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I had these strange experiences when I was a child.

I would Wake up at night only to find out I couldn't scream, and then someone (dressed up as a person with a white table cloth around him) came into my room and put me in a bag, I did not only have these episodes while in my bed but also when I was playing. I could never understand if it was fear that let me see this "someone" but I certainly felt frightened. It was a feeling that I was very small and meaningless or that this "someone" became very big, I had this until my 12th year, than it stopped, we moved to another house and I never had these episodes until my 16th year, I made myself scared and then it happened again, that "someone" came into my room, grabbed me and put me in the bag and I couldn't scream, suddenly I had a knife and cut the bag open, then I asked him why he did it, and he couldn't answer, I woke up. All these years I wanted to know what triggered this and why I was so scared, I couldn't find out, and still can't. I know me and my younger brother suffer from Night Terrors but I believe there is more to it.

I will explain what has happened to me throughout the years.

In the first house I lived, there were 3 floors, my room was on the lower floor, and almost every weekend on a Sunday morning (around 6), I heard stuff falling from the stairs, and right next to my door, when I jumped out of the bed, there was nothing there. After a couple of times I asked my parents to sleep on the top floor, where those "kidnapping episodes" began. My older brother went into that room, and he once experienced a weird tapping on his shoulder, he was too afraid to turn around, he also heard stuff falling from the stairs.

We lived there for 12 years and then we moved to another house that was new, things went well and on one evening I was standing in front of my book shelves and I felt someone give me a push in my back, I fell against the book shelves and thought it was my brother but there was no-one there, I ran from my room and was too afraid to return. I only had 1 episode after that, which I described above.

At 27 I have my own house, it was almost 80 years old, I always had a strange feeling in the hallway on the top floor, and I am still not very happy to walk there without the lights on, but later more on that.

One night in my room I woke up, looked to the left, and someone was standing next to my bed, due to the lack of light it showed up grey, I couldn't describe a face but I know he had like floating clothes on, as soon as I screamed he floated towards me, over my head and into the wall outside. My former girlfriend asked me what happened, I explained but she said that it was a dream. I told her, that if it was a dream, why was my dog staring to the same exact place as were this "ghost" flew through my wall, she couldn't explain.

It has been a while since anything happened, I am still afraid in certain parts of the house, I cannot sleep with my door open, or without clothing lying on my chair, on many occasions I see someone staring in my room (when the door was open) but this year I had the strangest experience.

I woke up, and walked out of my bedroom, in the hallway I can turn left to the bathroom or to the right to my daughter's room but suddenly there was a door right in front of me, I still had a feeling that someone was watching me, it suffocated me, I was really scared, I walked into that door in front of me and I woke up again in my bed. And again I walked out of my bedroom, and to the left into the bathroom, we have a little children's bath and my daughter was sitting in it, playing with her toys, but I almost didn't notice it but next to her, was another kid, all pale, curly hair, looking at me, with sad eyes, I got angry because I didn't know him, and I was scared of him but I when I wanted to grab him, I felt sorry for him and I woke up again.

I still do not understand if I am dreaming, hallucinating or something else, but there were more people that got strange vibes when they are in my house on the top floor, the ex- girlfriend of my older brother once slept on the top floor and was scared throughout the night.

Maybe I am too much of a sensitive guy, I don't know but what I do know is that my daughter recently became as scared as me for the dark, she never had problems with the house being dark but now she is really scared, she is almost 3 years old but told me stuff that made me think if we are alone in this house...

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BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2012-11-27)
Even with the wiring being replaced in the 80s it still can't hurt to have it checked. It's been awhile since the 80s and the wiring may still be a contributing factor.
What's bugging me though, is your feeling an attraction for paranormal activity. Your attraction could easily be drawing activity to you, and your daughter. If you want to keep being attracted to scary things, then you have to learn to control your fear. You may be a lot tougher than you've let on here, I don't know you. I can only guess at your character from the things you post, and the things you've posted have given me the impression of a grown man twitching in fear instead of sucking it up and checking out the activity first hand. If you see something, get up and go debunk it. If you hear something, get up and go debunk it. Don't sit there and be afraid. Alot of "paranormal" events turn out to be normal after it's been looked at objectively. Your little one will take her cues from you. If she sees you frightened, she'll be frightened. If she sees you taking charge and being proactive, she will do the same.
And, if the activity does turn out to truly be paranormal, conquering your fear will put you in a better position to deal with it. I know "control your fear" is easier said than done, but try. Taking charge and investigating every bump, thump, and shadow is the best way to start.
Rekked (2 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-27)
I tried to scare myself because I was older, and I wanted to know why this feeling "haunts" me, and it still does, the feeling of "there is something there but I do not know what, but it is suffocating me" has kind of a attraction to me, although when it happens I am really scared and when I am awake I am thinking how the anxiety exactly feels...

