'm a believer of the otherside and after listening, weighing up the odds, and using logic to work out what I've seen or heard, I will support entities being around.

I have awoken on a couple of occasions talking in a harsh deep voice that scared me. I have no idea what was going on.

Thats why I think anything is possible. If you have heard and felt things, the chances are, YOU HAVE.😱

I enjoyed reading your post. I hope you don't hold back and share more with us.

PS: Merry Christmas.🎅

Best wishes,
😘 ❤
AugustaM (4 stories) (792 posts)
1 month ago (2018-12-22)
I suppose I tend to rely more on gut feelings than anything else - its a tendency that derives from my background, I learned early not to put as much faith in what a person says as how they say it and how their behavior makes you feel - that wee primal voice inside niggling away at your buried and forgotten instincts. (Sorry for the massively run-on sentence!)

Thereby my usual recommendation for contributors to examine how their experience really made them feel - what did their gut instinct tell them about the event. Then compare that to all other possible alternative explanations.

So...did the experience tweak your gut instincts at all?

Happy Holidays! ❤
DirtCreature (guest)
1 month ago (2018-12-21)
Thank you, Cuddlebear. Happy holidays to you, as well 😊.

I totally agree. I go back and forth between denying everything and being on the fence. I spend too much of my free time imagining what other explanations exist for these strange events. The universe is such a vast and strange place, I can barely wrap my head around human existence in general.

When you're an extremely doubtful person, even full blown things are hard for you to believe. I have seen a blacker-than-black entity with people legs, a head, and arms walking towards me when I was young. And I'm still all 🤔 😕.
Cuddlebear (3 stories) (105 posts)
1 month ago (2018-12-21)
DirtCreature ~

First let me say I hope you and your family are well this Holiday Season and we (my family) wish you (and all YGS members) the best in the coming new year.

I totally sympathize. I have a real issue getting my head around the concept of existence without physicality. I have seen things that I can't explain - but I don't assume that means they are "supernatural" or "paranormal" they just may be events I can't explain. On the other hand I can't easily discount certain experiences of family member and friends.

I suppose that for me it will require a spectacular event.

That said I try to keep an open mind. For the most part I believe the stories I read here, but I'm fairly certain that full blown investigations aren't really happening. Again things can happen that I can't explain.

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