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Something That Cried In Front Of My Bedroom Door


This happened in the late nineties, I remember I was around 18 years old and it happened during the night. The time was around 3:15 AM. I was playing a famous video game called The Need For Speed - the first one, and I was trying hard to make it on the last Alpine tracks, the snowy ones, when all of the sudden I heard a weird faint noise coming from what it seemed my computer..., it's hard to describe it but it was pretty noticeable, a bit annoying and repetitive, something like a digital glitch or a screeching fan perhaps, I thought.

First I paused the game, and then I turned off the speakers and I still heard it. Next, I turned off my pc, but the sound was still there, I even went for the switch on the back of the case, to make sure there was not something in the computer. And still, I heard it. It seemed it was coming behind the wall of my room on my right side, the wall where my computer case leaned on. Anyway, couldn't make out what it was but I decided to check it out.

I opened the door of my room look to my right, there is a door leading to a central room with stairs that go down to the left, and a room that leads to the terrace on the right. A pretty scary room, the scariest room in the whole house perhaps. At the time we used it as a depository, besides being the only way to reach the terrace, it was full of old stuff from my granddad, even his very personal wooden vault box. He was the one who, among other things built the house we live in. My house is like 100 years old. And we already had some unexplained phenomena happening at home previously.

I was about to reach the central room with the stairs and all I could see was darkness, but the noise got louder and clearer, just like it crossed dimensions. It started to resemble a woman's cry, a very desperate woman's cry. I heard the crying was coming from the depository but there was nobody and the crying was clearly coming from there. I remember I took a few steps towards that room. Each step made me realize, that turning back would be a better option. It was one of these moments when half of your mind tells you, look this is really happening! And your other half refuses to accept it. But the product of your whole thought process sums up to "oh shiat" and "better get to a safe place".

I took steps back to my bedroom and left the crying behind my back, opened the (wooden) door and still in disbelief, I leaned towards the door with my ear to hear what was going on to try to understand if maybe it could be my mother crying in the middle of the night, perhaps. The crying sound was similar to hers but in all honesty, almost all women sound alike when they are crying in such a desperate way.

As I said it was clearly a woman's cry a hopeless one, very loud and desperate, and I definitely I couldn't confirm or negate if it was my mom's, although she never did anything like that that I know of, and she never sleepwalked either.

Thing is, the crying started coming towards my bedroom door, I heard the crying get louder and louder until it felt 3 inches from my face; the craziest thing was that I didn't hear one footstep.

I was so frickin' scared, I just stood there paralyzed by fear and tormented by the thought if I should open the door or not. I was really paralyzed in my mind. On one side I desperately wanted to open it, but on the other side, I was deathly afraid.

I was afraid that it might try to consciously contact me or if I did anything at all the "entity" could react unpredictably, of course... I heard stories of possession before... Anyway, I decided not to communicate with whatever that was and I was standing there still torn between the thoughts of opening and not opening the door. It felt like the time was in slow motion, I guess the adrenaline surge I felt throughout my body was powerful. The war inside my mind was going on full steam, torn between curiosity and fear. But here I was, still paralyzed with fear, I remember that I remembered the phrase "curiosity killed the cat", lol. It was the fear of the unknown. I felt so insignificant and powerless.

I remember becoming desperate due to my inability to act, perhaps I was in a state of cognitive dissonance? I remember leaning my forehead on the door and resting it there in a sign of resignation. I felt the presence now being literally an inch away from my face, just on the other side of the door, a door that was less than an inch wide. The "entity" was there literally crying her soul out - and believe me - that crying was terrifying. So desperate, so hopeless, so loud and also at some point, I had a weird feeling like the "entity" wasn't responding to my fear, I don't know, how to explain, but it almost felt like a recorded event in time going on the full automatic sequence. It wasn't responsive to me, except for the fact that it parked itself in front of my bedroom door. But maybe it actually fed on my fear? Who knows, I heard demons do this.

