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New Store? It's Haunted


I worked on the 3700 block 0f Las Vegas Boulevard for about 4 and a half years. I didn't work for the casino itself, but a third party vendor. We faced the fountains.

Vegas always tears down and builds again. There really isn't anything old in the city, but that does not mean once it's gone it's gone forever. After about a month of working I noticed that I'd always see the back of a woman's head. She was blonde, about 5'5". She wasn't really there. I'd always just catch a glimpse of her and then she'd be gone. The funny thing is is that she was shopping in the woman's section of the store. I'd tell any coworker who'd listen to me, but was always brushed off as the "weird" guy who talked about the paranormal.

This location was the biggest in the shopping area. About 1500 square feet of shopping space plus an additional 1100 square feet of stock rooms where merchandise was kept. The stock rooms were split into 4 different sections. Each section did have a door separating it from the others. In one of the sections that was farthest from the sales floor that we called the Shoe Room. Everyone would get a creepy feeling and tried to spend the least amount of time back there. I didn't mind it because it was a quiet area and one could "hideout" from management.

Quarterly, I worked over night shifts to reset the floor and make sure all new pieces were showcased. I worked these shifts frequently. It was nice seeing the city empty and lit by all the lights. Every shift went on, and no reports of anything strange occurring.

Then it happened, out of no where and totally unexpected. During this particular shift, it was only the visual manager and myself working for a few hours. It was around 2:30am. I was in the Shoe Room about 7 feet up on a ladder grabbing some shelving, singing to myself. I heard my name being called. "Johan! Johan!" I called out a "WHAT?!" However, I had no response. I was thinking since I heard my name being called that the manager was in the stock room near by. I called out again but I heard nothing in return. I walked out to the floor and called out "what" again. I then saw the manager walk from the other side of the store asking what I wanted. I was a little confused because she was the one asking. She heard her name being called out while I was in the Shoe Room. A heavy air fell over the sales floor once we both realized that none of us were calling out to each other.

A few months later we had to downsize the location. Knowing that the woman's side and Shoe Room were going to a new restaurant coming was a relief to me; knowing that most of the paranormal areas were not going to be included in this "new" location

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blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-09)
Wow, what a relief!

You know what? I used to work in a haunted building. We used to have night shifts (grave yard shift?) but nobody really wanted to stay until midnight...

I used to go for night shift, but the managers will not arrange me into that shift since really no one wants to stay until midnight for some reason. 🙄

I did some research and found out that the location where the building is used to be a ghettos where many crimes happened... Hmm 🤔

I was told once by a young building manager (cleaner) that he will see shady people at the basement floor during around 2:00 to 3:00 morning (or midnight) eerie... 😨
Rajine (14 stories) (795 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-26)
Hi Dergato

Sometimes it's not the building, but rather the land that could be haunted, from your narrative It seems that only you experienced this.

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