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My Wonderful New Home


Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in forever, but I have more than a few stories to tell since 2009!

To begin, I should add that I've recently moved into a new house, which is a duplex, with one of my good friends living upstairs to us. This is the first house that I've ever been in without my family being there with me. I live with my boyfriend and my best friend, so we're all pretty okay with each other. My best friend (we'll call her Kenzie) is most definitely a believer in the spirit world, and everything that follows that line of thinking. My boyfriend however isn't, or rather wasn't, before we moved in.

I really didn't notice anything at first, I'm ashamed to say. I have 3 cats, and they definitely did notice something off about our new home. When we first brought them in, we kept them in the kitchen/dining room area because it was most traveled, and it would be better for them to be introduced to their new home slowly. Almost immediately after bringing them in, they started to act a little odd. Now, I can't say that my male cat, Merlin, is much of a tough guy or anything. In fact, he's a big teddy bear, but he seemed very frightened from the first steps we took into the new house. I tend to carry him like you would a toddler, sitting perched on my hip with my arms wrapped around him. Immediately after walking through the front door, he started to dig his claws into my shoulder. I went to put him down, and he stuck to me like Velcro. My other kitties weren't nearly as bad, but they seemed uneasy. I paid no heed and continued to bring boxes in. I was alone that day, with both my boyfriend and Kenzie having to work, so any unpleasant or scared feelings I just chalked up to it being a new place, and to being alone without really having explored it before.

Kenzie was the first one to actually have a proper paranormal experience. It was about 3 weeks after we had moved into the house and gotten settled. I was downstairs cooking a late dinner (it was about 7:30 pm) and I heard a loud thud come from upstairs, promptly followed by a terrified shriek from Kenzie as she bolted down the stairs and into the kitchen. I looked at her and laughed and asked her, "What, did you see a ghost?" just as a joke. She glared at me and sat down and informed me that our new home was most definitely haunted because she had just been grabbed around the waist as she was walking out of the bathroom. It had grabbed her so hard that it had caught her off balance and she had fallen, explaining the thud. I asked a few normal questions like, "Are you sure it wasn't just your shirt getting caught on something?" and "You didn't bump into anything?" She seemed pretty certain that it wasn't anything easily explainable. I brushed it off and continued cooking, after giving her some dessert items to calm her down.

The next big experience in the house was my boyfriend's, let's call him Cody. He was home alone a few weeks after the whole waist grabbing incident. I guess he hadn't been feeling all that well, because he fell asleep on the couch watching TV. When he woke up, as he explained it to me, "It was like I was stuck in a freezer. The whole house felt like someone had dropped a ton of ice cubes over top of the house." We had no air conditioning at the time, and it was mid-July-ish, meaning it was HOT! There was no reason to have such a cold house. Cody checked the fans and then called our upstairs neighbour, who wasn't even home. He decided to just sit down on the couch again and ignore it, and appreciate the cold air. He flicked the TV on, and was watching for a bit. The cold air was slowly going away, and he was starting to relax. The TV started to flicker a bit, but that wasn't all that unexpected seeing as our cable isn't the best. Then it really started to do funny things. The channels started to flick back and forth and the volume was going up and down rapidly. He freaked out and tried to turn the TV off, but it wouldn't work. He left the room and called me in a bit of a panic. I raced home, and by the time I got there everything seemed to be back to normal.

The first thing that happened to me was when I was taking a shower. The water changed from normal to unbearably hot, to freezing cold, and back again. Without thinking, I called downstairs to tell whoever had turned another tap on to turn it off because I was in the shower. Then I realized I was home all alone. I got out of the shower shortly after and reached blindly for my towel, which is always on the rack beside the shower. I felt my hand touch something freezing cold and freaked out and jumped back. It felt a hell of a lot like human skin, just cold and moist. I have to say, I booked it out of there pretty darn fast, towel or no.

The fourth big thing that happened happened to all of us at once, and a few of our friends too. We were celebrating one of our close friend's birthday and were having a big party/BBQ at our place. Afterwards, when most of the guests had left and it was just us three and the birthday boy, we decided to break out a bottle of champagne and toast to him. Just as I was going into the basement to grab the bottle, I stopped in my tracks. I felt the whole room freeze with me. Just in front of me, there was this spot that was just slightly blurry. I'm not even sure it counts as an apparition, but we felt it more than we really saw it. All of a sudden, the power went out of my legs and I collapsed to the ground. Kenzie and I have speculated that it was probably trying to draw energy from me to appear. Me dropping broke whatever spell had come over us and Cody rushed to my side, and the apparition disappeared. None of us really spoke anymore after that, and the guests quietly left very quickly after.

