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Hearing The Voice


I remember this had happened when I was in elementary school. I was in second grade which was twelve years ago. I came home first since my school let out earlier than my brother and sister. They were in middle school by then. My parents were at work and would be home later.

Well once I got home I went into my room. My room is closer to the front door and it is in a small hallway. Every time I come home I go to my room since I feel much safer. I don't know why, but I felt more comfortable there when everyone is not there. Well I sat on my floor looking through my purple backpack trying to look for my books and my room door was open. I had my back to the door and sitting in front of my bed. My clock in my room read 2:45. Then all of a sudden I heard my mom's voice calling me, "Gloria!". The voice came from right behind me. I jumped and thinking that my mom came home I turned around. No one was there. I walked around the house, thinking that she was somewhere, but she was not inside the house. I got scared so I went back to my room.

I sat down on the floor again, but this time I sat facing the door. I wanted to see if anyone was in the house. Again I was looking inside my backpack and looking at the door. A few minutes had passed and nothing happened. I then started to calm down and went back to my task.

Then again I heard my voice being called, but this time it was the voice of my sister. I quickly jumped up and looked quickly around my room looking for anything. Again nothing and I was really scared. I looked at the clock it read 3:05. My sister and brother should be getting back in twenty-five minutes. When they got home I told them what happened and they told me not to worry about it.

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