However, not one word was uttered in what felt like 20 minutes to half an hour. I was getting so tired, and by now I knew very well that I won't open that door, so ironically I thought "screw it" and I decided to go to sleep. I also remember how difficult and slow the time passed by when I was in bed and tried to sleep, I couldn't. I was so scared that I went under the covers completely, perhaps later I got extremely sleepy because there was less oxygen under the covers. I don't know. But one last thing I remember was that the crying got louder at one point, and I kind of got the feeling that the crying got inside of my room. It was hard to tell because my doors are slightly bent and the noise in front of my door can feel like it's inside the room. Anyway, I was practically gone to dreamland by then, cause I really don't remember that part clearly.

The next day, first thing in the morning I asked my mom if she was crying at night, and she said: "no, this certainly wasn't me". She also said, "next time give us a call when you hear the crying so we can go check what this poor soul needs". And at that very moment chills were down my spine, just by hearing her saying that. To this day I'm bothered by the experience, I still think about it way too often. I'm trying to figure out if it may have meant something if maybe it was an omen of sadness and tragedy, but one thing I'm sure, this really happened, it was no figment of my imagination.

I personally experienced some other minor anomalies in the house after this event, but nothing was so memorable.

Since then I've become a big skeptic and started to get fascinated by great skeptic minds like the one of James Randi. And although I tried to convince myself that it was just my mother crying, I cannot believe this, there were too many weird details to ignore them and jump to this simple rational conclusion. I'm honestly still pretty tormented by the thought of regret that I should have totally opened that door. I think I'd do it today, without thinking twice.

Bonus experiences:

When I was 5 and we came to live in our house, my parents repeatedly heard heavyweight boots walking upstairs in my room but also other rooms near mine. The whole house shook.

I was 5 first time it happened, they went check on me I was sound asleep, it was in the middle of the night. This repeated a few times, and each time my mom being religious, arranged some mass for the souls in purgatory from our family and the unusual events then stopped.

I believe there could have been some kind of grudge cast upon our house. Our house was once deemed to be the house with the most beautiful surroundings in the region of Istria because of how my grandad cared for them, he was a creative artist and cared for the beauty of his home. He also had bees and all kinds of flowers that were quite rare as well. People flocked to our house to admire this small piece of Eden. Today is still pretty, but far from what it once was tho.

After my grandad died, his six daughters inherited the house, but since they all married over the border with Italian guys, my grandma was the only one left here and she gave the house to my parents and me. The sisters did not take it lightly since they were used to pass wonderful weekends at our house. I believe this might have been a cause for grudges... Today all of them are dead, except one, though she is the friendliest of all.

At the age of 14, my dreams were full of dead ancestors blaming us for they have been buried somewhere they didn't belong and wanted to be buried at our place near our house, but these were just dreams. I will now describe my dreams briefly. dead ancestor dreams my grama's house (mom's side); basically, I was returning home from a vacation with my parents and we stopped by our grandma's house. But the house was being like excavated underneath by some construction company, this was huge, it had a large square industrial tunnel opening underneath the house and I went inside, I saw construction workers everywhere, and archeologists too. The excavated area beneath that house was huge! They were making some major discovery, I think I remember pyramid shapes too. Then I went further and I saw a small room with a white door and it was nailed shut with planks and nails. The door was trembling, shaking and as I lowered my body to look through like a 4 inch opening above the ground (where the bottom of the door was lifted) I could see a lot of feet walking aimlessly inside. But I could also hear growls. I went to a construction worker and I asked him, what's inside that door, there are people in there and he looked annoyed and I remember him throwing an axe or a hammer at the planks that barraged the door, breaking them. I remember other workers yelling at him, like what have you done! The undead came out, I knew it was zombies. They attacked the construction workers and the archeologists

But one of them was some of our long-dead relative, some demented old woman that exited the excavation place and went up the stairs to the first floor when I was hiding along with my parents. She came in the living room discussing with my father that she wants to be buried near our house. My father knew her in life, that I know, but I didn't. My father refused to bury her where she requested so she grabbed some scissors from a shelf and started attacking him, us. I don't remember much else, I think I woke up at this point.