I'm sure I'll be back very soon with more stories as they come. I also have a couple more stories that I've acquired from a couple friends and some of my own experiences.

Lots of love and Goddess Bless,


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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-02)
Hi TLBD: It seems by what you have all experienced that this spirit is getting to know you all, they are trying there hardest to get your attention. For you to collapse whilst seeing something manifesting I agree it could have been drawing energy from you, but other things may come in to play regarding that.

I like the idea of formerly introducing yourselves to whoever this is, let them know of your good intent within the home and yes as Fanny mentioned lay down a few ground rules. It doesn't seem negative at all so I have a feeling that some good will come from this. All the best. 😊

Thanks for sharing.

tate (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-30)
why does every morning I hear wied nocking noises πŸ˜•. Once noyone went downstairs and the light was off, I went down and the light was on. That light has been huanting me all my life. My parents say not.
ivory (9 stories) (77 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
That's a good news! Keep it up and I'm sure your family and your 'unseen' will co-exist peacefull... Nice of you to give 'him' a name...
mrfear672india (106 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
Grabed waist,
Romantic ghost, only seems to ladies.
Good story.
Fanny (2 stories) (105 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)

I moved in with my boyfriend about a year and a half ago and immediately started having strange experiences. TV volume going up and down, shower going hot then cold. At one point my ghost got into bed with me pretending to be my boyfriend. (ChecK out my stories if you're interested). Anyway, on the advice of many people on this site, I finally built up the courage to talk to my Ghost. I told him it was fine with me if he wanted to stay, but we needed to lay some ground rules. I laid it all out and haven't really had anymore issues and that was about a year ago. I even gave him a name, I call him George! Occasionally he likes to torment my cat by chasing her through the house, but I found our chat really worked. Give it a go and hopefully you can achieve the same success. Good Luck my fellow Canuck!

Best Fanny ❀
Jesus_soldier (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
TheLightBeforeDawn: I see that your a very good writer as well. 😊 I enjoyed the story, and I don't think you have anything to worry about with these spirits. Make sure you set some house rules, because a shower is personal. It's no need for spiritual company. I agree with the posters there. Thank you for sharing.

JS aka Brandon 😊
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
I was a little confused by the last incident in the basement. You say you went to get the champagne (I assumed by yourself), but then it sounds like there are others there with you who witness the same thing. You also say it was down to the three of you plus the birthday boy, then say the guests quietly left very quickly after. I'm just trying to figure out who was left and how many of you went to get the champagne and witnessed the events in the basement. It sounds like these are relatively harmless encounters. I would tend to agree with ivory that these other residents are testing the waters. I would suggest you gently but firmly set some boundaries by making it clear what you will and won't tolerate. "Please do not scare me when I'm trying to retrieve champagne" would be my rule #1:)
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
It doesn't seem like this spirit is looking to cause harm. From your experiences it is most likely trying to get your attention. I like ivory's suggestion of letting it know it is welcome to stay but set some house rules so you will all be comfortable. If there is nothing sinsiter about it then there is no reason why you can't co-exist. 😊 Thanks for posting and I look forward to any other experiences you may have.
pennyanna1ariannaghostbuster19 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
😒 sad family moving you to that house
I feel so sorry for you stay safe
LindaG (3 stories) (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
I would have left for good if it grabbed me around my waist! For some reason, hearing them is okay. But if I saw something or felt something (like the shower part - AAAAHHHH!)! You are brave to stay, and I can't wait for more stories! Be careful.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
Really scary TLBD. How all you guys manage to stay in the house even now. I don't know whether it is a sort of welcome gesture. Still very scary. I feel that they are trying to scar you off. Be careful. If it persists or turns violent, then you have to consult an expert to drive off the negative energies. If possible, try Rook's cleansing mentioned many times in this site. Try not to stay alone and take care of yourselves.

God bless you.

curiousDevu (10 stories) (45 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
Wow... Scary... Hope you are safe. I agree with [at]ivory,maybe it's their way of (less than) warm welcoming you... 😜stay safe...!
Lots of love and God bless you
ivory (9 stories) (77 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-18)
Hi! I got a simple explanation bout it... You and your family just move in, right?

I think the manifestation is just a way your house 'unseens' welcoming your family and getting to know everyone else.

A polite conversation with them (even if you can't see them) can calm everything down. Just tell them that 'They' can live with your family as long as 'they' won't hurt anyone and keep their presence in minimum. But in following days you should expect to see some small things missing and appearing in odd places. Some 'unseens' love to annoy new house mates by doing that

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