About my house, it is 80 years old but all the wiring had been replaced in the 80's, all the wood and bricks are all that is left from the original house, all the plasterboard, wiring, gas, water etc. Has all been renewed.

About the "ghost dream", I never pointed to my ex-girlfriend, the exact location were the "ghost" left my wall, my bed is against that well, so when I sit up, my back is facing that wall, my dog was facing that wall.
I try to get in more detail, when that "ghost" floated over my head, I screamed while clicking the light on, my ex-girlfriend asked me what happened, I told her what happened, she explained that it was a nightmare and that there were nog ghosts or anything else, when she was ready to continue to sleep, I watched my dog, my dog was sitting (instead of lying) and was looking at the wall, not at me, I told my ex that "if it was a dream, why is the dog looking at the wall", she said that I probably pointed out the spot where "it" left the wall, but I am certain I never looked or pointed to the spot.

I take the fear of my daughter serious, it is plausible that my fear has become her fear, and if that is the case I feel very quilty.
When she just became 2 (last year) I was in her room, she talked to me, but she was also following something in the room, I couldn't see it, but she was smiling and talking to it, I could clearly see her eyes moving, that scared me, and I asked her or what/who she was talking too, she said she didn't know.
The last couple of months she is too afraid in her room, she says there is a monster in her room that is hiding when I walk in... I do not know exactly what to do with it...
GreyFeather (44 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-24)
Sounds more like a memory than night terrors-the part about a man putting you in a bag. It might be a memory from a past life. Try meditation and think about that particular memory. See if you remember more of what happened. Record your findings. Doesn't hurt to try, and you could gain helpful insights into this life you're in.
Thanks for sharing:)
BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2012-11-24)
I think that the first part of this you explain, the part about the kidnapping dreams, were probably just a part of the night terrors. This- "than it stopped, we moved to another house and I never had these episodes until my 16th year, I made myself scared and then it happened again," why did you make yourself scared? Were you deliberately trying to trigger another episode? Or was it an accident that you scared yourself? Just trying to get an idea of why you believe there were more to these events than just night terrors.
The stuff you heard falling every Sunday morning around 6 am sounds like residual activity. It was just a sort of recording of a past event that replays at certain times. Nothing to worry about with residual activity. It doesn't interact, doesn't even know you're there. It doesn't even know it's there. No intelligence is involved in residual activity at all. I'm not saying there was no intelligent activity at all in the house though. The tap on your brother's shoulder and your feeling of being pushed into the shelves could point to an intelligent presence, if there are no non-paranormal explanations to be had.
The house you currently live in, it is interesting to me that you describe the hallway and "certain parts of the house" as bothering you. That makes me wonder about the possibility of EMF fields. The house is kind of old, so if the electrical wiring is in any way faulty, the wiring could be giving off EMF. Some people are more sensitive to EMF than others, and can feel watched or frightened when exposed. Some people get nauseous or even have hallucinations. I would suggest getting the wiring looked at. If that's what's causing some of your problems it's worth getting it repaired.
Alot of what you describe in this house sounds like dreams. The incident in which you saw something float over you and your dog reacted is the only "awake" event you've described, and even with that event, it happened when you were in bed. Dogs are pack animals, and live by all for one and one for all. Dogs are just hardwired to protect the pack and if he saw you screaming and looking at a certain spot he may have just been looking for a potential threat.
The real question to me, that would tip this event in favor of an actual entity, how did your dog respond? Did he just look at the wall, or was he behaving as if something was actually there? Did his body language indicate that he felt there was a threat?
Your daughter could be picking up on your fear and unease. Kids pick up on what their parents feel, even if the parent tries to keep it hidden. If she's picked up on your fear, or overheard you discussing your suspicions about the house with someone, she may have taken on your fears as her own. You make no mention of what she has said that makes you wonder if you two are alone in the house... And it sounds like you already believed that you weren't anyway. Unless you can be 100% sure that she isn't just absorbing your fears, take what she says with a grain of salt.
My advice would be to have a home inspector come out and check the electrical systems of the house. Maybe have the house checked for mold as well just for good measure. If there is no normal cause for these events, then you can try to identify a paranormal cause. Try to keep in mind that if you're already afraid, already expecting paranormal activity, then everything looks like paranormal activity. Try to disprove everything. There's nothing wrong with being a believer, but you have to have a healthy skeptic side as well.
And good gawd I apologize for the wall o' text. 😳

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