2.nd dead ancestors dream, I dreamed that I walked some road that I knew relatively near our house, but never, or very rarely used to walk on. It was a bit different tho, but not much. I walked until I reached an abandoned cave and inside that cave, there were crystal coffins positioned in a circle. It was like a mausoleum. There were gravestones with names. I remember I found some dead relative there and I'm not sure how the dream went from then on, but I'm sure it was about bringing the body home, as a duty, like we can't leave it there.

3.rd dead ancestors dream, similar to a previous one. I dreamed that I walked some narrow road that I knew, near my other grandma's house, but I never, or very rarely used to walk on. It was a bit different it was darker and had tall houses. I think I remember someone called my name and I went into it and I witnessed dead people playing cards at the table, I remember a candle burning too. Of course, I knew some of them had to by my relatives, it was a very fuzzy dream I don't remember much. dead ancestor dream, I was excavating an area near my grandma's house (dad's side), I saw some red light shining from a spot on the ground under a persimmon tree. I remember excavating it and finding human remains. I remember a voice telling me something, but it's unclear now what was it all about. Don't remember much else.

5th.dead ancestor dream. There was a castle on a hill and there was a separate small concrete shack, like we have when we put plants during the winter, we use it as a greenhouse. But in my dream, this was the past. Inside this place, there was this demented woman chained on the wall because she was unfit to live in society. Her father put her there to hide her from the family, from the world, because she was not right in her head, she was in so much pain and so she cried and screamed constantly. During the silence of the night, her screams could be heard all the way to the house. They were constantly annoying the father as a painful reminder of her existence. These screams awakened him in one night, in the middle of the night and perhaps after being tortured by remorseful dreams he had enough. He went into a room grabbed his trusty shotgun started to load it up. Then he went outside and opened the greenhouse and just put the shotgun to her head and pulled the trigger in a moment of anger and desperation, but I think it was ultimately an act of mercy and compassion, to put her out of her misery so to speak. So tragic, so sad. I don't know what happened next, but I do remember like a montage sequence where I saw the years pass by in fast forward. I remember seeing the ground reshaped and I remember seeing the castle crumble and I remember very distinctly, that our house was built upon that place of ancient tragedy.

I had like two more dreams about the subject of dead ancestors, one was still near some kind of abandoned road at the time, and another one was at our home, but I don't remember them very well.

All these dreams happened in the arch of two weeks or less, I was tormented every night by these intense, vivid and focused dreams like never before or after in my life.

I used to discuss them with my mom and we started talking about how my father due to being a speleologist found two human skulls found separately during his cave explorations expeditions and brought them home a long time ago. As a souvenir I suppose, one was of Italian and the other was German by origin. Both victims of the 2nd world war, I suppose. He nicknamed them correspondingly Roberto and Hans. After that and the weird dreams we decided it was time to get those skulls to rest and give them a worthy "burial" complete with Christian mass and all. We basically brought them back not exactly, to where they were found, but we put them inside another cave, a deep cave that can't be explored without proper speleological equipment, so I guess they will have peace there.

I think that was it and as far as I know, we haven't had any significant experience with the paranormal since then.

I initially wrote this same main story and some additional ones in the early 2000s on IMDB real-life paranormal experience thread when the message boards were still active. It was located under An American Haunting movie message board, so it must have been the year 2005, and the story was written in even greater detail since it was fresher at the time. I was horrified when I found out the whole thread was deleted. There were 500+ pages of chilling real-life paranormal testimonies, worthy of the best creepypastas for youtube horror narrators to read. I read them all so I can tell they were chilling to the bone. It was a great read, but now it's all gone because IMDb had to purge the "trash" every 10 years. But two years ago they decided to remove the messageboards altogether. So sad! So much precious data lost forever without any warning. I hate IMDb for that, and I'm not the only one.

In the end, I can say I searched for a similar experience I had with the crying story for decades, and one day, two years ago, I found a very very similar experience, and that was the day when I re-typed the whole story for that specific person (here: And now I posted it here and added some additional details, precisations, and corrections. As far as I know, this is the most complete version that I have.

