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My Grandmother I've Never Met


This story happened when I was eight years old. I was laying in my bed with my mother. My room had no door because it used to be my grandma's room. My grandma died before I was born. So my mom was reading the newspaper and I was watching tv. I just happened to be looking into the dark hallway when I saw a very white figure pass by slowly. I was very scared. My mouth opened and my mom saw that I was very scared.

So my mom said "Alyson, talk to me, what happened what did you see" Then I said "Mom was your mom tall?" She said yes. Then I said "Did she die in a white gown?" She said "yes" So then I said I just saw your mom in the hallway. My mom started freaking out and went in my sister's room and she was sleeping. So was my brother. Then my mom told me how the house has been haunted but they never told me. I remember that story like it was yesterday.

I really wish I would of met my grandmother, she seemed to be a very nice person. I still wonder why she came to see me. My brother had the same experience when he was eight. He saw her in the hallway too. He is now 18. He can't believe what he saw. Why did she come see me and my brother but nobody else. It's weird.

Some people call us crazy but we now what we saw and it was not our imagination. I have actually had a lot more experiences in that same house with OTHER ghost, not sure who they are, but I saw them. We even had a ghost hunter who came to the house that said he was holding my grandmother's hand. He also described what she had on. My mom said that she used to wear that every day to work. The ghost hunter said that other ghost were passing through my house. My brother also came home one night and he found my grandma's driver's license on the ground by the front door.

I hope you send me comments and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Thanks for reading my story.

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Dragonsoul (1 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-03)
Sup. It happened to you and your bro? Well if that woman was your grandmother,(which it probably was) she just wants to know that you and you family are ok... I guess. If it happened to only you and your brother, she probably come at certain times of the day. If not, I dunno. She could be one of those spirits where they just did not go to the other side yet. (other side meaning up there or down there) If you see her again, tell her shes dead and she can let go now. And for purplequeen12, its not really haunting your house if he's in it. He's just there a spirit, probably won't be harmful.
-good luck
jason1783 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-02)
Have you seen her anymore? Or was that it? I wus just wondering. Not sure what to think of the stort. Explain it a lttle more detailed to me .I am really interessted in that. I have almost seen things like that as well
purplequeen12 (2 stories) (69 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-01)
Wow! That was kind of spooky. I really enjoyed it. I have a question: My grandfather died about two years ago, but he didn't die in our house. Is it possible that he could haunt our home?

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