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Something Watching Me


I lived in Texas for three years when I was a teenager. My grandmother had moved there in the 1950s because my mom needed orthopedic care (she had had polio as a little girl) and my mom's surgeon had moved to Texas. So our family literally followed him. When they grew up my mom and her sisters moved away, but in the 1990s we moved back to help take care of my grandma.

All the members of the family spent at least part of the time in a house my grandmother owned--that includes me, my mother, my aunt, my cousin, my cousin's husband, and my great-uncle. My aunt was the only one who lived there permanently; I think my mom and I lived there about two years, but with gaps. It's kind of complicated so I won't go into it more, but this is why different people had experiences in one bedroom.

Anyway, the house had three bedrooms, and the one in back was a "guest" room that was actually used by family members for long-term stays. My cousin and her husband used it first, then me, then my great-uncle, then my grandmother.

I absolutely HATED that room. I used to feel like someone was always watching me. One night I remember it was particularly strong--I'm a night owl so I was always up later than anyone else in the house, and this one night I was listening to music on my headphones and dancing around in my undies, as kids will do, and all of a sudden I was just overwhelmed by a feeling of disapproval. You know those old people who are really grouchy and always yelling, "You damn kids! Get off my lawn!" and such? It was like that. It literally took the wind out of my sails. I just felt really embarrassed, and like I'd been chastised.

But even aside from that one night, I never felt comfortable in that room and I always felt under surveillance. Well, one night my aunt, cousin, and I were talking about various spiritual and "paranormal" topics, and I said, "Alright look--do not confirm my suspicions because I don't even want to know. But I think there's something in that back room." My aunt and cousin looked at each other but they respected my wishes and didn't confirm. But they didn't deny it either! My cousin told me to put salt around the bed and I'd have nothing to worry about, and you bet your sweet bippy I put tons of salt there.

Some time later, I had moved into a different bedroom and my great-uncle had the "guest" room. Once again, I was talking to my aunt and cousin, and I said, "Now that I'm not sleeping in that room anymore you can tell me--is there something in there?" My cousin was like, "Oh yeah! Why do you think I was always putting salt in there?"

She said that one night she had to get up to go to the bathroom. Now the bathroom was at the opposite end of the hall from the back bedroom, and the thermostat was located in between. As she passed the thermostat, she could see the dial turning back and forth. Everyone in my family is "sensitive," and my cousin said got the sense of a little old couple arguing about what temperature the thermostat should be set at (and if you've ever lived with certain old people you know this is a popular topic of debate).

While my great-uncle had the room, he told me he frequently saw blue lights moving around it, especially around the closet. When my grandmother had it, I used to always have the task of going to get her for dinner. By this time I had a dog who followed me everywhere--but not into that room. He wouldn't even go near it.

My cousin believed the former owners, the Noltes (who were indeed a little old couple) still "lived" in the house, although we never had any outside confirmation of that. Whatever it was, it was one crabby ghost.

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webbie (4 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-23)
Nice story. Thanks for sharing. Your story reminds me of when I was growing up, there was a room in the back of my house that was designated the 'play room'. It had a bed in it too and some nights I would sleep there but I stopped when the activity picked up in that room. Things got worse and I decided to never set foot in the room again. So, I know what you mean about one room having something in it and the other rooms don't. I would have never thought to use salt but I'm glad it worked for you.
ghostsrreal202 (6 stories) (27 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-22)
Wow, so the salt actually worked? Interesting... Any way, great story! I hope that one day they'll be able to cross over!
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