Lastly, later I found out a similar scene happened in the movie The Uninvited from 1944 which I saw about 6 years ago? It was so chilling, the crying sounded exactly the same, the whole scene was so similar, so eerie. That movie is really special to me.

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abyx (2 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-14)
All the time that I keept mentioning my grand dad I actually meant my great grand father. He was the father of my grandma.
abyx (2 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-30)
Thank you guys for the comments, I totally forgot I posted the story here, I'm glad I did, cause I was about to post it again, lol.

[at] Whodat: Actually all those ancestors I'd say they never existed, not that we know of at least. I think they were created in the imagination of my dreams. A funny thing I noticed. I love watching horror movies, I loved doing that since the age of 7, and I came across to a certain movie that eerily reminded me of my 5th dream. So much so even visually, and the title was familiar as well Castle Freak. I'm pretty sure I watched it during my early teenage years, although upon watching it again it was like I was watching it for the first time. But a lot of scenes in it reminded me of my dream. Also, I think, my late grandfather had a sister who was affected by meningitis when she was a child and her brain didn't develop fully, she was old when she died and she pretty much resembled the crazy woman from my dream. I'm sure my brain mixed things up and constructed these dreams from elements, that were already known to me.

[at] AugustaM as I said, I'm not aware of any ancestors like that. However the father of my grandfather left our European country at a pretty young age, went to the US with a boat for a better life, we have no idea what happened to him, but I was able to trace another family in the US with our surname and to connect them to our family, but that is also how it remained. But I don't think this story is connected to my dreams, he made new roots there and certainly have many other descendants who could he ask for help if he needed it.

[at] BettinaMarie Well that's not my case I love horror movies, and especially ghost stories if they are done right, with a creepy backstory etc. Not so much for the modern Jumpscare techniques they use. But one thing is fictional horror, another thing is when it happens actually to you when your brain is shocked and stuck in the mindset this is real, all point to the fact that this is real, basically your brain slowly realizing this goes through some kind of trauma, I'm certain of this, because you are there, in the moment, it is shocking, so many thoughts running through your head. So many possibilities, implications, once you realize the thing is really happening, and you have no idea what to do, you feel so powerless that is frightening, you double questioning your every action, your every thought, can it read my mind? Can it feel my fear? Is it this way it stays so close to me? Is it feeding off my fear, actually? And that crying, sobbing, and wailing as it would repeat itself over and over and making you feel weird because when you hear someone crying, they usually say something or stop crying so hard after a few minutes, but this crying was incessant and full of pain, emotion. But even if I watch horror movies I was scared out of my mind, I was silently panicking inside. And yes, covering my head seemed the best option in the powerless position that I was i.e. Lying in my bed. After the whole episode, as crazy as it sounds, I was beginning to getting tired of wasting so much energy in being scared. I went to sleep as a sign of resignation, I gave up.
BettinaMarie (14 stories) (80 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-14)
abyx- If this wailing crying had happened to me I believe I would have actually passed out in terror. Isn't it crazy how hiding under the covers seems such a reasonable defense in certain situations? This universal response to frightening events never fails to amaze me.
I cannot even watch trailers for scary/ghost movies, so if one had a scene from my own experience I would be completely undone. Probably not close to scared as the actual experience I geuss?
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-07)
I had the same suspicion as Whodat. In addition, it seems as though a bit of genealogy may go a long way towards bringing peace to the spirits of your family. It seems as though they want their stories known. Perhaps if you can discover where they actually are buried, you can visit them - I would bring with me a few hands full of earth from your grandfather's house (and maybe a few seeds from some of the more beloved plants) and bury them at their grave sites so they can have a piece of the home they loved so much. Perhaps being known and knowing they have been heard will make them contented with having received at least a little of what they desired.
Whodat (42 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-06)
I wonder if the dead ancestor from your fifth dream could be the spirit that was screaming at you from outside your door. Did the voices sound alike? Great narration by the way.

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