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Shadow Door, Shadow Boy And Fingers


Sometime in 2010 - One morning, when I was particularly rushed out the door, I had forgotten my phone on the kitchen table. After I dropped my kids off at the sitters, I went back to the house to retrieve my phone and use the bathroom. I unlocked the door and ran up the stairs to use the bathroom. When I was done and leaving the bathroom, I looked down the hall into my sons' room and what I saw was like the shadow of a door in the middle of their room. For some reason this frightened me and I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, but as I descended the stairs I heard steps following me, creaks in the steps right behind me. I thought to myself, I have never heard my steps creak like that before and right behind my own steps as though someone was following, or perhaps chasing, me down the stairs. I felt as though I was being forced out of my own house. I left willingly as I was scared to death.

2011 - I was lying in bed when I heard our bedroom door open. I thought "uh-oh, who's out of bed". Now, normally when either of my boys comes into my room they come over to my side of the bed and say "mommy" and I generally reply, "what's wrong?" This time no one said anything. I laid there for a while listening and I thought I heard someone in our room so I sat up and looked toward where I thought I heard someone. I saw an outline of what looked like my youngest son. I called his name... I called his name again..."what's wrong?" Then whatever was standing there was gone.

Early 2012 - I was lying in bed when I felt my husband's fingers on my bottom pushing me away from him. He pushed me with all five of his fingers digging into my bottom with enough force to make my whole body roll away from him. I readjusted myself by turning to face him and give him a bit more sleeping room, thinking that maybe I was hogging too much of the bed. It was then that I realized he was facing away from me with hand stretched out across the other side of the bed and the other hand tucked under his side.

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lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-14)
Yikes, those sound like very terrifying encounters. Still, there's no evidence of malicious intent at this point. Perhaps it's just trying to get your attention. If the activity continues to bother you, I would try telling whatever it is gently but firmly that you do not appreciate it scaring you in your own home and your bedroom is off limits. That might work. Alternatively, you could enlist the aid of a reputable medium if you'd like to know more or to encourage them to pass on to wherever it is they're supposed to go.

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